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Key Points for Gavin McCormack

  • Nominated for Author of the Year in 2017, Gavin aims to make a change in society through targeted children’s and parenting books tackling difficult topics.
  • Nominated for Australian of the year in 2019 and 2020, Gavin has used his spare time to set his mind to changing the education system in Nepal.
  • Was named by Linkedin as one of the ten most influential educators in the world, 2018.
  • Was a finalist in the Educator awards hotlist for Principal of the year, 2020.
  • Presented at the TEDX Sydney Conference on the highly influential topic of ‘How Education Can save the World’, 2020.
  • Single handedly built several schools, libraries and teacher training centres in Nepal, with an aim to revolutionise the education system in the country.

Topics for Gavin McCormack

  • How Education Can save the world
    Our future leaders of tomorrow reside in the classrooms of today. How can we empower hem to make the change we need for a better tomorrow?
  • Innovation in our economy starts in the classrooms of today
    How schools hold the keys to a more innovative and sustainable future for mankind.
  • Observation is the key
    What can we learn from observing our youngest citizens? How Our classrooms help us to have more productive and Innovative workspaces.
  • Positive Parenting
    Why parents are the most powerful tool in the success of the students of today.
  • Finding your purpose
    Why there’s so much more to life than working for the man.

Testimonials for Gavin McCormack

I have been following Gavin for more than a year now and I really like all his inspiring posts. His posts are written in such a simple language and can be implemented in any school set up. Thank you Gavin for writing these amazing posts. I make sure I visit your profile once a day to check out your post to learn. Recently, my team of teachers attended his workshop in Bangalore, like me they also become his followers and fans. He shared some amazing insights on making your teaching innovative. Thank you for sharing such practical insights. Moreover, I love the way you spread knowledge and happiness all over the world. Please keep up the good work.
Trio Tots at Trio World Academy Bangalore, India

Gavin is a man with a mission. He is a very humble man with genuine interest in making a difference. His positivity, enthusiasm, energy and passion for education is contagious. He thinks he goes around only building schools but in reality, he is also spreading so much love in a world bereft of it. Building schools for the underprivileged in various countries during his vacations every year, speaks a lot about his dedication and mission. His selfless work will help him leave behind a legacy. A thorough professional and a man of his words who gives his 100% to his work and inspires everyone around him. I am very pleased to have collaborated with him to improve teaching standards and the overall school improvement of Iqra International School, Bangalore. I strongly recommend him to all the educators and schools. His selfless work and rich experience speaks volumes about the magic he is going around creating in the field of education.
Founder-Managing Director at Iqra International School and Iqra Juniors,
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Mr. McCormack is an inspiration to many educators and students around the world. I am impressed by his dedication to help others around the world who need it the most. Mr. McCormack spends a lot of his time to help teachers reflect on their classroom practices in order to become more innovative and more student-centered. His perspectives on teaching plus his collaborative efforts will pave the way for better student engagement and learning outcomes.
IB PYP Teacher
ESCA – Bishkek International School (IB World School, DP)

I have had the pleasure knowing Gavin McCormak through linkedIn and global education influencers posts. Gavin is using his knowledge and passion wisely to inspire and help everyone. I can’t thank him enough for his continuous help. Gavin is a great blessing from God.
Global Education Influencer, Kuwait