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Key Points for Jennifer Myers

  • 26 years' worth of business experience
  • Managed a team of sales people and a marketing budget of $1 million for a large hotel company
  • Current chair of the board of directors of Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce 
  • Founding member and treasurer of Business Workout

Topics for Jennifer Myers

  • Squeeze a 60 hour work week into 30 hours
    • Crystal clear communication
    • Learn how to prioritise
    • Practice truly effective delegation
    • Learn how to better manage the "top 10" distractions
  • 7 keys to a better bottom line
    • Know your breakeven point and how to read basic financial statements
    • Get your customers to buy more from you and buy more often
    • Improve your conversion rates
    • Control your costs - fixed and variable!
    • Retain existing customers and get new ones through the door
  • What will your industry look like in 5-10 years' time & how can you be ready?
  • Leverage the power of you & build your business
    • Understand how to leverage your personal strengths
    • Identify tools and channels you can use to become more visible in your market
    • Learn how to present your unique message in a way that will connect
  • How to become a better public speaker and presenter
    • "Butterflies" are a good thing - learn to embrace them
    • Practice, practice, then practice some more
    • The power of the storyboard
    • Be memorable
  • 9 keys to successful networking
    • Choose your networks carefully
    • Identify ways to integrate online and offline networking
    • Your network can significantly increase your net worth
    • Learn the art of follow-up
    • Manage your networks, or they'll manage you
  • Create a truly outstanding customer experience
    • Understand the 'lifetime value' of your customers
    • Conduct a thorough review of each key area of your business with regard to your customer's perception
    • Create an action plan for "+1%" improvements in each of those key areas
  • Read them like a book
    • Learn which of the 4 key behavioural styles you fit within
    • Learn the clues to identify those behavioural styles in others
    • Identify strategies to better communicate with each other

Testimonials for Jennifer Myers

Jennifer Myers was recommended to me by a respected colleague within the industry. On the strength of that recommendation and after meeting her in person, I had no hesitation in asking her to facilitate two workshops for the Conference. Jennifer’s past experience in our industry was a big “plus”, and I appreciated her openness, energy and flexibility as she custom-tailored her material to suit our needs and audience. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to other conference organisers.
David Yates
General Manager

Our Team Leaders who have participated in the sessions have all given very positive feedback about their experiences. They noted that they are in the process of making some difficult but necessary changes within their teams as a result of the training – learning to let go and delegate more often, supporting others to be more responsible and accountable, and celebrating successes. I would certainly recommend you to other organisations who are seeking a trainer to work with their team.
Terese Germon
The SILC Charitable Trust

I was really happy with the session you ran for us at our Staff Conference. I think the level of enthusiasm and contribution from the team was excellent – and it was an early Sunday morning, no less! Your relaxed, humourous and very well-organised program were major drivers of a very successful session, where our staff gave their opinions on how our industry may look in 5 years’ time. You quickly grasped the issues that are important to our industry, and this enabled you to add real value to the discussions.
Adrian Paterson
Senior Partner
Paterson Burn Optometrists

Time and workload management is such a huge issue for the non-profit sector, and it was great to have someone who really knew their stuff presenting. Your keynote presentation provided some truly practical ideas for non-profit managers who struggle to juggle their many ‘hats’ and the message was delivered at exactly the right level for our conference participants. It was a vibrant presentation with really good use of stories and examples. You are definitely on our list for future presentations and workshops, and I have no problem recommending you to other organisations.
Kerri Tilby-Price

Your presentation was excellent and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We appreciate you sharing your time, talent, and expertise with us. Feedback from delegates was extremely positive and will prove difficult to top next year.
Mike Langford
New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers