John Konrads Book as a speaker/entertainer for your next event

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Key Points for John Konrads

  • John relates his real life experiences of success and failure, persuading the audience to broaden their horizons and think outside the nine dots. 
  • He speaks from the heart and inspires people rather than revs them up. 
  • Being bluntly honest about his own shortcomings, he establishes a rapport with his listeners, resulting in usable information and knowledge.

Topics for John Konrads

  • Winning Gold in Sport, Career and life
  • Competitive! Do you keep your eyes on the ball or on the opponent?
  • Coaching and Mentoring. Do you need to do stroke correction weekly? Champs do
  • Team work. Why a Gold Medalist is part of a Team
  • Depression in sport and the workplace

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