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Key Points for Kirsty Spraggon

  • Kirsty Spraggon has lived in 7 cities and travelled to over 40 countries.
  • Is an award winning global speaker.
  • An award winning author.
  • An award winning producer and talk show host.
  • She is ranked in the top 1% of 120,000 sales agents worldwide.
  • Has been awarded the Hall of Fame.

Topics for Kirsty Spraggon


  • Check your vitals
    Check yourself before you wreck yourself
    Are your people stressed, fearful and close to burning out? Mindfulness training is a staple of Fortune 500 companies, with research showing that practicing mindfulness can improve your focus, making you more productive and reducing stress levels. Right now it is more important to your teams mental well being than ever before.

    To be mindful is to calm the outside noise and chaos. To learn to manage your triggers and responses. Being more mindful means a person can press pause when they are off-centre, for example when they feel triggered in the home / workplace, allowing them to bring themselves back into alignment.

    Kirsty gives your people an experience like no other during this session where she facilitates a mini-meditation and teaches them certain breathing techniques. This shows you’re people how quickly they can come back into alignment, rise above their primordial fight or flight system and leaving them feeling less stressed and more focused by the end of her keynote.

    Key Learnings:
    • Discover how the brain operates under stress & how to find your baseline.
    • Learn to operate from a place of calm, strength and rational when communicating.
    • Identify what your triggers you into fight or flight.
    • Gain practical tools to centre yourself back into alignment.

  • Change your thoughts
    Our thoughts create our reality
    Many struggle to see what limiting beliefs, doubts, anxiety & fears are holding them back. This session is about understanding that our thoughts create our reality.

    What Kirsty has learned over the past 2 decades is that the only thing she can control is herself and what is going on up there (in her head).

    The quote by Sir Edmund Hillary “It’s not the mountains we conquer but ourselves” is what our journey as entrepreneurs is all about. It’s the inner work that is our most important work. Lets learn how to control our thoughts, change them for the better and manage external information so that we have the best outcome for success.

    Key Learnings:
    • Understand how our thoughts create our reality.
    • Become aware of your current thoughts and identify what fears you might be facing right now.
    • Change any stinking thinking.
    • Develop tools to manage external noise.

  • Chart your course
    It’s not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves
    Climbing our personal mountains is not for the faint hearted, and after 25 years in the real estate sales industry as an entrepreneur and 10 years working with direct sales companies, Fortune 500 companies & coaching top performers, there are a few truths Kirsty has learned; You need a clear plan to chart your course up your mountain; Those working for themselves need structure and discipline to support their climb; You need to recognizing what you need at each step as you climb your personal mountain; Adapting and having the right tools in your backpack are keys to survival. No one climbs alone; Who is carrying you up the tougher parts? we all need a tribe;. Courage is king when it comes to climbing mountains.

    Through moving stories & Practical examples, Kirsty gives everyone on the webinar a little extra courage, leaving them inspired, empowered and equipped to climb their own mountains.

    Key Learnings:
    • Be inspired and motivated to get in action and start climbing.
    • Understand what 'your' next right step is.
    • Develop your climbing muscles.
    • Identify where in the heroes journey you might be.

  • Find your courage
    “It’s not the mountains we conquer, but ourselves.”
    Self awareness is the key to self mastery, dealing with change & achieving success. Having the courage to look within to overcome our fears and to climb our personal mountains takes work though. Self work. Yet many struggle to see which limiting beliefs, doubts & fears are holding them back, which skills they need to go to the next level or which weak links may need repairing so that they can be the most effective leader, sales person or business owner. Kirsty believes that everyone is capable of doing something extraordinary in their lives and that the biggest obstacle to success is OURSELVES. Through moving stories and inspirational & practical examples, she gives everyone in the room a little courage, leaving them inspired, empowered and equipped to climb their own mountains.

  • The transformation of Power
    “Embrace your fears and find your freedom.”
    Discover how embracing your fears, trusting yourself to feel what you need to heal and going toe-to-toe with your most profound truths, can transform your life. All while laughing, learning and stretching yourself. Research shows that one of the biggest fears that leaders have is ‘what will others think of me?’ This is a universal fear for human beings, often manifesting as a fear of being truly seen, an inability to show up fully, to be vulnerable, to take risks and causing people to disconnect, retreat, shrink and play small. How can we lead others if we can’t lead ourselves? As Kirsty models so bravely for others, “You can’t go professionally where you won’t go personally.”

  • Truth telling for truth seekers
    When we share our stories, we heal not only ourselves, but others.”
    Interviewing truth tellers for the past 10 years and working on her documentary ‘The Truth Teller Project’ has given Kirsty a unique perspective on TRUTH. Capturing emotionally raw and powerful stories from those who have endured some of the worst kinds of sexual abuse, risen up from trauma, overcome addiction and moved forward from shame and stigma, she has seen that there are certain universal principles that each truth teller had to learn to get to a place of acceptance, freedom and healing. Kirsty’s own journey began as a truth seeker herself, looking for her freedom... she found it when, after almost 2 decades of living with a secret, she bravely shared her TRUTH with the world in a first of it’s kind TEDx talk titled ‘You’re Only as Sick as Your Secrets’. In speaking her truth, she released a ripple of healing into the world.#MeToo has galvanized the collective in a way that has been surprising to many. The time’s up movement is now elevating truth telling even further and Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes reminded everyone that TRUTH is a powerful TOOL and that we need to learn how to use it. Kirsty believes that now is the time for truth telling. And she doesn’t just mean big truths around shame, abuse, addiction and trauma to name a few, but the little truths—the daily ones.

