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Key Points for Daryl Elliott Green

  • Daryl Elliott Green was TWICE SHOT in the line of duty and underwent more than a dozen facial reconstructive surgeries and suffered severe depression and chronic PTSD.
  • He was awarded Queensland Police Service’s Valour Award, their highest accolade for bravery, in 2001.
  • Featured in the Australian Story episode May Day, in 2002.
  • Won the Professional Speakers Australia scholarship in 2015 for best emerging talent, and their Breakthrough Speaker of the Year award in 2019.
  • Received a Group Bravery Citation from Governor-General, Sir Peter Cosgrove in 2016.
  • Was named a Lifeline Ambassador in 2018.


Topics for Daryl Elliott Green

  • Resilience - survive, rise and thrive in difficult situations
    • Develop and grow resilience
    • Ask for and accept help
    • Accept and adjust to change
    • Capitalise on the advantages change brings
  • Courageous conversations - say the right thing and follow up
    • Prepare for a difficult conversation
    • Know why, how and when to step up and start a difficult conversation
    • Ask questions that stimulate agile thinking and explore new possibilities
    • Discern the most important thing after a difficult conversation
  • Leadership - lead others through a firestorm
    • Prioritise under pressure
    • Navigate people through and out of difficult times
    • Build rock-solid trust
    • Motivate people for maximum achievement during and after challenging events
  • Brave decisions - evaluate tough choices and make decisions you and others will live with
    • Evaluate choices while following your gut instinct to make brave decisions
    • Avoid panicking about tough decisions
    • Analyse and make committed decisions
    • Stay on course and sleep easy at night

Testimonials for Daryl Elliott Green

I had the pleasure of witnessing Daryl’s presentation in 2015. It was easily one of the best I’ve seen – moving, informative and very entertaining. The first thing that struck me was the courage required to re-live that horrific event in order to try and help others who had suffered similarly. Then there was the mental strength needed to go from a depressed state to standing up in front of an audience and not only telling a demanding story, but doing it in such an entertaining and informative way. Daryl deserves our thanks and our congratulations on what he’s doing for the community. If you have an opportunity to see his presentation live don’t miss it.
Ian Chappell
Australian Cricket Captain 1971-1975

I felt I was right there by Daryl’s side through the whole journey – from the shooting, to his hospital bed and through his recovery. His presentation grips the audience as we listen to the live police tapes and see the x-rays of his injuries. It is a unique experience.
John Brogden AM, Chairperson
Lifeline Australia
The response to your resilience presentation has been overwhelming, so much so we have had you return three times over the past nine months. Feedback from each of the sessions has been exceptional, including: ‘I felt humbled and privileged to have had the opportunity to hear Daryl speak. It was a powerful and moving three hour presentation from a truly courageous and resilient man, interspersed with good humour and audience interaction. I hope Daryl never tires of imparting his experiences and learnings. I came away with a great perspective on how sweating the small stuff is truly such a waste of time.’
Learning & Development Manager
Our leadership team’s workshop with Daryl was very powerful and delivered a number of key messages that have truly resonated with all that were there. Daryl’s personal insights into what has been an incredibly challenging period of his life has opened up a range of conversations and created an opportunity for people to reflect on the importance of people and teams.”... “I recommend Daryl’s workshop unreservedly – a true investment of time which exceeded my expectations.
Regional Manager New Zealand
Sinclair Knight Merz

In 2011 I founded a small charity to create more national awareness for post-traumatic stress. Shortly after I met Daryl. I first heard him speak at a corporate gathering where he was teaching the value of resilience and how it applies to business. Ever since, I’ve called on Daryl to help spread the word on what’s possible in the face of traumatic adversity whether it be an international PTS Conference, 350 Police Cadets or the AFP hierarchy. In all cases he’s left an indelible impression on just what is achievable in any field of endeavour.
‘Stand Tall for PTS’ and the only Australian first class cricketer to serve in the Vietnam War

On behalf of QFES I would like to thank you for taking the time to prepare such an insightful and moving presentation. Your story is unique and compelling; the feedback from staff who attended has been tremendous. Stories like yours have helped inspire our staff not only to accept and embrace change but also to champion it when the need is recognised. Your contribution in achieving this is sincerely appreciated.
Deputy Commissioner
Queensland Fire and Emergency Services
I would firstly like to restate that you are one of the most dynamic speakers I have ever had the privilege of hearing. Your presentation profoundly touched both my heart and my mind.
National Service Infantry Soldier Vietnam 1966-67
To say you are inspiring would be an understatement. I listened to your presentation Friday and took the content home and spent the afternoon and weekend telling and re-telling my wife your story and sharing your resilience tips. We both came to agreement on one thing… and although you may have heard it before I still had to share this with you, both my wife and I believe if a hero had to be chosen out of this circumstances it is you. Your actions on that day were heroic.
Your journey since that day, despite some very low points for you, is inspiring. Your ability and willingness to come out and so honestly share your entire experience to benefit others is truly heroic. I am a true believer of many of the points you bring up during your presentation when it comes to management of staff and how you treat people, communicate and lead. I can tell you that after listening to you speak I have made several promises to myself as a leader – about how I communicate, how I give back what the QPS family has given to me over the years, and how I can contribute in trying to change culture.
Police Negotiator
Queensland Police Service