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Key Points for John Buchanan

  • John Buchanan led the Australian cricket team to a World Record of 16 straight Test match wins and an unbeaten record of 24 one day international victories in two successful World Cups. The Australian Cricket Team were World Cup Champions and Test Cricket World Champions at the time of his retirement.
  • Owner and Director of Buchanan Success Coaching.
  • He is currently involved in International Leaders and is also a Director of RPM360, a digital company targeting change in corporate coaching culture.
  • Author of several books including If Better is Possible, Learning from Legends – Australian Cricket and The Future of Cricket.
  • He is a patron of REDKITE which is a not-for-profit organization supporting families of children who suffer cancer.


Topics for John Buchanan

  • Leave your legacy as a Leader
    A session for Directors, CEOs, Executives and those who have a desire to understand how to better lead their business, organization or community.
  • Why play the same game as everyone else?
    A session that explores the concept of organisational vision, and empowers leaders and the business to see differently into the future.
  • Metrics, performance and sacrificial acts
    An investigation of the current organisational measures of success, and suggesting that there are others which can be more impactful for individuals and the organisation.
  • Performance reviews verses regular feedback
    An introduction to a coaching feedback methodology which will replace existing performance management systems.
  • Managing egos, star players and relationships
    A session that explores the roles and relationship between the star player and leader within the team context.
  • Maintaining peak performance
    An introduction to a framework of peak performance which provides for the business or organisation to maintain success results for the long term.
  • Dealing with slumps and poor results
    A session that looks at the flipside of peak performance to provide insights to why results have slumped.
  • Creating a winning team culture
    An investigation of the elements that contribute to team culture, and how they can be imbedded for organisational change.
  • Leadership and respect
    A session that looks at a leader’s coaching philosophy, principles and values.
  • Coaching the most successful team in cricket history
    A series of anecdotes about the Australian cricket team which illustrate why they achieved the success they did.
  • Learnings from sport that apply to business and business leaders
    An organisational change program that provides methodologies for individuals, leaders and the team to achieve peak performance.

Testimonials for John Buchanan

Thank you for a thought provoking forum. Having the chance to reflect on different leadership models and experiences will undoubtedly help us to ensure the All Blacks have a winning leadership formula.
All Blacks Coach

The quality of his material and the professionalism of his delivery resulted in delegates rating John as our best ever closing speaker.
Robert Bevan Best Practise

 I have seen many speakers over the years and this was one of the best leadership sessions l have ever seen. So much great content, such interesting stories and a real take home value for all of us that manage teams.
General Manager

The guest speaker was the best we have had.
A State Government Agency

Getting such a high profile person (who has been very successful) was a coup.
Queensland Rail

Guest speaker was excellent and topical.

John was absolutely fantastic in responding to our brief and creating a key note speech and presentation that was relevant, entertaining and insightful.