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Key Points for Jesse Richardson

  • Founder of The School of Thought International. Over 9m unique visitors providing free critical thinking resources to more than 19 million people worldwide.
  • Internationally award-winning advertising Creative Director with over 20 years experience in design, art direction, copywriting, strategy, and digital.
  • Created three of Australia’s most viral campaigns including the most viewed Australian advertising campaign of all time on YouTube (8m) until Dumb Ways To Die (rightfully) knocked it off its perch.
  • Weekly segment on ABC Radio Queensland on critical thinking and philosophy for the past two years.
  • Expert guest on US-based international podcasts Rationally Speaking and You Are Not So Smart talking about logical fallacies.
  • How to think, not what to think - TEDx Brisbane (talk on creative and critical thinking with over 425,000 views).


Topics for Jesse Richardson

  • Critical thinking for leaders and management
    How are biases affecting you and your team? Find out how you can optimise for more better outcomes that play to everyone's strengths.
  • Never trust a brain (especially your own)
    Everyone thinks their thinking is great, but the more you know the more you know just how very little you know. Critical thinking, the Dunning-Kruger effect, and practical ways to account for our flawed, suggestible brains.
  • How to hack your brain for innovation
    Every human was creative when they were four years old, but most have come to believe themselves incapable of creative thought. The truth is, though, that divergent thinking is the key to all problem solving.
  • Why the information age needs both divergent and critical thinking
    There are two modes of higher thought: divergent (creative) and convergent (critical) thinking. Both are equally as important as each other, but the sequence is important.
  • The biases, fallacies and mental models that affect your industry
    If knowledge is power, then knowledge about knowledge is power squared.
  • Behavioural Economics, biases, and your bottom line
    Understanding your customers isn't just about analysing data after the fact, it's about understanding the evolved biases, heuristics and psychological triggers that drive their behaviours in the first place.


Testimonials for Jesse Richardson

Jesse Richardson is one of my favourite regular guests because he always brings something unique, interesting and thought-provoking to any discussion. He also has a wicked sense of humour which helps when you're talking about 'heavy' topics. Jesse is a fabulous clear thinker who will make you question everything you thought was true. 
Evenings presenter
ABC Radio Queensland

Jesse has a great handle on critical and creative thinking that comes from long practical experience in industry and a well developed theoretical understanding. He is also a great communicator in any media and can make very complex ideas sound simple (and fun). Jesse has been a wonderful asset and colleague to us at the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project.
University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project

The best talk I’ve seen. Amazing, inspiring and so useful. He made it super-relevant to our industry too.
Helped me think about ways that I can apply critical thinking into the workplace and how I can use it with the junior staff.
I want to visit all his websites. Really interesting and applicable way of looking at things.
Audience feedback