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Key Points for Derrick McManus

  • Derrick McManus survived being shot 14 times, in less than 5 seconds with a high-powered rifle. He survived lying on the ground for 3 hours before rescue. Two years after the shooting he made a full return to the police STAR Group as a sniper and counter-terrorist operative.
  • Founder of The Australian Centre for Human Durability to teach others how to go beyond resilience, to sustain optimal performance, to build mental fitness, agility and strength and to amplify their ability to manage stress and overcome challenges.
  • Builds the confidence, courage and capacity of high-performance individuals and teams such as; CEO’s, executives, financial advisors, surgeons, RAAF fighter Pilots, Lawyers, Govt. employees and academics so they can all be more effective and efficient at creating the success they all want.
  • We instantly understand what durable buildings, bridge, cars, mobile phones etc are. Imagine what could be achieved if people were also durable in the workplace and life.
  • Interviewed for TV, radio and print media and published articles for organisations such as SA Mental Health Commission on the leadership journey for individuals, teams and organisations.

Topics for Derrick McManus

  • Human Durability
    Going beyond resilience to sustaining optimal performance. This applies to individuals, leaders, teams and organisations.
  • Resilience
    Having a system to help you bounce back after breakdown, failure or catastrophe is essential. The Human Durability continuum has three stages and resilience is just the second.
  • Building mental fitness, agility and strength
    Mental health is a massive topic at the moment. Human Durability is a proactive approach to give you the best chance of mitigating mental health challenges or managing them if they do occur.
  • Amplifying your ability to manage stress and overcome adversity
    Managing uncertainty is the biggest challenge anyone will face. The model for Human Durability applies to individuals, leaders and organisations.
  • Decision making under pressure
    The right time to make a decision is before you ‘have’ to make it. Prior planning saved Derrick’s life and can save your job, team, project or your organisation. 
  • Confidence, courage and belief in your capacity in VUCA environments
    Having the confidence and courage to take action when the odds are against you takes guts. The Human Durability processes give you faith in your grit and capacity.

Testimonials for Derrick McManus

Very engaging, knows his topic well, and good communication prior to session.   

One of the most powerful presentations I’ve ever seen and truly remarkable life lessons.
Head of Property Management
Harcourts International

Derrick’s training is Insightful, relevant and is a must for people to attend.
LJ Hooker Real Estate

All my people asked for was to have ‘more time with Derrick’. We now have him for a full day Human Durability program.
RAAF Air Warfare Centre
High-Performance Program

What Derrick has to say is directly transferable and usable when you walk into the office on Monday morning. It’s very practical and very powerful.
Australian Property Institute

Human Durability makes you consider what you can accomplish when you know what your obstacles are and you’re provided strategies to overcome them.
Human Resources
City of Holdfast Bay

Staff in the office … have retained and used the information to help build their own durability and that of our Development & Community team.
General Manager
Adelaide Plains Council

In a room full of people I know to be social and restless I was astounded at the rapt attention being paid. The (Human Durabiity) workshop made it possible to look at ways we confine ourselves by our assumptions and how we can change to be more creative and successful.
Recreation and Human Services Director
San Leandro, California

Not only is Derrick’s presentation a strong metaphor for many facets of organizational life, it goes much deeper, evoking strong emotions that question the meaning, value, quality and ultimately purpose of ones life.
Human Resource Manager
Lifeplan Funds Management

Derrick’s situation was such that I felt many parallels could be drawn to illustrate goal setting, team work, perseverance and determination, training, focus and courage….. His talk was delivered in a very natural, open and insightful manner. It had a positive impact on them in different ways…
Morgan & Banks

I think everyone took something of Derrick’s motivation away with them and we all appreciated his positive focus and belief in a sense of humour when in difficult circumstances.
Department of the Premier & Cabinet 

The audience were raving about Derrick all afternoon and could relate to how Derrick had to make a choice to “sink or swim” with the major changes his life was faced with, at no choice of his own. The day was a great success and one of the main contributing factors to its success was derrick’s final talk on the day.
Colonial Mutual Life Assurance

He delivered a genuinely moving presentation that touched us all and made us believe that our goals are achievable.
City of Charles Stuart

A truly moving presentation that touched all present.
Elders Real Estate

We have heard nothing but positive feedback about your story. You were able to relate to each and every one of them either through a personal or professional perspective.
Inner-space Regal

I can honestly say that Derrick had everyone’s 100% attention this morning and struck all human emotions possible in one inspirational talk. We all thoroughly enjoyed his motivation and sense of humour…If anyone can speak of setting goals whether professional or personal and have his total audience reflective it would have to be Derrick McManus.
The Professionals

Remarkable presentation. Delivery quality – Superb.  Had the entire audience hanging on every word. Was then prepared to answer questions. This session was definitely the highlight of the day.

Excellent. We were so impressed with Derricks presentation that we are now putting his name forward to be considered for our National Conference next year.
Aged and Community Services SA & NT inc

Excellent. Genuine speaker who provided a powerful personal message.

So powerful that we booked Derrick for conferences in four states.
Manager Training and Development
Austbrokers Holdings Ltd

Westfield was looking for a speaker who could demonstrate the importance of (1) operating as a professional team, (2) planning and preparing for all eventualities, (3) setting and delivering goals. Derrick’s life experience was a natural fit and in addition he was able to structure his speech to touch on our corporate objectives. The audience was inspired by his courage, tenacity and honesty and having listened to and/or engaged over 20 motivational speakers I rate Derrick as one of the best we have encountered.
General Manager, Security

You'll get a lot out of Derrick. He holds your interest. He will inspire you. He is so energetic and enthusiastic. Most importantly, he shows a genuine interest in you and what you need.
Macquarie Wealth Management

Derrick’s situation was such that I felt many parallels could be drawn to illustrate goal setting, teamwork, perseverance and determination, training, focus and courage.  He delivered his talk in a very natural, open and insightful manner.  It had a very positive effect on my staff.
Executive General Manager

If Derrick could conjure up all the will power to endure what he did, and win through, then so can we. This is exactly the commitment we were looking for in our people.
Mitsubishi Motors Aust.

Derrick's story kept the audience captivated and his willingness to answer all questions added to the interest of the evening.
Yorke Peninsula Alkaline Soils Group