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Key Points for Jenny Wynter

  • Jenny Wynter is the author of Funny Mummy, a memoir about the power of humour as pain relief.
  • She won the Ausmumpreneur Big Idea Award in 2018 for her web series How Me Parent Good: And You Can Too!
  • Is an award-winning comedian whose accolades include Best Variety Show at United Solo Festival NYC & Best Web Series at the Worldwide Women Film Festival.
  • Is a regular guest panelist on ABC612 Brisbane.
  • Is the founder of Funny Mummies™, an organisation which aims to improve mothers’ mental health through laughter.
  • Forget the Brace Position! - TEDxIpswich 2016.


Topics for Jenny Wynter

  • Better than Aspirin: the Greatest Secret Weapon to Defeat Pain
    In the dark, painful and traumatic moments of life, there is one unexpected weapon that we can all wield to get relief: humour! This inspiring and hilarious talk from a comedian and former Clown Doctor will convince you why you need more laughter in your life and give you three simple strategies to get it! 
  • 3 Reasons Why Laughter is Your Greatest Mental Health Ally
    With postpartum depression being “the most common complication of childbearing” according to the World Health Organisation, mothers’ mental health needs more support than ever. In this inspiring and hilarious presentation, comedian and mother Jenny Wynter will show you why laughter is the hidden tool to help relieve pain, build community and improve mental health!
  • How a Stay At Home Mother Went from Burned Out to (off) Broadway
    Mothers are under more pressure than ever to have and do it all… but then come under fire for daring to attempt it. In this deeply vulnerable personal talk, Jenny shares her own inner battle between wanting to be a great mother and pursuing one’s own passions and why “balance” is not the silver bullet that you think it is.
  • 3 Reasons Why You Need this Secret - and Fun - Weapon in your Toolkit
    Whether you want to improve communication in your business, community and/or family, there’s a secret game-changing weapon you may not have thought of: laughter! This hilarious and interactive presentation will uplift and entertain, demonstrating the power of laughter to connect individuals, improve communication and foster a team-based attitude.
  • From Childhood Trauma to Comedy Gold: Using Laughter to Transcend Grief
    From the early death of her mother at age 5, Jenny developed the use of humour as a coping mechanism for life’s ups and downs. Decades later, as a professional comedian and then Clown Doctor, Jenny is living proof that comedy is an essential component of dealing with tragedy and pain, to make the journey of life lighter!
  • How to make the Von Trapps Jealous! 3 Ways To Create A Great Blended Family
    As a mother of six (three organic and three she out-sourced), Jenny is well equipped to share her experiences of creating a blended family that doesn’t just work, but rocks. With an “auntie/uncle/babysitter” strategy, a commitment to letting the small stuff slide and consciously cultivating fun to bridge the blended gaps, this is a practical and hilarious talk full of real stories and insight.

Testimonials for Jenny Wynter

Jenny is one remarkable woman! She can make you cry, laugh and reflect on the meaning of living in what feels like a split second and then let you walk away with hope.
New South Wales Health

Jenny Wynter is one of the most prolific and versatile artists to emerge in the Australian comedy/cabaret industries.
Tim Ferguson
Doug Anthony Allstars

Jenny Wynter is hilarious and worth every cent. I have used her three times as an MC for our events and know that has been one of the best decisions I made for every event. Our attendees have commented how great she was and how they couldn’t stop laughing. If you are looking for someone to add a bit extra something to your next event then I highly recommend Jenny.
School Mum
Aldi Mum