26 Nov 2020

We’re having a sleep in | Breakfast Bites is taking a break

A graphic that reads 'time for a sleep in' next to the breakfast bites logo and a cat on a computer sleeping

Well, after 34 weeks as your brekkie buddy, Breakfast Bites is taking a break.

2020 has been one heck of year and it has been an absolute treat to start our Wednesdays with you. It’s been wonderful to have such a supportive community that let us stay connected despite being held apart.


A huge thank you to the amazing people who donated their time and shared their insights, tips, experience and knowledge with us. We’re so grateful for the laughs, wisdom, information, inspiration and connections made along the way. They helped the ICMI community and beyond ride the 2020 wave toward sanity and a brighter future.

The events industry looks very different to this time last year and ICMI has changed alongside it. The feedback we have received over the past 8 months is confirmation ICMI was on the right path and Breakfast Bites the perfect antidote for the uncertainty and fragility of the time:


I wanted to sincerely thank you for Breakfast Bites, what an awesome initiative. It is my favourite half hour of the week. Every Tuesday night, I shut down my laptop knowing I have Breakfast Bites to look forward to. I have cried, I have laughed but mostly I have been inspired, thank you.

-Director, Great Southern Outbound


Through thick and thin, ICMI’s Breakfast Bites team has been committed to keeping the show relevant and inspiring for over 30 weeks. A special thank you to our NSW managing consultant, Eva Adams, for the original concept of Breakfast Bites and for helping the series take its first steps.

Perhaps the biggest thankyou we owe is to the hosts of Breakfast Bites. These stars turned up and switched on Wednesday after Wednesday, 9AM after 9AM, simply for the love of, and belief in, Breakfast Bites. Their professionalism, pre-episode preparation and overall dedication to their craft has been nothing short of amazing.


Mark Carter – An expert on creating company cultures that embrace change, peak performance and adaptability, Mark was instrumental in establishing Breakfast Bites. We wish him the best of luck with his recently launched book ‘Add Value’, an offering that pulls together decades of expertise to help businesses, careers and lives reach new heights.

Stephanie Brantz – Stephanie is one of Australia’s favourite female Sports Presenters, and her professional yet bubbly moderation complimented our guests’ presentations beautifully. She brought out brilliance in Dylan Alcott and dived into interviews with Tom Boyd and Jelena Dokic on what we can learn from their journey of overcoming resilience during their sporting careers.

Andrew Klein – Andrew truly lived up to his reputation as one of Australia’s most sought after and versatile Corporate MCs. Although only picking up virtual facilitation full-time since the beginning of Covid, he already feels like a veteran despite the occasional interruption from his dog Pebbles.

Mimi Kwa – Mimi’s background in broadcast journalism shone interviewing some of our highest profile guests, such as Mike Munro and Daniel Flynn. As one of the most genuinely masterful MC’s you can find, we are honoured that Mimi graced our virtual stage with her energetic curiosity.

Troy & Zara – When love is in the air, everywhere we look around we hear laughs, inspiring stories and smooth-talking couples. Well, mostly just one couple. From hosting breakfast radio to creating massively successful children’s animation series, this power couple truly never stopped thinking of new ways to surprise us when we opened our screens every Wednesday. From tropical islands to powerful communication tools, Troy & Zara Love brought us on journeys we won’t soon forget.

Jordana Borensztajn – Jordana’s smile and energy was the double shot espresso of our Wednesday mornings. A humorist, presentation skills coach, social media strategist and author of Capture My Attention: How to Stand Out Online with Creative Content and 21 Steps to Become an Awesome Public Speaker, she never failed to connect with her guests and virtual audience.

Award winning journalist, event host and facilitator Jess Adamson and Olympic medallist swimming star, MC, and television and radio presenter, Brooke Hanson OLY OAM, reaffirmed why they are the best in their field. Between them they interviewed: a storyteller who inspires self-leadership and personal responsibility, Australia’s first ever Winter Olympic Gold Medallist and four-time Olympian, a women described as a lightning bolt of love and laughter and human alarm clock, and a man whose life took him from national sporting champion to political exile to Australian singer. Now that’s impressive.

Peter Rowsthorn – Who can forget Pete, one of Australia’s most loved comedians, hosting Mick Collis and Jason Clarke. Genuine, honest and funny it was an episode like no other. Both as a comedian and MC he has what it takes to bring out the best in any situation and ad libs like no other.

Andrew Gill – Andrew had us in stitches as he wrapped up our last Breakfast Bites episode with razor sharp wit, introducing Rockstar drummer Mark Schulman to the stage for an energy-packed episode. With over 25 years in the industry, Andrew upheld his reputation for bringing an extremely warm yet intelligent personality to the table.


From the bottom of our morning cuppa, thank you everyone. We hope ICMI made your days a little lighter, a little more interesting and little easier over the last 8 months.


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