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  • Derryn once threatened to write another book entitled Famous People Who Have Met Me.
  • Hinch was told in 2010 that he had primary cancer in the liver and only a predicted 10-12 months to live. He had a transplant in 2011 and just celebrated his “eight-year life bonus”.
  • He is a former foreign correspondent, former newspaper editor, former TV current affairs host, former radio host, former author and now: former senator. He’s also a former jailbird.
  • As a foreign correspondent, Hinch was there when Apollo 11 blasted off for the moon from Cape Canaveral in 1969. The year before that he covered Martin Luther King Jr’s assassination and Bobby Kennedy’s assassination two months later. In between, he fled to Paris for a holiday only to get caught up in the 1968 student riots. He covered Watergate, Nixon’s resignation, White House visits by Australian prime ministers, Teddy Kennedy’s fatal accident at Chappaquiddick, and several America’s Cup challenges – all losing ones. And Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier at Madison Square Garden.
  • He can talk about just about any subject: world events, journalism, showbiz, sport, relationships (he’s been married a few times) books (he’s written 15, including two novels), food (he wrote a bestselling diet book), the legal system (ex-jailbird) and politics.
  • Hinch did the first ever live radio broadcast to the west from Beijing in the early 1980s for which he won an international award.
  • For six years he did the HINCH show on Ch7 and then Ch.10 – which prompted HUNCH on Fast Forward and “shame, shame, shame” which he never said until playing himself in The Wog Boy. (He also played the narrator in The Rocky Horror Show and appeared on Dancing With the Stars).

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