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Key Points for Carolyn Miller

  • Carolyn Miller has been working in the marketing and advertising industry and has been a strategist at multiple award-winning agencies for over 20 years.
  • She is also a regular panellist on the highly popular ABC Television Program Gruen, and regularly features in a variety of television shows discussing advertising, including Sunrise on Channel 7 and The Today Show on Channel 9.
  • She is the Founding Director of The Honeycomb Effect, whose clients include Nespresso, Yahoo!7, Pfizer, Lend Lease and The Australian Institute of Sport among many others.
  • Her background as a strategist not only gives her great insight into the brand and advertising world, but also the heartland of consumer sentiment and shifting cultural trends.
  • Is MBA Qualified.
  • A small Business Owner and successful entrepreneur.
  • A Master of the Side Hustle.

Topics for Carolyn Miller

  • The future of work
    From brands, to employees to families - we all shifted our behaviour in 2020. But we need to shift again, as nothing is going back to "business as usual".
    Key Take outs Include:
    • Understanding motivations of staff, how to assist your team to readjust to your company requirements.
    • What learnings we had in 2020 that we should continue to apply.
    • What behaviours changed with consumers in 2020, and which ones are here to stay.
    • Which companies succeeded in 2020, and what can we learn?
  • Marketing to the generations
    There has never been a better time to look at generational marketing. It's not just about age - it's a mindset and behaviour.
    Key Take outs Include:
    • Recognising audience behaviours and overcoming our own bias' of what each generation does.
    • How we're working towards an ageless society.
    • Generational interaction with media.
    • Key messaging and motivations for each generation.
  • Think like an entrepreneur
    Whether it's big business or small, it's important to be able to think creatively and take ownership over the future - thinking like an entrepreneur.
    Key Take outs Include:
    • How to breed an innovative culture.
    • Examples of when big business has thought small, and likewise, small business that dreamed big.
    • How to kill innovation in a business.
    • Future gazing: cryptocurrency, blockchain & decentralised finance. They're all about to hit the mainstream, how can you or your company benefit?
  • Branding
    Why brands live in our emotions, not in our rational mind. How to build a strong brand, what your brand means, what makes a successful brand, what you can do now to improve your brand.
  • Advertising and marketing
    How to create effective advertising, and why advertising is ultimately human interest stories. Humour, visual identity, music and entertainment all make great ads.
  • Gender equality / diversity
    The advertising industry was one of the biggest boy’s clubs. How the industry is shifting and the role of both genders in creating equality is applicable to any business.
  • Creativity and Innovation
    How to use creative thinking techniques to come up with new ideas. Presented as a keynote or a facilitated workshop, this can be applied in both forums. 
  • Collaboration
    Community engagement, better team communication, partnering with other businesses or experts – why great ideas are not only within us, but actually exist between us.
  • Master of Ceremonies
    Carolyn is adept at hosting conferences, whether for a single day or multiple day event. She is very flexible and able to creatively assist when the unexpected happens – she is highly flexible, and great at engaging an audience whether large or small.

Testimonials for Carolyn Miller

Carolyn is extremely personable and inspiring. She has connected with our group on a personal level and we have greatly valued her willingness to interact at a social level. It makes Carolyn more real and her presentations so much more salient.
ReSound Pty Ltd

Carolyn, your presentation on the day was insightful, entertaining and exactly what we were after. I could not have asked to work with a better team. The feedback from all stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive and I couldn't be happier with how the event ran. In fact, we were trending at #1 on Twitter at one point!
The Launch Box on behalf of Department of Business & Innovation

She left people wanting more! Participants at her breakout were left energised and thinking about the world of innovation and creativity - what role they play and how they can engage with their teams.
KPMG Australian Partners' Conference

Carolyn worked with us for a branding workshop as the facilitator - I cannot recommend her highly enough, her passion for the industry was infectious, and she had just the right balance of driving conversations, and stimulating thought when needed. Her in-depth knowledge of branding, media and advertising was inspiring.

Carolyn presented a key note on luxury brands for our Global Conference in June 2016. She was professional from beginning to end. She listened to what we wanted to achieve and delivered content which supported our objectives. She inspired our guests and provided lots of food for thought! Her delivery was excellent – she was confident, engaging and really personable - I would highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again in the future.
Casella Family Brands

Carolyn was the opening speaker at our conference on the topic: “How to make Local Government more attractive”. I appreciated how she worked well me to develop the session and how flexible she was in amending where necessary. In the end we got a presentation that was on the mark with lots of ideas and things for attendees to think about.
Local Government Association of NSW and Shires Association of NSW

Very real, relatable, authentic, well-prepared.