02 Oct 2020

Breakfast Bites | Six Months On

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When the world as we knew it stopped with the Covid-19 pandemic, we were divided: all live events were obviously cancelled, and yet this was a time when now more than ever, our speakers’ insights and expertise would be most needed. It was with this in mind that our weekly Breakfast Bites series was born to provide our clients with as much value as we could during lockdown.

These complimentary half-hour ‘mini keynote’ episodes have gone from strength to strength. Originally created for ICMI’s clients, Breakfast Bites has gone on to create its own following and is now the highlight of many people’s week. Each Wednesday at 9am AEDT, two speakers and a host from our vast and varied talent pool draw on their lives and experiences to discuss the current climate, providing tangible insights and advice moving forward. Due to its success, Breakfast Bites is now available on-demand, meaning you can return to the series again and again and again.

As we represent some of the best thinkers, doers and achievers, Breakfast Bites has quickly gained a loyal and dedicated following, and many of our clients have begun to use them as an opportunity for their teams to come together each week, using their insights as a springboard for weekly goals and discussions. One of our lovely clients gave us some fantastic feedback when they told us: “it provides some great distraction in the day, whilst offering some very useful advice in the current climate (and some plain entertainment!)”. What a great way to start a Wednesday!


As working from home became the norm rather than the exception, we’ve loved being able to bring our wider ICMI community together, and to provide a new (and sometimes recognisable) face on their zoom screens. Each week, after the speakers have wrapped up, there’s a live and interactive Q & A session for ICMI clients. Our ICMI clients are as varied as our speakers, and its been a joy to bring them together (something we wouldn’t have had a reason to do beforehand) and see them bounce off each other, make new connections, and build on each other’s questions, whilst simultaneously providing them with a resource to draw on later. It has been a delight to have the sense of connection and inspiration of being together in the office back, even if only for the morning.

Hopefully speakers such as Osher Gunsberg, Jelena Dokic, Anna Meares OAM, Who Gives A Crap founder Simon Griffiths, Paralympian Dylan Alcott OAM and former naval helicopter pilot Kate Munari have inspired, entertained and brightened your Wednesday mornings, and addressed key concerns about business strategy, management and acumen; mental health management and personal development; and marketing, in the time of Covid.

So far our clients have provided a wealth of positive feedback on Breakfast Bites. Through the Looking Glass said “there’s a nugget of gold to be taken away from every session”, and another client has made them “a must-do every week for the team…[because] every week leaves us with something to continue to talk about”. Many have gone on to book speakers from the series, using it as a way to “test drive” them for prospective virtual events.

With the world changing day-by-day, we’re thrilled to be able to present our speakers’ stories of resilience and overcoming adversity and doubt, and translate their lessons into everyday modern businesses and lives. We can’t wait to see you, coffee in-hand, in the chat box, asking questions and connecting with us on Wednesday mornings from now on!

We’d like to thank Eva Adams, our incredible consultant from NSW, for all her hard work in creating this stellar series that has delivered so much value to our community.

As of November 26th 2020, we’re taking a break from Breakfast Bites. Sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with our latest news and series.

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