25 Mar 2020

The resilience to be your best | Dianne McGrath | Resilience

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Business resilience in the time of COVID-19

At ICMI we are fortunate to have Australia’s best business thinkers in our stable. Our speakers are experts in change management, dealing with disruption and guiding businesses through uncharted waters.

The current health crisis presents several challenges in both protecting our staff’s health today, and protecting their income tomorrow as business realities set in. With this in mind, we’ve asked our speakers to share their insights on how businesses can ride the shockwave and minimise the impact.

About the Author:

One of 100 remaining candidates for the Mars One Mission in 2031, Dianne McGrath encourages us all to explore the resilience within ourselves, as that will bring out the very best in all of us.

Here’s what she had to say:

The resilience to be your best

How do we respond to immediate threats to our business or lives when there is an uncertain future? What do we draw from in those moments that keep us moving forwards? And when we feel like we are in this alone, with little to no support, how do we positively navigate through day to day decisions?

With resilience.

When faced with the worst, it is our resilience that can bring out our best.

Resilience can steer us to survival. The capacity for self-reflection will be the transformational tool for thriving beyond that critical moment. And these qualities can be developed or enhanced at any time in our lives, our businesses and our communities. Self-reflection and self-insight predict resilience and stress. Now is the time to become explorers of ourselves, our businesses and our communities.

In our current environment – ecologically, politically, economically, globally – the time is ripe for examining our ways of living and working. To let go of that which no longer serves us. To ask deep questions on what is vexing us and preventing us from achieving our vision. To be persistent in affirmed actions. To recognise how our internal thoughts and beliefs can affect our external behaviour and productivity. To work with the winds, understanding we can change our tack when conditions alter, whilst keeping sight of our goals. To create a new reality with an indomitable spirit. Because we have developed the insight to know we are capable of it.


This article is part of our blog series on business resilience.

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