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Key Points for Dan Collins

  • Since retiring from his Olympic quest for Gold in the sport of kayaking, Dan has focused his energy on managing transformational, organisational change, driving accountability and performance in the corporate world.
  • Dan has worked with large corporate sporting entities including the IRB, ASC, AIS, NRL and AFL clubs as well as other industry leaders including Ernst & Young, AMP, Woolworths, Continental Tyre’s and the Virgin Group of Companies.
  • Having held senior positions across both sport and business together with his Olympic journey has enabled Dan to identify common characteristics in all winning cultures.
  • Dan believes excellence allows us to maintain a healthy mindset around our desire to know more so that we can contribute more tomorrow.
  • Former COO with the Brisbane Lions under coach Michael Voss, Dan was responsible for building accountability, taking them from the bottom of the ladder into the finals.
  • Dan is down the line and rigorous, unafraid to deliver the ‘tough stuff’ that others tippy-toe around or just don’t have the guts to address, with the benefits far outweighing any small amount of discomfort.

Topics for Dan Collins

  • Effort
    Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of hard work.
    Great fulfilment is only made possible if the effort we put in on a daily basis embodies two key components: focus and habit.

  • Performance unpacked
    The five essentials to leading a high-performance environment and creating winners at all levels.
    People who are highly committed make the choice to contribute with purposeful effort and as a result, become excellent deliverers of higher levels of accountability.

Testimonials for Dan Collins

Our leaders have been given the tools for developing a high-performance environment and challenged in a way that creates new ways of thinking to realise this.
Pepper Australia

I witnessed Dan gain an understanding of a complex environment and then help us develop and deploy the key cultural pillars that will drive our resurgence and performance.
Woolworths Meat Company

As a result of Dan’s services, ECB achieved three consecutive record months of sales and production in the last quarter of 2016.
General Manager
East Coast Bullbars

Your clear identification of the key issues with poor culture and accountability and the tools and techniques to deal effectively with them was a breath of fresh air.
The Executive Connection

It is essential that at the individual level you cultivate habits which increase your teams effectiveness – and no one has more passion and skill in helping you do this than Dan Collins.
Pittard Training Group

The Executive Connection

The story and message are compelling, but its tools he leaves you with along with the correlation to my environment that sets him apart as a speaker.
Palmer Alive Mobile