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Key Points for Cas & Jonesy (James Castrission & Justin Jones)

  • Cas and Jonesy are the only people to have ever kayaked across the Tasman Sea.
  • The boys along with one other share a record for the first people to ski from the edge of Antarctica to the South Pole and back.
  • To date they have shared their story with over 180 000 people with global audiences demanding to hear the story of how two Aussie mates have succeeded in completing two of the greatest adventures of all time.
  • The boys' presentation is the perfect compliment to open or close a conference, motivate staff or provide an inspirational after dinner speech.
  • These two young and savvy adventurers have created two unforgettable presentation with stunning footage and imagery craftily moulded to convey messages that all can learn from.
  • They have authored two best selling books and two award winning documentaries (a dozen international film awards).
  • Their exploits have been watched by millions of people across the world in over 100 countries.

Topics for Cas & Jonesy (James Castrission & Justin Jones)

  • Daring to dream then riding out the storm
  • To hell and back: A journey across a frozen wasteland

Testimonials for Cas & Jonesy (James Castrission & Justin Jones)

The feedback from all attendees has been that the guys were truly outstanding and made a huge impact on our conference. We would highly recommend Cas and Jonesy.
JELD-WEN Australia Pty. Limited

2 normal guys who did something unimaginable, a fantastic story and well delivered, the audience were in fits of laughter with them and we had great feedback all round.
Fourth Wall 

A pair of colourful characters…born with that compulsion to do something crazy, something INCREDIBLE.
Alex Baldwin
Actor of the greatest adventure stories of this decade!
Dick Smith AO
Adventurer and entrepreneur

Cas and Jonesy is more than a tale about two mates and their passion for adventure. It’s a story about mindset; the influence of positive thinking.
ING Direct

Funny, inspirational, motivational – an hour with Justin and James makes the spirit soar. They spent 62 days in a leaky boat and proved that with dedication, determination and two very brave hearts, it is possible to achieve the impossible dream, to stare down your greatest fears, to do the undoable and enjoy the pure rewards of achievement and triumph. After spending 62 minutes listening to these two can-do blokes from Sydney speak, I defy you to not be inspired and embrace your own challenge and reshape your own future
Sandra Lee
Best-selling author and journalist Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Magazine

What an inspirational story. Justin and James seem like ordinary young men, until you hear their story and the journey they accomplished that you realise just how extraordinary they really are. The sheer passion they displayed is uplifting and inspirational.
Head of Adviser Distribution

Crossing The Ditch gave me the experience of hearing first hand what can be achieved through preparation, commitment, perseverance and a tough attitude. It also showed what special Australian Adventurers James and Justin really are. A truly great story which gets me excited as I feel this may only be the start for these Great Aussie Adventurers.
Ricky Stuart
Australian Rugby League and Cronulla Sharks Head Coach

They spoke of their adventure with a great balance of facts, emotion and humour, and most importantly, they linked in very well with our conference themes of planning and team-work.
Anthony Rose Foster’s Group

Their ability to describe their incredible adventure in a light-hearted and entertaining way was also balanced with clear messages of the importance of planning, teamwork and persistence, giving our clients and lawyers a lot to talk about after the presentation.
Business Development Manager, Financial Services Industry Group
Minter Ellison Lawyers

Justin and James gave us a timely reminder about digging in when times are tough and never giving up. By no means what we do goes even close to the what James and Justin have done but there are some general themes that we can take on board from their unbelievable journey. They are great guys with an inspirational story and they will always be welcome at the Waratahs.
Phil Waugh
Captain NSW WARATAHS Vice Captain - Australian Wallabies

James and Justin have as good a story to tell as anyone on the planet. They had the room transfixed during their entire presentation. What an inspiration. Justin and James take their speaking engagements very seriously and do a very professional job of preparing and working with organisers. I would recommend them without hesitation
Underwriting Agencies Council 

Excellent - James and Justin were amazing - a story that touched our audience and left a lasting impression.  You could hear a pin drop and standing applause at the end.  It was a pleasure to host them and the charity Project K.
Harcourts Marlborough Real Estate 

Excellent - amazing speakers and they really had a good feel of our company, didn't hesitate to hang around for questions. Great attitudes – (we’re) definitely using them again.
Dual Australia