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Key Points for Alan Oxley

  • Alan Oxley is one of Australia’s most authoritative advisers on international trade and Asian engagement.
  • He has an enormous depth and spread of experience from nearly two decades in the diplomatic and trade environment, then as an influential advisor in the private sector.
  • He runs a strategic consultancy “ITS Global” with clients in Asia and the Pacific, based in Melbourne.
  • Alan’s forte is picking global trends.  He advocated a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the US when most opposed it, warned Australia’s trade spread with China is thin and Japan. remains more important, and that we will have to learn to eat humble pie to build a successful relationship with Indonesia.  He contends Australia’s future depends on an Asian Pacific Century, not an Asian Century.
  • He has built a global standing as an advocate of economic growth as the essential tool to eradicate poverty.

Topics for Alan Oxley

  • Why Australia will thrive in the twenty-first century  Australia's coming third 'golden age' 
  • Globalisation - threat or Opportunity?  
  • Australia's new industrial future 
  • What to expect in the Pacific Century 
  • Immigration - the key to Australia's future 
  • Australia's western future in Asia 
  • Australia - Pacific century cyber surfer 
  • The Truth about Climate Change and how it affects you and your business

Testimonials for Alan Oxley

  • “Excellent.  Alan speaks fluently, and with authority, making the complex issues of International Trade, interesting and inspiring.”
    Limestone Coast Regional Development Board