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Key Points for Allan Pease

  • Allan’s books have been translated into 54 languages and have sold over 27,000,000 copies. His television series and number one box office movie were watched by over 100 million viewers.
  • An expert on human relationships and human communications.
  • Teaches how to decode human behaviour.
  • Addressed audiences in 70 countries.

Topics for Allan Pease

Allan’s presentations can include the following topics. Importantly, Allan will speak with you personally prior to the event so that he can tailor his presentation around your audience and your goals for the day.

  • The Answer
    The Answer reveals the remarkable Brain Operating System known as The RAS. This session teaches you how to program it to achieve anything you want out of life. Allan Pease delivers this hard hitting, life-changing system with classic Pease humour so your audience laughs as they learn, and they receive the skills to achieve anything! Your audience will learn:

    • How to decide what you really want in life
    • The RAS - your brain's GPS / SEARCH ENGINE - how to program it to take you anywhere you want to go
    • How to set ambitious, fulfilling and significant business and personal goals
    • How to overcome roadblock, obstacles and tough times

  • Communicating for Results
    • How to get the best result in business by understanding what people are really thinking
    • What men and women need to do to get on in business
    • How to avoid arguments, disagreements and conflicts
    • How to get co-operation and gain credibility
    • Communication styles: understanding the differences between the sexes

  • Body Language – It's Not What You Say
    • How to spot if someone is lying or hedging
    • Sales and negotiation: reading across the table
    • How to develop instant rapport and get co-operation
    • How to read between the lines of what is said
    • Why men should never lie to a woman

  • How to Be a People Magnet
    • How to make powerful lasting first impressions
    • How to effortlessly turn any situation to your favour
    • How to be a great conversationalist
    • How to make others feel important
    • How to become a 'human magnet'

  • Questions are the Answers
    • How to get interest and keep attention
    • How to motivate others to WANT to join your cause
    • How to give powerful presentations
    • Why the law of averages always works
    • The 5 Solid Gold Questions that never fail

  • Persuade the Opposite Sex
    • Why men offer solutions but hate advice
    • Why women talk so much and men so little
    • Why men really can’t do more than one thing at a time
    • How to get the opposite sex to say yes

  • Hot Button Selling
    Get people onside, learn to read their body language AND negotiate, sell and network like a PRO!
    The “Five Golden Rules for Success”
    • How to find your prospect’s Hot Button and get more “yesses”
    • How to play the numbers game to make selling easy
    • How to make people feel comfortable with you and want to say yes
    • How to decode body language cues so you can do business with anyone
    • Network, negotiate and sell like a PRO! (Even if you don’t think you’re a natural)

Testimonials for Allan Pease

Allan was incredible and did an amazing job.  Top bloke.

Your delivery on the night was powerful, and touched the hearts of all those present. I thought you took the people to the threshold of their own mind to the world of possibilities. The eagle has definitely not landed. You are an icon and a true professional.
National Speakers Assoc of Australia
The feedback we have received from our delegates rates your presentation as the ‘highlight’ of our event. Your presentation was both entertaining and informative and gave our delegates and their partners a better understanding of each other and why they are different.
National Australia Bank
The feedback from Allan’s presentation was 100% positive.  It was an extremely successful morning session on Communication for Women.
Enterprising Women

Allan is a big draw card for the delegates and helped make our conference a success. We'd love him to come back for another conference soon.
National Association of Personnel Consultancies, New Zealand
Allan Pease can hold an audience for several hours and still be interesting and entertaining. He does an exceptional job.
Master Builders Association
WOW… Allan provided very useful insights into day to day behaviour which benefited all 120 retail managers who attended.
Samsung Electronics
Allan was most professional as an MC. He related very well to the audience and made them laugh with his own special brand of humour.
Elgas Ltd
Well done Allan! Lots of positive feedback. It was funny, enjoyable and we got lots of useful information for women to use.
Women & Management Inc.
Thank you for your fantastic presentation at our recent seminar. You knocked 'em dead! I am sure that from now until the next time when the delegates see you again, they will remember every part of your entertaining program.
Independent Liquor Group Co-op Ltd
Thank you for your superb service. Your impact on the Harcourts Organisation and, more particularly, on the very many clients you spoke to in New Zealand was huge and the exercise was of great value to us.
The Harcourts Real Estate Group (NZ)
Excellent. Allan was fantastic, the audience responded very well. Everyone commented on how insightful he was.
David Colley & Associates
Allan was sensational – the best speaker we have ever seen; ...brilliant presentation – an excellent choice; - Allan Pease – Absolutely Fabulous.
Australian Institute of Training & Development
Allan demonstrated and communicated valuable lessons which are memorable and will be remembered because of the method of delivery. Allan met our objectives completely. Allan is very accessible – non threatening – they loved him!
Ice Creameries of Australia
Allan has the ability to teach with humour and rivets everyone’s attention. Everybody relates to him.
Network Marketing (Amway)
The feedback has been first class. Allan’s presentation met all our objectives.
ANZ Fund Management
Excellent presentation! Allan’s presentation was most appreciated by our audience. His material is not only entertaining but also very informative and useful. Allan’s style and delivery adds a new dimension to the conference.
Faulding Pharmaceuticals
WOW…wish we had had longer for Allan on the program. Thank you for inspiring our distributors and sharing your knowledge with them.  The feedback I have received is all total enthusiasm and “NOW I CAN DO IT” stuff.
Forever Living Products
You really helped me get my foot in the doors of the groups I want to deal with…THANK YOU.
Global Security Training
Excellent. Standing room only at all sessions. His approach was great and our staff are still talking about his session and his books.
Aristocrat Technologies Australia Pty Ltd
Excellent. Insightful, entertaining, all could relate to him.
Justice Department
Excellent. Allan was very entertaining and a definite crowd pleaser. Perfect for what we were trying to achieve
Hoo Marketing Pty Ltd
Excellent. We waited three years for Allan and it was worth the wait. He was outstanding and our members laughed from beginning to end.
The Property Council of Australia (Vic. Division)
Excellent. We have had a great deal of positive feedback from those who attended our seminar with Allan Pease. Certainly the feeling in the room was positive as everyone could identify with the content of the presentation. Everyone had a good laugh.
Barry Plant Real Estate
Excellent. What an excellent speaker, just kept the whole audience engaged.
Hunter Business Centre
Excellent, very funny! Everyone enjoyed him and could relate to what he was saying...
Fantastic Furniture
What a sensational close to our conference!  We could not have chosen a better speaker to end our business sessions!  Absolutely hysterical and oh so accurate!  Allan Pease is a must-have speaker for any retailer or company whose employees require negotiation skills!
Liquor Stax Aust. P/l

Having such a diverse group of people from the Asia Pacific region can be a little daunting for any speaker. Your presentation was fun, exciting, inspirational, controversial and a topic of conversation between participants for the next few days.
Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific

When Allan Pease entertained us at our staff breakfast, his message not only appealed but enriched the personal and professional lives of staff from the Chief Executive to the Managers to the Tradespeople and the Greenkeepers.
Australian Jockey Club

He is a great communicator and a wonderful entertainer. On more than one occasion, the delegates have told me they didn't want him to finish.
Wella (UK) Ltd

Once again our Annual Meeting is behind us and over 6000 members have grown because of the experience.
Million Dollar Round Table USA