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Key Points for Paul Hanna

  • Paul is arguably Australia's leading Motivational Speaker and Author. One of the main reasons for his success is due to his amazing ability to relate to all audiences at all levels. From 16 year old McDonalds crew members to the most senior Chief Executives at Westpac, Paul has demonstrated his skill at delivering his message easily and effortlessly, with no clutter and no hype.
  • Improving self confidence, overcoming setbacks, goal setting to maintain focus and accountability for our excuses, are just some of the powerful messages this dynamic speaker can share with your team.
  • Australia's largest Police force, NSW Police have had more than 10,000 serving Police officers attend his seminars.

Topics for Paul Hanna

  • Overcoming challenges
  • Beating obstacles
  • Grit and determination in achieving goals

Testimonials for Paul Hanna

'Paul Hanna began working with us at Myer at a time when we really needed to switch on our staff and energise them. We wanted them to feel passionate about serving customers and confident that we would be successful and achieve our goals. Paul's vitality and ability to connect with our employees on a personal level positioned him as the perfect man for the job. We owe a lot to Paul Hanna. He has been able to put a stamp on what we are doing which makes it different from anything we have ever done before. He has inspired many of our employees to jump on board and take this journey with us.'

'Paul Hanna has the knack of providing just the right focus on any issue. As a motivational speaker he has a clarity of style mixed with humour and plain common sense. He applies this balance in his new book on the art of selling - a must-read for all involved in sales.'
Tower Holdings (Aust) Pty Ltd

Paul Hanna is an inspiration. His simple, clear and relevant style of writing and presenting really make a connection with his audience and that audience is the key resource of any organisation - its people. In our organisation in New Zealand, Paul provided this inspirational message to a wide range of people, both in person and through his books. They all found his message and its content very relevant, whether they were at the front line interacting with customers, or in the boardroom. Thank you, Paul!'

'More than 20 000 McDonald's employees, including crew, managers and corporate staff, have come away from Paul Hanna's seminars with a more confident approach to both their professional and personal lives. Paul's latest work is essential reading for anyone who wants to reach his or her true potential. It is impossible to read You Can Sell It! without gaining tremendous knowledge from the master of motivation.'
McDonald's Australia

'In this day and age there are fewer new ideas. The real key to success is proper execution of the company's strategic plans. Paul's recent presentation to Target employees helped reinforce this message: Execution is everything.'
Target Australia Pty Ltd

'I have found Paul Hanna's approach to life and business personally inspirational. Our managers and franchisees that have had the opportunity to share with Paul have, to a person, come away with a new lease of life. I am thrilled that Paul's latest book focuses on sales, because sales are the lifeblood of our business. I will ensure that not only I, but all of our key people, get a copy.'
McDonald's New Zealand

'Paul Hanna has an incredible and unique way of getting people to lift to new heights and achieve more than they ever thought was possible. Our staff continue to quote from his presentation many months afterwards, which illustrates the impact he has made.'
OPSM Group Limited

'Paul Hanna's seminars and one-on-one consulting with Mortgage Choice have helped franchisees grow their business by focusing on referrals from existing customers and unleashing the goldmine that lies within the customer database. Paul gets to the heart of how you can achieve your goals. His practical, customer-focused strategies open the way for sales performance to go to a new level.'
Mortgage Choice

'Aussie Home Loans is in the business of sales and marketing. We try to keep everything simple and straightforward. As I've said in the ads 'It's not rocket science' and Paul Hanna demonstrates his skills to my sales people in exactly the same way. Paul's book is great if you are in the business of selling.'
Aussie Home Loans