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Key Points for Dr Adam Fraser

  • Author of The Third Space - using life's little transitions to find balance and happiness.
  • His presentation, The Art of Flow is described as “the key to high performance.”
  • A regular guest on shows including Sunrise and the Today show as well as being featured in the Australian Financial Review and Business Review Weekly.
  • Is a leading educator, researcher and thought leader in the field of human performance.
  • He helps people to find focus, creativity and clear strategies.

Topics for Dr Adam Fraser

  • Developing behavioural agility
    Reflect, rest, reset
    • How do I interpret what just happened?
    • Can I be still and present?
    • How will I “show up”?
    • Would you like to:
      • Have a bad day and not take it home with you?
      • Have a stressful meeting and not let that mood infect the next meeting?
      • Endure a de-motivating set back yet still be able to attack your next task with optimism and enthusiasm

        Sure you would and so would your audience! Dr Adam’s cutting edge research with Deakin University explored hundreds of people with demanding jobs, ranging from palliative care nurses to sales people to surgeons to leaders to special forces soldiers to elite athletes. What the high performers all had in common was that they used the Third Space to overcome setbacks and assume a mindset to get the most out of what is coming next.
  • After shock
    Cultures that flourish
    It is often said that culture eats strategy for breakfast A flourishing culture is the most important aspect of a high performing team. In the world of psychology, incredible breakthroughs have been made into understanding how cultures and groups work.

    What we have discovered is that we can no longer outsource culture to the senior leaders. Every person in an organisation affects its culture. Every behaviour, from each individual, sends a ripple effect through an organisation that affects its culture.

    This fascinating, humorous and enlightening presentation will completely change the way your team views how they affect the culture of their organisation.

  • Strive
    Going beyond resilience
    Lots of organisations talk about needing resilience, however resilience simply focuses on how we cope when under pressure. In this disrupted and competitive world we have to go way beyond coping. Our research has asked the question what is beyond resilience?

    Dr Adam Fraser and John Molineaux from Deakin University analysed over 800 professionals who worked in highly complex environments that were experiencing large amounts of change. The research showed that people who were evolving and innovating in these environments had one distinguishing characteristic, when ever they were in the midst of struggle they saw it as a challenge and focused on the growth that will come from it.

    Quite simply the new competitive advantage in business today is having a workforce that has a STRIVE mindset.

  • The psychology of innovation
    Today's competitive advantage
    We are living in a marketplace of dramatically increasing complexity, competition and commoditisation.

    Technology is increasing customer power and awareness, driving down prices and margins, and increasing convergence, making it harder and harder to differentiate. This is the world we live in!

    What is unique about this presentation is that he will not only cover the latest research on how we can be more innovative but also cover the psychology of what stops individuals, teams and organisations from innovating.

  • Working in flow
    Right now your business is under the pump
    Companies and individuals now more than ever need to out-create, out-innovate and out-market their competition. The narrative in business has shifted from “how do we keep doing the same thing but to more people”, to “how do we stand out and offer something unique”. This evolution in business puts pressure on the human capitol that exists within corporations to step up.

Testimonials for Dr Adam Fraser

Adam Fraser was terrific and set a great tone for the session. He was really well received by both participants and the Executive team, Sim and I have both received lots of positive feedback. On a personal note I feel Adam has really nailed virtual delivery, he delivered a virtual experience that didn’t feel virtual for me, I felt like I was sitting in the room with him! It would have been great to have a longer session with Adam.   

l really appreciated the time you took prior to the conference to better understand our business, even engaging with a number of customers prior, to ensure the content was relevant. I would highly recommend Adam to any business seeking a keynote that will stand out from the rest.
General Manager

Adam was nothing short of superb! Everyone raved about his performance and loved having him there. He was even very flexible with us being ahead of schedule, he went on stage earlier than scheduled. The speaker right after him even made jokes that he was impossible to follow as he was so uplifting and entertaining.
Australian Credit and Finance

Adam’s presentation at the DPP Master class on personal leadership was resoundingly applauded by both Directors and Partners and received the highest score (4.8/5.0) of any of the sessions.
Senior Manager

Adam was truly excellent and was a highlight of the conference. We’ve received a range of really positive feedback from delegates. I couldn’t be happier with how Adam’s address went. He set the tone for the conference really well. He was engaging, thought-provoking
and entertaining. He created a real buzz for our event. Simply, thank you!
New Zealand Education

Adam’s speech on Friday was excellent and the feedback from all our guests and their partners was amazing. I have heard many comments which include ‘changing their life’ and also ‘best speakers we have had at our conference’. It was just a pleasure working with Adam and the ladies in the office.
Scottish Pacific

One manager said, “What’s not to like? Let’s face it even the cynics were smiling and engaged.” If you are looking to lift your teams performance and engagement, Dr Adam Fraser is a must have speaker.
Sydney Water

Dr. Fraser was able to deliver a message that resonated, as well as motivated everyone on the importance of communication and leadership in a demanding, fast-paced workplace. The audience loved Dr. Fraser’s humor and the unique demonstrations used to support his strong message. I highly recommend Dr. Fraser and look forward to the opportunity to work with him again.
Chief Marketing Officer

