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Key Points for David Irvine AO

  • Appointed head of the Foreign Investment Review Board in April 2017
  • Retired director general of Australian Security Organisation (ASIO)
  • Was head of Australian Security Intelligence Services (ASIS)
  • Only Australian to have served as head of both Australia's foreign intelligence collection agency and its diplomatic security agency
  • Has extensive experience on Asian affairs and Australia's position within this fast growing region of the world
  • Was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in 2005

Topics for David Irvine AO

  • Intelligence Issues
    • National Security and Human Rights in a Democracy
    • Governing Secret Intelligence Organisations in Democracies
    • Spookery without Pain: (i.e. a more light-hearted look at the world of espionage, its paranoias, mythology and actual practice, but also underlining its importance to the security and well-being of our countries and the safety of our citizens)
  • Countering Terrorism
    • Is this the Asian Century?
    • The phenomenon of Islamo-fascism and its implications for multi-cultural societies
    • Countering Violent Extremism: Can Western Governments once again assume the task of religious persuasion?
  • Asia-Pacific Political and Regional Affairs
    • Security in the Asia-Pacific Region (or Indo-Pacific or Asian Regions)
    • The Rise of China (any number of catchy titles to cover the economic miracle of China, its durability and impact on the world economy; the increasing foreign policy assertiveness of China in challenging the United States in the region, etc).
    • The key role of South-East Asia in Asian affairs (including ASEAN)
    • An ASEAN Economic Community?
    • Perceptions of the United States Role in Asia
  • Cyber Security
    • Espionage and Sabotage by Cyber Means
    • Cyber Attacks: State and Non-State Actors
    • Cyber Security: the Threat to Business and the responsibilities of Boards
  • Management and Leadership
    • Leadership in Public Service Organisations
  • Lighter-hearted Speeches Based on Specific Themes

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