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Key Points for Axis of Awesome

  • The Axis of Awesome is a 3 piece rock & roll comedy sensation presenting a mixture of original comedy songs and pop parodies.
  • They began 2011 with a sell out season at The Sydney Opera House followed by The Adelaide Fringe Festival and have just sold out 27 consecutive shows in Edinburgh at The Fringe Festival.
  • Axis of Awesome won Best Comedy Show for 2011 by Time Out Magazine and has played Comic Relief in London to over 10 million viewers on the BBC.
  • They hold the world record on YouTube for highest rated comedy video with their 4 chords song and have shared the stage with International Acts such as Jason Alexander, Ray Romano, Jimmy Kimmel to name a few.
  • The Axis of Awesome leave men laughing and women gasping (and also laughing). They are Australia's newest musical comedy sensation.

Topics for Axis of Awesome

  • Comedy musical performance

Testimonials for Axis of Awesome


“I enjoyed the show so much I bought the album Scissors, Paper, Rock!”  4 stars
Kate Copstick, The Scotsman

“If only all musical comedy was like this” 4 stars

“Catchy tunes, brilliant lyrics and hilarious banter….in a word: awesome” 4 stars
-The List

“An hilarious piss-take… using catchy tunes and pitch perfect harmonies”
-Beat Magazine

“A fantastic hour of entertainment. The Axis of Awesome may just become my new favourite band!”
-The Groggy Squirrel

“Their musical lampoons really hit the mark…they had the audience in stitches, hooting for an encore – 4 stars”
-The Age

“Truly Awesomely funny”!
-Adelaide Advertiser

“Fringe legends!”
- Three Weeks (UK)

“Brilliantly witty – the laughs come thick and fast”
- British Theatre Guide

“If you don’t laugh until your jaw aches and you’re clutching your sides begging them to stop then I have no polite way to finish this sentence.”
- Broadway Baby

“They rock hard, possess the rugged look of rock stars and the keen eyes of top flight comedy writers”
- The Daily Dust (UK)

“True professionals”
- Fresh Air (UK)

“A superbeast of high energy, high impact comedy”
- Chortle.Co (UK)

“Their musical lampoons really hit the mark…they had the audience in stitches, hooting for an encore”
- The Age

“The group have got their on-stage personas down, their timing is tight and the show barrels along beautifully…Awesome, your time has come!”
- Time Out Sydney

 “Not only are Axis of Awesome talented musicians, their comedy writing is excellent.”
- one4review (UK)

 “The Axis boys wow a growing fanbase!”
- The List (UK)

“Musical comedy at it’s best”
- Daily Express (UK)

“Axis of Awesome are likable, pointedly clever and extremely assured on stage.
- Voting For An Encore – 4 Stars