Beginning with a very skeptical staff comprised of teachers and administrative staff, Dr Fraser’s down-to-earth, contemplative and motivating presentation won the staff over completely. They have now asked me to continue working with Dr. Fraser and to work with them to improve their productivity and keep our unique workplace culture.
Ability Education

Adam never fails to deliver. He knows his audience and best delivery. He adapts his presentation continually to suit the environment. 
School Administrative and Support Staff Professional Association (NSW) (SASSPA)

Excellent feedback from our delegates, and Adam sold out of his book after his talk so this speaks for itself.
Hardware and Plumbing Traders

Excellent – Adam had the audience captivated and they continued to talk about him after the event.
AAI-Vero Insurance

AMAZING!  Loved every minute - by far the best speaker of the day.

AMAZING, eye-opening, a travesty that he was cut short by others, stick him in the middle next time with unlimited time, I'd have missed ANY OTHER speaker (and both politicians) to have had this guy give his full presentation.  Can't wait to see him again.

FANTASTIC! Great finish to the day. Very impressed and very inspired!

Great to have a motivational presentation to wake us all up from the day's conferencing. There was great key points touched on and now I stop and consider what Zone I’m in on a day to day basis not only at work but also at home. Thanks Dr. Adam Fraser from me, my boss and my fiancée.

This was a wonderful and very motivating presentation. It was great to finish with Adam. He really captured the audience and had us all wanting more.

Dr Fraser was the highlight of the day and could have listened for hours. Bring Dr Fraser back next year!
Feedback from the Australian Tourism Export Council

Dr indeed! I feel like I just received the medicine for the illness that I've been trying for so long to get over - transition-between-work-and-homitis! FANTASTIC. Watched some of Adam's stuff prior to the conference and was very excited about this presentation. He was fantastic and so entertaining at the same time. I will be putting him on my 'one to watch' list!

What a dynamic, thought provoking and thoroughly entertaining session. Definitely what was needed at that time of the afternoon. Absolutely no chance of not being connected.

One of the highlights of the conference. An engaging, enthusiastic presenter who provided some valuable tools to assist in switching between roles and environments - I'll be passing on hints and tips to colleagues and friends.

One of the most amazing speakers I have seen. The 'third space' concept is a great tool to apply personally as well as to leaders of my organisation.

Dr Fraser is an excellent presenter and held my attention the whole time. This was possibly the best presentation of the convention and very practical and relevant for me personally.""One of my favourite session for the conference. Adam was funny, upbeat and delivered a brilliant presentation. Sessions like these are terrific for HR Practitioners in standalone roles as we don't often get to share or bounce how we're feeling or coping with the multiple roles that we fulfil. He gave us some really practical tips and I'm looking forward to his book being launched. Fantastic session - I loved it!

Adam had great energy and was very entertaining, but underneath that he had some amazing concepts which I have already started to apply in my life with a positive result. Fantastic session!
Feedback from AHRI Conference 2011

Dr Adam Fraser's presentation to our members and suppliers was extremely well received in a really interactive atmosphere that proved to be a genuine kick-start keynote session for our National Meeting. This was evidenced by a number of people discussing aspects of Adam's concepts during the afternoon tea and at the session conclusion.
Countrywide Australasia Limited

Adam speaks to the heart, connects with people. He opens minds to the thoughts that maybe they can do something differently, that problems may not always be someone else’s fault.
Grains Research & Development Corporation

Adams presentation style was unique and his presentation was extremely engaging. Adam approached guests before and after his presentation, which in a small country region, was valued. Adam’s content was challenged by our mix of audience, however he stepped up and adapted the content to best suit the mix and he succeeded.
Scenic Rim Regional Council

Dr Adam Fraser is a real motivator with some great stories. His seminar was very enthusiastic and enjoyable. I would highly recommend him to other businesses looking to motivate their staff.
The Ten Group

Dr Adam Fraser's session on Flow was one of the highlights of our national conference. His dynamic style combined with very relevant material really got everyone talking and thinking.
Thorn Australia

"Dr Adam Fraser is inspirational and motivational with the content of his presentations highly relevant for professional and personal life. He has tools that can easily and readily applied upon return to the workplace and was by far one of the standouts of the event"
Australian Human Resources Institute

"Adam was an amazing speaker - not only in his capacity as a presenter, but also with regards to working with him. As a presenter he was accessible, approachable, funny yet informative and very thought-inspiring. To work with, he was patient, helpful and not-demanding at all. I would not hesitate to recommend him."
Randstad Recruitment

Dr. Adam Fraser recently presented at the ISES Sydney Connect event…his international knowledge, creative approach to work/life balance and desire to connect with people made him a natural fit. Adam’s speech was passionate, easy to understand and engaging with the 45 minutes seeming like only 20.Our members and guests all walked away with clear ‘take outs’ and the feedback ISES has received has been very positive indeed.
President – ISES Sydney