Testimonials for Kirsty Spraggon

Her webinar style and content were absolutely spot on and SO NEEDED right now. Her connection with my team was outstanding! and she shared the tools and resources that hit the right spot. Personally, I have derived so much from our connection & I am working with her now to organize regular webinar talks, she is a joy to work with.
DO TERRA leader

Kirsty's keynote took the audience on a journey of self-reflection and challenged everyone to focus on what truly matters in their life.  The result was a personal experience for every member of the audience that focused on self-awareness and the legacy that they will leave behind.  A truly powerful experience!
GDA Speakers US

When your staff are buzzing 2 weeks after the event you know the speaker has had a deep and lasting impact. Kirsty was hands down the most inspirational speaker we have ever had present to our consultants. The ROI has already exceeded our expectations.
The Chefs Toolbox

Rarely have we seen a speaker who is so engaging, charming, relatable and humorous all at the same time. Our 2000 strong leadership group were enthralled.

Kirsty is able to connect with each member of an audience in a way that is really special & uniquely tailored to the individual.

If you are reading this with the view of enhancing your event with the presence of Kirsty Spraggon then lock her in now and ask questions later. Seriously, do it! Rarely have we seen a speaker who is so engaging, charming, relatable and humorous all at the same time. Our 450 strong leadership group were enthralled and engrossed in Kirsty’s practical yet groundbreaking ideas on relation-shipping and networking. Kirsty lit up the room with her enthusiasm and connected instantly to our team. Kirsty has reignited the flame in many people and as a result has inspired people to new levels of activity with renewed confidence.
Sales & Marketing Manager
Neways International

From the moment Kirsty is introduced, the room starts buzzing for all the right reasons. Her take on relationships and how they impact on our lives in business and general life gives everyone pause to reflect and just maybe take a u turn to get back on the right road. Her professionalism from research through to presentation shows why we’ll see her on Oprah eventually. She was a highlight of my conference and became a crowd favourite by quickly engaging the audience with her quick wit and charm. Do yourself a favour and talk with Kirsty.
Jetset Travel Group

Kirsty’s presentation was the highlight of the Conference and an outstanding way to end our day! Followed closely by the Cocktail Party where she was in the spotlight again with all our delegates wanting to talk with her. There was not a person present who did not take away an action, a behaviour, an idea and a sense of purpose to achieve more out of both their working and personal lives. From the first contact with Kirsty I felt like I was arranging an event with a close friend that I had yet to meet. What a wonderful experience this journey has been, Kirsty’s warmth and approachability shines through in her voice and her written communication.
Retirement Village Association

Your content was exceptional and you were very engaging as a speaker. Having been in real estate over 10 years I have heard many speakers/sales trainers over that time and many times I hear the same message over and over but not with you. Your talk was fresh, interesting and full of great practical tips that we can use this minute.
McGrath Real Estate

Kirsty's engaging and motivational message reminded me that great relationships are at the heart of business and sales success AND she was very generous in sharing practical, personal and unique ways to make sure you stay top of mind with clients!  She is a master motivator!
Margie blanchard

Kirsty is a fantastic speaker, who from the minute she takes the stage engages and captures her audiences.  Her warmth and professionalism radiates confidence and honesty and, together with these attributes and her many real life experiences she brings so much value and insight into her presentations. Kirsty is an thought provoking and motivational ‘call to action’ speaker and someone worth seeing.
Real Estate Institute NSW

Feedback from Sales managers in each state has been overwhelmingly positive with all reporting high staff engagement and an improvement in the way sales staff approach relationships as a result of the session with Kirsty. Kirsty re-invigorated the teams and opened up a new way of thinking about the impact of relationships with customers. The follow up material has also had a positive response in keeping the thinking going. Kristy's presentation style was approachable and real.

Hi Kirsty, After having just spent the best part of the last 2 weeks with you on our Aus/NZ Showcases, I just want to say what a pleasure it was to travel with you and have you as part of the Intimo team.You fit in perfectly. Your Keynote presentations were outstanding and you could just tell the enormous amount of research you had done. Your presentation  aligned beautifully with the message we wanted to spread. You are an incredibly special person and we feel honoured to have had you work with us and our field. I knew you would be amazing after your powerhouse presentation at the  Direct Selling Association of Australias’ Annual Conference earlier in the year.
We look forward to working together with you in the future.
Executive Intimo

Kirsty is able to connect with each member of an audience in a way that is really special. Participants walk away with meaningful personal insights which are not a "one size fits all" but uniquely tailored to the individual.  

If relationships are a vital key to success – and they are in direct sales, then Kirsty’s talk can assist any business achieve more. Her knowledge and experience are first class, and her proven track record speaks for itself. I can highly recommend Kirsty, she will certainly add value to any event.
Neways International

The feedback from Kirsty’s presentation at our annual RE/MAX Sales Rally has been phenomenal. The fact that our attendance was up by 30% was significantly influenced by the fact Kirsty was our Keynote speaker to open the program. She did not disappoint.
RE/MAX Australia & New Zealand

Kirsty's engaging, approachable and caring style is the foundation for the credibility of her message. Our attendees are better people because of the time they spent with Kirsty. Amazing!
CEO Neways International