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Key Points for Matt Tilley

  • Matt Tilley is one of Australia's most popular and well known radio personalities with more than 20 years on air.
  • He co-hosted on numerous number one radio shows including Fox FMs The Matt and Jo Show, Triple Ms National Drive and KIIS 101.1.
  • Matt's Gotcha Calls was a national hit across Austereo’s Today Network stations and Triple M and went on to become 4 bestselling CDs raising over $500,000 for Women’s and Children’s hospital charities and other charitable causes. 
  • His many character voices and impersonations include Neighbours to beer ads to inflight entertainment.

Topics for Matt Tilley

  • Parenting
    There’s so many self-help books and Mummy blogs and Daddy groups that one of the true arts of parenting is in danger of being lost. How to really annoy your kids. Helpful tips, practical steps and many anecdotes to help you regain the upper hand. Don’t just save up all your angst and fury for an empty will - you need plenty of victories along the way. It’s in the Bible, do unto your kids as you would have them do unto you. Or as I prefer to say in a kid friendly way… ”THEY STARTED IT!!!”

  • Working in the Media
    After nearly three decades in commercial radio there’s not a Prime Minister or Kardashian or fallen sports star with a book to pedal that Matt hasn’t interviewed. But what goes on behind the scenes with the rich and famous. What do the publicists say before you walk in the room? Which questions have to be removed before the interview goes to air? Who lies straight to your face? And which Hollywood A-lister blew their nose and just threw the tissue on the floor. So many stories, and Matt’s happy to share them all. Off the record, of course.

  • Cycling
    When people think of the sublime endurance efforts of the world’s most elite road cyclists as they climb mountain after mountain, in searing heat, for three weeks on end…they think of one thing. Drugs. Surely. Bags of them no doubt. Well Matt’s got the stories to back up the titillation. Take a look at the quirky side of the Tour de France and cycling in general, as the chaotic and the idiotic collide at top speed!

  • Team Work
    After nearly 14 years at the very top of the highly competitive brekky radio market in Melbourne, you’d think Matt’s ego might be burnt out. But it’s not. So why not let one more idiot tell you what it takes to create a successful team. Particularly when there’s no other members of the team there to question his dubious recollections. It’s a unique perspective that doesn’t include one SWOT analysis and has a refundable guarantee that you won’t learn something you didn’t not already know. That’s got you thinking already, right?
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