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Key Points for Lynne Pezzullo

  • Lynne Pezzullo is one of Australia’s leading health economists and commentators on health and social policy matters.
  • Having founded and built the Access Economics health business to a global scale over the noughties, she’s now leading Deloitte’s Canberra offices and the country’s largest health economics and social policy consultancy.
  • Juggling her high profile career, ‘power couple’ husband and four children, extensive ‘extreme’ charity work and a PhD, Lynne is living proof that you can have and do it all. She speaks with eloquence and passion about each aspect of her repertoire of expertise.
  • Googling ‘Lynne Pezzullo’ gives a snapshot of her media profile on numerous health, social policy, business and cultural topics, as well as feature articles on her business and life achievements
  • Lynne has fan-mail from talks she has given in London UK, Vancouver Canada, Florida USA, Asuncion Paraguay, Wellington NZ, Barcelona Spain and countless Australian venues (see testimonials below).

Topics for Lynne Pezzullo

  • A woman in the world of business
    Lynne's 30-year journey as a woman in business and economics.
  • An economic perspective in the health sector
    Current issues and future trends in the health sector: an economic perspective.
  • Times of Crisis
    What have we learned from COVD-19?
  • Building a successful organisation
    Top 10 tips for building a successful organisation.
  • Health and wellness
    Why don’t most of us have it and how can we get more? Lessons from behavioural economics.
  • Women leaders in business 
    What challenges do we still face and when will it change?

Testimonials for Lynne Pezzullo

Lynne Pezzullo was a pleasure to work with, available for briefings and discussions. She understood exactly what we needed from her, and shared her responses prior to the session. This was incredibly helpful so that we could tailor the session to be relevant and practical.  
Media Federation of Australia

Lynne has a rare ability to translate complex issues and models into a language that all can understand. I have worked with Lynne over the last decade. She is a world leader in quantifying the socio economic costs of eating disorders both in Australia and internationally, and in identifying cost effective solutions. Over and above her analytic expertise, Lynne has been key to our ability to use that work to engage in professional and public conversations and to ground our advocacy. She is a wonderful presenter combining her intellectual power with a true compassion for people and an ability to connect in conversation with all.
National Mental Health Commission

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Lynne Pezzullo present the work she led for our organization on the economic impact of cancer in adolescents and young adults. The mix of Lynne’s intelligence and ability to warmly connect with others makes for an incredibly engaging presentation, giving the audience access to complex information in an interesting and relevant way.
General Manager, Research & Youth Cancer Services
Canteen Australia

Lynne Pezzullo is one of Australia’s finest health economists, and she combines that deep technical expertise with a highly engaging speaking style. I’ve had the pleasure of presenting alongside Lynne at many events, and audiences always love her!
Deloitte Access Economics

Lynne’s presentations in economic analysis are always steeped in quality, rigour and relevance, yet, refreshingly, grounded in the day to day behaviours and realities of our lives. Hear Hear to that I say!
Anglicare Victoria

Lynne has that rare ability to combine a deep understanding of highly complex issues with being able to explain them in simple ways. At the same time, her passion for the social and economic issues she addresses also keeps audiences highly engaged.
Director Price Regulation
National Disability Insurance Agency

Lynne has proven invaluable to Painaustralia in providing high level, credible economic analysis of the burden of chronic pain in Australia.  Her capacity to not only lead the research but to communicate effectively with different audiences has been a real strength.  I personally find Lynne responsive and great to work with.

I really enjoyed your presentation, and based on the feedback, our audience did as well! Coincidentally, Malcolm has asked for your details as he wanted to see if you can do a gig for his dealer group.
ING Australia

Many thanks for taking the time to forward your presentation. I found it really interesting and thought-provoking!
Medibank Private

Thank you very much for sharing your insightful presentation in Barcelona and sending through these excellent slides.  We will study these carefully for our ongoing EU policy work.
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

We have had very positive feedback from many people attending the CEH Management Course held in Paraguay in November of last year. Thank you so much for your excellent presentation.
Fundacion Vision Asuncion