12 Nov 2020

Value – How do you show up?

Denise Olholm "For me, in my business, value is in service"

By Denise Olholm – ICMI Managing Consultant based in Queensland

Recently I had the privilege of being interviewed by Mark Carter, a talented speaker and author. Mark’s latest book is based on his ‘Add Value Model’, which delves into how, by focusing on value, we can enhance all aspects of our lives.

For me, in my business, value is in service; providing the unexpected, covering all bases, going above and beyond to make the client’s experience of booking talent seamless and easy.

What underpins my perception on value is creating a system, a detailed check list to follow, a step by step process for taking an enquiry through to, and beyond contracting and including client touch points. It is a simple system – after A, comes B, after B is C. C not required then go to D – etc. Having this system means everyone I work with knows what to do next and how to do it. Each step is covered, reducing the opportunity for error and the need for amendments. I wish I could say that my system is perfect, however we are all human.

My system is formatted through Excel or a table, I use old technology – a paper enquiry form – I am yet to find a digital program that will customize and replicate my paper enquiry form. Feel free to send me program suggestions if you have one.

Value is, in the eye of the beholder and as part of Mark Carter’s Add Value Model, Mark has interviewed a number of talented people from various industries, on how they perceive or provide value. You can check out the interviews on Mark’s YouTube channel. Each individual video (around 5min each) provides great insight on value from another perspective which I found interesting and took away a few tips to add into my own value offering. You can check out part 1 of my interview here (there will be a part 2).


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