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Key Points for Kim Seeling Smith

  • Kim Seeling Smith delivers the breakthroughs essential for effective recruitment and management of staff today and as a speaker, shares insights and innovations with grateful audiences around the globe.
  • In just a single session, Kim presents a suite of innovative tools that attendees can implement immediately. 
  • As the founder of Ignite Global, Kim melds her personal expertise with the latest international research. 
  • Offers a unique combination of case studies, statistics and best practices to enable listeners to increase their staff retention rates and consequently, advance their business.

Topics for Kim Seeling Smith

  • Viva La Revolution!
    • 5 Cs that will revolutionise your ability to recruit, engage and retain staff
    • Cutting edge practical strategies to help attract, engage and retain staff for today's social age
    • Participants will walk away with a thorough overview of the 5 C's framework and receive practical tools and actions they can apply immediately to better recruit, engage and retain staff
  • License to Hire
    • Hiring the right staff is the single most important thing you need to do to ensure business success. Yet most managers simply go by 'gut feel' or inconsistently apply poorly thought out and subjective criteria to this critical decision, potentially resulting in millions of dollars of lost profit.
    • This presentation teaches several key distinctions and techniques to exponentially increase your good hiring decisions.
    • Learn the cost of a bad hire
    • Understand the top two tips to constructing effective behavioural based interview questions
    • Learn three little known, but highly effective alternative interview questioning techniques
    • Recognise the simple interview structure that will ensure consistent interviews time after time

  • Mind Reading for Managers
    • Many studies show that lack of, or ineffective communication between a staff member and their direct manager is one of the biggest contributors to employee dis-engagement and higher employee turnover, potentially costing businesses millions of dollars each year in lost productivity and product.
    • Leave the session with an overview of the cost of disengaged employee to the company, their team and their own stress levels and job satisfaction
    • Understand the five zones of the Manager's Mind Map and how to navigate through each
    • Discover three tools to help you unlock your staff's true motivations and drivers
    • Learn four little known (date we say 'secret') steps to a great career and how to help your staff look for opportunities within the organisation instead of externally
    • Determine how to help your employees find their unique value proposition, or "special sauce" to ensure greater job satisfaction and achievement
    • Learn the top two tips to help make performance management much easier and less stressful

  • Secrets of a Great Career Revealed
    • Top talent need career strategies that are focused on internal opportunities, or they will look elsewhere. Learn the four steps to a great career and how to help your staff apply these for greater job satisfaction and productivity
    • I teach you how to develop a 3-5 year career plan
    • Understand the difference between your destination (personal/professional goals) and the vehicles (jobs or careers) you can use to get there and why it's critically important to start with that destination (though most people jump right to the vehicles)
    • How to find your unique value proposition, or special sauce to ensure a lifetime of opportunities and empowerment as well as greater job satisfaction and achievement
    • Learn the four skills which are essential for every business person, regardless of function or role and how to master them
    • Understand the three practical tools to condition resilience and easily rebound from setbacks, both personal and professional (the most important step to great career management)

Testimonials for Kim Seeling Smith

Over the last 20+ years I have heard 100's of other speakers speak on attracting and retaining staff. Kim was one of the very best I have ever heard. She offers great insight in to todays challenges facing recruiters, hiring managers, and applicants. More importantly she offers tools and techniques to help over come those challenges in a most professional and entertaining way.
I am glad that she had to follow me of the program rather then me having to follow her at the HR Summit in Singapore.
CSP, President

I watched most of the presentations over the two days and you were the shining star. Your ability to state clearly and succinctly what that audience most needed to hear was impressive, indeed. With each session limited to only 45 minutes, most presenters tried to deliver way too much material and, as a result, delivered very little. Of all the presenters, I think you found the perfect balance.
CSP, Business Speaker and Coach