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Key Points for Dr Catriona Wallace

  • Dr Catriona Wallace is an entrepreneur in the Artificial Intelligence field.
  • She is the Founder of Flamingo AI, a Stock Exchange listed company with head quarters in both New York and Sydney.
  • Established one of the world’s first consultancies, Ethical AI Advisory.
  • She is the second only female led (CEO and Chair) business ever to list on the Australian Stock Exchange. 
  • She has been recognised as one of the most influential women in business and entrepreneurship, recently winning the FinTech Leader and Overall Excellence in Finance award by Women in Finance (2018).
  • Catriona has the ability to analyze data and identify specific problems, giving her the knowledge she needs to develop novel solutions. 

Topics for Dr Catriona Wallace

  • Human + machine: The rise of AI
    AI is now the fastest growing technology sector globally, expanding in investment 12-fold over the next 5 years. AI is one of the top three strategies for the world’s leading companies and is expected to replace 2 millions jobs in the next two years. It’s time for all organisations to plan how they will address this transformational force. In this presentation Dr Catriona Wallace will define and discuss AI, Machine Learning and types of AI including:
    • Machine Learning.
    • Computer Vision.
    • Conversational Platforms.
    • Autonomous Machines.
    • Data Science and Analytics.
    • Also presented will be the current state of the market, investment, best Use Cases and how organisations should be thinking and planning for this tsunami of change that is coming.
      Key takeaways include:
    • Definitions of AI.
    • Market size and forces.
    • How to determine best Use Cases.
    • AI planning and getting started.
  • AI strategy: Centers of excellence, human rights & ethics
    We are at an unprecedented time in history, with AI predicted to replace 40% of jobs in Retail, Tourism, Hospitality, Banking, Insurance and Finance by 2026. How do organisations prepare for this transformation and implement AI for good? Dr Wallace will presents the state of the market for AI and Machine Learning and shares how organisations should think about setting up AI Centres of Excellence including Human Rights and Ethics frameworks.
    Key takeaways include:
    • State of the market – AI and Machine Learning.
    • AI Strategy planning and Roadmap development.
    • Developing AI Centres of Excellence.
    • Developing Human Right and Ethics frameworks.
  • Women in leadership - Start up & STEM
    Dr Catriona Wallace shares her story of being a leader of an Artificial Intelligence company in the US and Australia, being in Financial Services, seeking investment funding in a predominately male market and being one of the few women leading a Listed technology company whilst raising 5 children. Catriona, using humour and real-life examples, will share her experiences and unconventional ways of navigating difficult environments in order to be successful.
    Key take aways include how to be:
    • A woman of power and an authentic leader.
    • A Good Man, supportive of women.
    • An Un-MotherComfortable in the Long Hall of Mirrors.
    • Dealing with life when everything is on fire - all the time.
  • The future of customer experience: AI powered digital augmenting humans – will customer experience be supercharged?
    The future of customer experience will be defined by the augmentation of customer service employees with AI powered digital technologies. By 2021 30% of all customer interactions will be conducted by automated machines and technology giants such as Amazon and Google are entering the enterprise customer experience field. This presentation will outline the state of the market with regard to customer experience and detail how to plan a customer experience strategy that is human+digital+machine.
    Key takeaways:
    • What customers actually want.
    • Customer experience strategy.
    • Human + machine customer experience jobs.
    • Customer experience technologies.
    • Omni channel management.
  • The augmented age of education
    Artificial Intelligence is set to replace 40% of entry level jobs and 50% of customer interactions in the next 5 years. And the time of Singularity, where the machines are smarter than humans, is less than 20 years away. How will we humans navigate this 4th Industrial Revolution? What will the Future of Work look like and how should we be educated in order to be prepared? Dr Wallace will present a highly accessible, insight driven presentation on Artificial Intelligence, Education and the Future of Work and how this may play out by 2025. Key insights and lessons will be shared on how to re-imagine Education.
  • Emerging technologies set to transform education
    Emerging technologies are set to be one of the top 3 factors, alongside Climate Change and Nuclear War, that will fundamentally change humanity including how we learn and how we are educated. Dr Wallace presents an intriguing discussion on the core technologies that will disrupt the Education sector and augment and amplify learning processes. Catriona will also examine what might go well and what could go badly. Dr Wallace will discuss practical actions that educators and students should consider to be future ready.
  • The heroine’s journey – They should have taught us this!
    There is enormous pressure on society today to genuinely demonstrate strategies of diversity and inclusion. However, the numbers show that we are moving very slowly towards any type of equity with women holding only: 14% of Chair roles, 26% of Directorships, 17% of CEOs and 30% of Management. During their 30s and 40s women leave the workforce in droves. But why? Is it the pay gap, education levels or having children? Maybe. But what if the reasons that women do not progress as expected is that there is something else at play. By examining the Heroine’s Journey we see that women often progress through 8 stages before they can truly stand in their power: separation from the feminine, identification with the masculine, the illusion of success, emotional/spiritual aridity, descent to the Goddess, yearning for the feminine, healing of the feminine self and integration of self. This keynote discusses the Heroine’s Journey and provides incredible insights into the stations that women often go through before being their truly empowered self. This indeed should be part of both women and men’s education as they are starting out on learning and career.

Testimonials for Dr Catriona Wallace

Catriona has made a valuable contribution to CUA as both a partner and as an educational speaker.
CUA Health

Dr. Wallace is among the most dynamic speakers that have graced our stage at the Auto Insurance Report National Conference in our 22 years.
Auto Insurance Report National Conference

Dr. Wallace provided a memorable experience for our first AI Masterclass, engaging the audience from start to finish.
Upward, Hartford

One of the best presentations that I have seen. Dr Wallace used audience participation and her own personal story as a woman to highlight the challenges and opportunities in the tech industry.
UNSW Business School and Director
AGSM UNSW Business School

A highlight of the afternoon. We were all inspired by Catriona's wisdom on so many issues. Australia needs hundreds more inspirational leaders like Catriona for our future.
Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

Catriona is the real deal in innovation and business today. She provides invaluable insights and brings her real-life experience and intelligence to the discussion.
Australian Financial Review