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Key Points for Angela Chee

  • Angela Chee delivers through storytelling using a mix of personal stories, corporate development studies and scientific research. She leverages her 20+ years of working in the entertainment and TV news industry, her personal development work and experience coaching corporate and entrepreneurial leaders to inform, inspire and move your audience.
  • With years of on-camera, storytelling and producing experience as a TV News Anchor and Host she knows how to connect with her audience and deliver a transformational virtual event with high production value that will keep audiences engaged and inspired.
  • Tailors her message to serve her audience whether it’s your entire company, a room of women leaders, or affinity groups. Her goal is to inspire and empower them with new insights, actionable tools, and confidence to own their voice and their power as leaders, communicators, and collaborators.
  • Is easy to work with, fun and personable. She is passionate about making a difference and really connects with the audience leaving them energized, motivated and inspired.
  • Versatile and can support you as a speaker, emcee and/or moderator.

Topics for Angela Chee

  • YOU, Amplified!®
    Leadership-Breaking Barriers and Harnessing The Power of Diversity

    It is more important than ever to break through barriers and harness the power of diversity in yourself, your team, and your company. We are at a time of great change as our current systems and beliefs are being challenged. The world is evolving, but it starts with our own personal evolutions.
  • The Power Of The Only-Breaking Barriers and Redefining Leadership
    Have you ever felt like the only one? Whether you are “the only” woman in the room or the only person in your company or industry, Angela believes there is power in being “The Only.” It can be an opportunity to shift the conversation and culture. But, how can we harness it as a strength to step into our leadership and accelerate our success?
  • YOU, Amplified!® 
    Women In Leadership-Power, Presence, and Representation
  • YOU, Amplified!®
    Own Your Voice Own Your Power
  • YOU, Amplified!®
    Virtual/On-Camera Workshop

Testimonials for Angela Chee

Angela is an exceptional speaker.  Her personality and energy are great. Her professionalism in her preparation and presenting was thoughtful and audience specific.  We had a difficult group to please and had extremely positive feedback about her keynote and session.  She was a motivational kick off for the rest of the day.  Our audience not only enjoyed her story, but she opened everyone up to have more meaningful and connecting conversations. We look forward to seeing her again soon!
Break The Glass
Executive Women’s Summit

Angela is a very powerful speaker—eloquent, insightful and motivating. We loved her poise and the way she connects with the audience through her personal stories and delivery. She was very approachable before and after the talk and connected with our diverse audience.
Asian Connection For Excellence (ACE) Committee
Exxon Mobil

We were so grateful for Angela’s talk at Urban Rebound LA. She was inspiring, clear, cogent and generous with her wisdom and information. She helped us see how the qualities of Zen can guide us in our approach to life and business. Her generosity is matchless and we look forward to seeing the ways in which she makes a difference in the world.
Count Me In
Women’s Economic Independence

Angela is a dynamic, inspirational and fun speaker. She drew in our audience and they were inspired by her presence. In fact, the most frequent response I heard was “Wow!” Angela is just amazing.  She has created a strong brand identity for herself and I know she can do the same for others.
Associate Professor and UCSB American Marketing Association Advisor

I knew I would get concrete tips and skills, but I didn’t know how deep and insightful Angela’s training would be. I feel like it’s going to take me to the next level, not just in my presentations, but my leadership, my business, my personal life and give me more clarity and connection. I’m deeply grateful and appreciative.
Freddie Mac

Angela was a pleasure to work with and made our event a success.  Her keynote left the audience inspired, energized and ready to explore a critical topic focused on championing women in leadership. She added so much value, both in the planning process and as a host/moderator and keynote speaker.  Both our team members and those in the audience shared how much they appreciated her enthusiasm, energy and were inspired by her story.  She was super helpful in shaping the event, set a perfect tone and ensuring our panelists were prepared and comfortable was an added bonus.
Michigan Ross School of Business/Gatesman

Angela provided us with a flawlessly smooth, insightful and entertaining program. We had many wonderful comments about how interactive, relatable and approachable she was to the audience and the staff loved working with her. She definitely brings her celebrity touch to our events.
Office of the Mayor
The City of San Bernardino