21 Oct 2020

Recap: Jordana Borensztajn’s ‘Turning Fatigue Into Fun’ Session

A promotianal graphic of Jordana on 'Turning Fatigue into Fun'

Work as we know it will never be the same. While working from home was initially new and exciting, the novelty of remote meetings has mostly faded, and many of us are experiencing Zoom and Microsoft Teams fatigue.

We were therefore thrilled to host some of our lovely clients last week in a one-off complimentary session on this very topic with ICMI speaker, public speaking trainer, humourist and author Jordana Borensztajn.

The high-energy, engaging and interactive session, “Turning Fatigue Into Fun”, provided clients with the tools and techniques to combat online fatigue in order to make digital meetings more productive and more fun.

Jordana draws off her rich communications experience to demonstrate, in her own words, “what works, what is a complete disaster, and what to avoid” when it comes to leading meetings and engaging remotely. Her major focus is providing entertaining and helpful insight to “bring joy into the experience of connecting online”.

As Jordana herself says, “we’ve all been thrown into the digital world, whether we like it or not… The hybrid world is here to stay, so how do we not only adapt, but actually thrive and get the most out of it?”

The session was jam-packed with useful and easy-to-apply techniques covering body language and voice; engagement techniques, meeting formatting tips, strategies to plan and prepare for success – and the list goes on…

Jordana’s session armed our clients with the skills to transform everyday digital meetings into vibrant, fun and engaging sessions.

The session was a flawless demonstration, with public speaking exercises performed by randomly-selected members of the digital audience being a high point. This brought not only a game-like atmosphere to the session, but also an opportunity for our clients to test out their newly learnt skills.

This session inspires teams and leaders to connect and collaborate in new ways, re-energising and reinvigorating digital meetings so we can create meaningful connections online and learn to have fun in the process!

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