Our Sales Teams found Dr Adam Fraser to be a very engaging speaker. He presented to one of our Teams about 6 months ago and there was strong demand to have him back for this Team as well as our other Sales Teams. His material was extremely relevant and thought provoking.  He was again a bit hit and delivered real practical value.
Merck Sharpe & Dohme

Adam spent the day with our Executive team. Executive level staff can be difficult to cater for but Adam is very credible dealing with people at this level. He backs up what he says with facts, is engaging, and knows his stuff. The team enjoyed the day and they each have reported taking something different away from it so it truly did cater for the range of personality styles.
Vision Super

"Dr Adam Fraser's presentation inspires and educates all who see him. His mixture of humour, knowledge and insightful comments ensure his sessions are packed to capacity."
Crown Law

"Your Presentation was amazing - the energy in the room was testament to your ability to entertain and engage the audience. Even though your presentation was entertaining, it was full of solid information and tips that people can practically take away and implement."

Adam was fantastic.  It was my second time in his audience and I was entertained as much as the first time. Adam moulds interesting research results and statistics into a humorous, informative and engaging presentation.  It is a great reminder on how to better look after ourselves, if we want to work more happily and productively. Adam’s presentation lead us to reflect on our work environment and showed us how important it is to sit up and question our mindsets, especially in regard to our rituals, habits and health.
Commonwealth Bank

Adam doesn’t give you the option to NOT walk away with something – BRILLANT SPEAKER.

I just wanted to say thank you for your help in booking Adam for our workshop yesterday, everyone is still raving about it this morning! They found it extremely useful, mainly because it was so relevant and provided tips that we could implement immediately. Adam is a fantastic presenter and I am sure we as a firm will be using him again in the future.
PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia

This is the second time I have used Adam as a speaker for a client event and I cannot recommend him highly enough. In fact, on both occasions the audience were left energised and inspired and wanting to apply his ideas in their own workplace. I would say he’s one of the best corporate speakers in the business!
Strategic Marketing Matters

Adam’s speech was high energy, entertaining and thought provoking. My managers and team leaders now have a clear understanding of how they can better prepare and motivate themselves, and their teams, during times of high pressure and the accompanying stress that results. I would strongly recommend Adam as a speaker at any presentation focusing on the key interdependencies of energy, health and stress management in raising the effectiveness and performance of staff and management.
Thomson Legal & Regulatory Limited

I thoroughly endorse Adam as a speaker. He was the epitome of professionalism. His presentation was exceptional. He delivered fresh, useful information in a highly engaging, humorous way, and in the exact time period we asked for. Our audience LOVED him!
Last Thursday Club

Dr Adam’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious! He gave our team a real boost and his session was the highlight of our Strategy Day. Importantly, we came away with simple tools which make significant improvements to everyday life at work and home.
Goodwin Financial Services

Beginning with a very sceptical staff comprised of teachers and administrative staff, Dr Fraser’s down-to-earth , contemplative and motivating presentation won the staff over completely. They have now asked me to continue working with Dr. Fraser, so they can continue improving their productivity and keep our unique workplace culture.
Ability Education

It's obvious from your performance that you were well prepared, practiced and familiar with both your topic and with speaking in public to groups. As our guys were ¾ of the way through lunch when you commenced your talk, it was a credit to you to be able to capture their attention and keep their interest throughout! It is without hesitation that we would recommend you to other organisations looking for someone to inform, excite, rev up their teams, or represent them in front of clients and customers.
Century 21 Australia

Adam is able to present information and concepts in a practical way that encourages thought, discussion and action. Adam also brings a highly positive energy into the room that stimulates people to think and participate. The time we spent with Adam was invaluable for our Management Team to further their journey as the leadership of the business.
Suzanne Grae

Following Adam’s presentation we had overwhelming feedback. The only problem was that we got the time allocation wrong, we didn’t have you on for long enough everyone wanted more! Looking forward to a longer presentation at our next event.
Confectionery Manufacturers of Australasia

Adam was a winner with the delegates, who responded to his factual, practical and humorous presentation ‘Flow: The key to high performance’ with comments such as: ‘full of applicable tips and suggestions.
Ross Clennent

I was impressed with the communication maintained by Adam prior to the conference.  When Adam arrived at our venue, he allowed adequate time to talk with us to familiarize himself with the needs/specifics of his audience. He also made personal contact with participants as they came into the theatre, immediately establishing a relationship with them.
Department of Education

At our national conference Dr Adam Fraser’s presentation was one of the highlights. Some of the comments were “The best presentation of the conference so far”, “Very useful and excellent use of examples”. 96% of all attendees rated it as excellent!

I would have loved to have Adam for the Whole Day....BRILLIANT!
Department of Education and Training

I just experienced your amazing presentation at the Terry White conference and I need to tell you that you have changed my life. "How do you show up?" This question spoke so strongly to me. It's made me realise that what I've become doesn't reflect who I really am, and all I need to do to change is to take a moment to reflect on myself, my actions and my emotions. On behalf of my family, my colleagues, but most importantly from myself...thank you for who I'm going to be from now on.
Terry White