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Key Points for Alice Zaslavsky

  • Alice Zaslavsky will always be a teacher; it’s in her DNA. But these days, her classroom goes far beyond four walls and a white-board.
  • With her bubbly personality and boundless enthusiasm, she has taken her passion for learning, for food and, above all, for living life with gusto, to kids and grown-ups alike.
  • Alice the new host of Channel 9 and GO’s! popular children's program ‘Kitchen Whiz’, travels across the country to appear, explore and cook at a myriad of gastronomical events and has a Young Adult reference book about ‘real food’ on the way.


Topics for Alice Zaslavsky

  • Kids Cooking
  • Life after MasterChef
  • Cooking demos, cooking classes, food related activities eg. Judging cooking contests (all good team building activity)
  • Celebrity Speaker
  • Inspirational/motivational

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