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Key Points for Mark Williams

  • An All Australian AFL Player and Coach
  • 200 AFL game player, Captain of Collingwood and a Premiership Coach with Port Adelaide
  • AFL Life Member
  • Mentor to Dustin Martin
  • A qualified Physical Education teacher and an Education officer at Sports Medicine Australia
  • Diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2014, Mark is a cancer survivor

Topics for Mark Williams

  • The Business of Winning
    An hour long presentation great for the entire staff
    • Life lessons from sport
    • Become enlightened and entertained
    • Multi media presentation
    • Inspire your team
    • Have fun and enjoy the workplace
  • One On One Mentoring
    On-going sessions for individual growth
    • Special approach to every client
    • Learn to lead others
    • Recognise opportunity become #1
    • Mentor and motivate staff
    • Build trust and open doors
  • Team Development
    8 practical sessions crafted for 4-10 leaders
    • Recruit well
    • Develop your leaders
    • Create a great environment
    • Build culture and pride in organisation
    • Set goals and know your KPI's
  • The Modern AFL Game
    Watch, analyse, ask and learn

    • Know Modern Footy
    • Watch the Tapes
    • Ask the Questions
    • Spend a Day in the Life
    • Understand the Tactics, Stats & Set Plays
    • Inside the Match Committee
  • Dusty, The Tigers and Me
    Getting to the top of the mountain

    • Mentor and Friend of Dustin Martin for the last 5 Years
    • Senior Assistant Coach 4 of the last 5 years
    • Coaching Mentor at Richmond FC
    • Inside Stories and Videos
  • Grand Finals
    Played 1, coached 2, won 1

    • Know the Journey
    • Played in front of 112,000
    • Beat the Best of All-time
    • See and Hear Inner Sanctum Secrets
    • What it takes to Be #1
    • First hand account
    • Winners V Losers
  • People You Meet Along The Way
    Princess Di, the Wolverine and more

    • Collingwood Captains / Premiership Coaches are Afforded Unique Opportunities
    • Enjoy the Stories
    • Insights into Worldwide Personalities

Testimonials for Mark Williams

Mark was refreshing as he was himself, very professional, very entertaining, and very engaging. He captivated the audience and was honest and open which everyone appreciated and enjoyed.
Municipal Works Operations Association

Berkowitz Furniture and Natuzzi Italia

Mark is an exceptional corporate speaker, demonstrating an obvious and nearly unrivaled longevity in Australian rules football as a player, coach and ambassador. His unique & masterful multi media presentations displays his teaching background and elevates a typical corporate talk to one that is an intimate inner sanctum insight into the learning from the Professional World of Sport. Within a corporate setting he is to be able to draw on an array of experiences to demonstrate relevance to business strategy, team building, indigenous affairs and many other relevant modern topics. All delivered with an honesty and wit that makes your guests feel like they've had a private audience with a true icon of Australian sport.
Managing Partner
PwC Melbourne

We had the opportunity to have Mark Williams share his journey and insights on what makes a successful organisation. Mark delivered a precise and engaging presentation to our team that left an everlasting memory. He captured all the people in our organisation whether they were new to the industry, established as an agent or agency with a message to always understand people, respect, build relationships, and have a helping attitude. Mark continually expressed the need to create a learning environment, an environment that recognises their team and that a team only wins when everyone helps and wins. The need for infinite learning shone through regularly and resonated with all. O’Brien Real Estate prides themselves on delivering a great customer experience through a high set of company values and Mark portrays this and more. I'd like to thank Mark for setting the scene for the year and highly recommend to anyone if they ever get an opportunity to see Mark take up on it.
Corporate Director
O'Brien Real Estate

His ability to entertain and educated the audience of 150, was the best we have had in over 15years. He will leave the audience Entertained Inspired & Motivated - He was a pleasure to work with.
CEO / Chairman
MATCH Alliance

Firstly I'd like to start by saying that you have had an immense impact on the team here at Moorabbin. In my 17 years at Peter Mac I've never known an education session to have such an effect on the entire team. I think that this was because it was so different to anything we have experience before, particularly because your feedback was so personal and immediate to our shared experience. The response from staff who attended was very positive and I feel that there is a real cultural shift taking place.
Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Mark was an absolute superstar! He was down to earth and was able to easily relate to our audience. The crowd hung onto his every word and he had such an inspiring story to tell. He was authentic and we have received incredibly positive feedback from attendees. Mark didn't shy away from talking about the tough things in his life and career, and the crowd appreciated his honesty and humility. Would have him back to speak again.
Rural Marketing Agents Ltd

"Choco, this year and all other years you’ve really helped me take the next step on and off the field. I really appreciate your support. Love ya.”
Dustin Martin
2017 Brownlow Medallist / Norm Smith / B&F / All Australian / Premiership Player