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  • Alan has an amazing capacity to relax an audience and put them in a receptive state of mind. He acts and sound ‘lay back’. All the while words of wisdom come from the funniest stories enabling people to learn while they are being entertained. His life so far has seen Alan achieve great success in sport and become highly respected in the horse and cattle industries. He has suffered a life threatening complaint, so painful it is called “the suicide complaint”. Alan’s persistence and help from his family found the right people to achieve a complete recovery.
  • Alan is a communication expert.
  • He will deliver strong messages to an audience that will assist them to achieve their desired outcomes in business and in their personal relationships.
  • Alan has an amazing repertoire of stories based on years of experience dealing with people and animals. This enables the audience to understand clearly and remember the ‘take home’ message.

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  • Entertaining, after dinner Keynote Speaker
  • Communication skills Keynote Speaker
  • Inspirational Keynote Speaker
  • Accredited Mediator

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Our Corporate Day was aimed at fostering team building skills amongst the 40 participants in a relaxed environment, away from the workplace. I am pleased that, in this regard, the day was an overwhelming success.
The set-up on your property was ideal, the food was fantastic and the activities were as fun as they were instructive in emphasising the value of teamwork. The highlight, however, was Alan’s presentation. The key messaging was well delivered with interesting reflections on his life lessons, interspersed with a good dose of humour to keep the team entertained. All in all it was a thoroughly engaging presentation that, as intended, left many reflecting on the importance of our team values.
I sincerely appreciate the time and effort you both committed to the day and congratulate you on a very successful formula that will, no doubt, benefit many organisations in future.
Head of Aviation
Canberra Airport

If you are looking for a real Aussie perspective that is delivered in an entertaining and powerful way then Alan Hannaford is your man.  He speaks from the heart and from experience.  Some may say he shoots from the lip with his one liners and it all combines to be a fantastic experience.  Alan is spell-binding and takes you with him on his journey.  He’ll have you laughing and hanging on every word.  Whether you want a top ‘after dinner’ speech or a compelling keynote for an event, get Alan Hannaford on your stage.  He will connect with you and your audience in the most down to earth and effective way.
Director of Broadspring Consulting Pty. Ltd
Head of Organisation Culture at Bendigo Bank
Learning & Development Manager at Perpetual Trustees

Alan Hannaford is the quintessential story-teller whose tales of the bush have a message that resonates through all areas of life, leadership and business success. As someone who engages with other speakers of the highest calibre I am often awed by Alan’s ability to touch people with his stories.  I have watched audiences being spellbound and held as if in a trance by his ability to deliver a story of substance.
He is an outstanding horseman, who comes with a touch of the Iconic “bushie”.  He is entertaining and inspiring. This is what in my opinion makes Alan so special as a speaker.  All success.
Today! Seminars

Alan Hannaford presentation for our company Frame Rural Agencies inspired all those who attended and has been a major talking point with present future clients. Our guests left the venue wanting more and have enquired to when we are having Alan Hannaford back for another inspirational message.
Alan’s positive thinking and motivation has had a huge impact on where Frame Rural Agencies are today.
Frame Rural Agencies

I had the absolute joyful pleasure of listening and watching Alan’s presentation at the Rotary District Conference in the Barossa Valley recently.
Alan is one of the best raconteurs that I have ever observed or heard. He has that rare capacity to hold a very large audience in the palm of his hands. His presentation was certainly the most memorable of all the presentations and gigs I have attended. He has a brilliant way with words and is able to relay the most mundane event into an entertaining recital.
He demonstrated all the skills of a great comedienne with his wit, timing and actions, resulting in the whole audience virtually having a laugh a minute.
Whilst having all these attributes referred to, his niche lies in his unique Aussie subject area. My friends and associates would love to see and hear more of Alan.
Annual Rotary Conference attendee

Alan Hannaford not only has great stories but he is also a great story teller with his presentation liberally sprinkled with stories of people and places.  All in all, Alan added up to be one of our best entertainers at our evening meetings.
Rotary Club of Moruya