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Key Points for Maz Farrelly

  • Maz Farrelly has one of the most outstanding film and TV careers worldwide. If you’ve watched it, she probably made it and won an award for it.
  • Almost eight billion people worldwide have watched her output.  
  • Director of Television Content at Fremantle Media Australia, Executive Editor of Format Entertainment at BBC UK and Creative Strategist for BBC World-Wide.
  • Her numerous awards include BAFTAs, Logies, ASTRAS, Royal Television Society Awards, UK Comedy Awards, Bronze Rose De Montreux. 
  • Knows how to get you the most precious commodity on earth – ATTENTION. Attention is everything.

Topics for Maz Farrelly

  • Think differently
    Creative thinkers push businesses forward

    In this complicated, noisy world, the future will be owned by the creatives, the innovators, the people you cannot ignore. These people change businesses for the better. They push the world forward. The most successful brands in history know this. They challenge the status quo. They know they have to THINK DIFFERENTLY.

    Maz wants your leaders to THINK DIFFERENTLY about every single aspect of your business from creative problem solving, to storytelling - how they write, pitch, shoot, record and publish your story.

    Your leaders must be forward thinkers, innovators, the creative rock stars of your industry, able to implement creative solutions to your big problems.

    Maz wants your entire team to THINK DIFFERENTLY about how they tell the world your story and the story of your business, because here’s the brutal truth - it is not your client’s job to be interested in you – it is your job to be interesting.

    Maz’s job is to make everything interesting, different – it’s what TV is – take something from mundane to must watch, constantly innovating, evolving and recreating the big TV brands, so audiences are engaged, entertained and surprised. We make TV so interesting that viewers vote for people they don’t know and outcomes that don’t affect them and they pay for it.

    No jargon. No white noise. No fat. Just dynamic, short, sharp, smart, storytelling. Messaging on acid. Be remembered for all the right reasons.

    How? Maz believes that when you’re laughing, you’re learning, so these sessions are funny, highly interactive and challenging.

    Maz - making you, your leaders and your business, the rocks stars in your industry.

  • The first minute

    Business has never been harder, uncertain economic times and an attention deficit society. Now, more than ever, delivering instant impact is vital, yet many leaders don't have their elevator pitch ready to roll out. They don't cut through. It's white noise. No story telling. And when they're constantly introducing themselves at meetings, conferences and in life in general, they're throwing away endless opportunities. The art of the elevator pitch is not a 'would like to have', it's a 'must have'.

    THE FIRST MINUTE is everything.

    THE FIRST MINUTE your leaders meet someone new can change your business forever, offer up new business opportunities, new leads and sales – that’s if your leaders can describe who they are and what they do in an interesting and engaging way that gets attention. Nail that and the world is yours.

    Maz uses her A.B.C.D. formula to create your leader’s perfect personal branding:
    • A – ATTIRE – what they’re wearing so they are noticed, they stand out for all the right reasons.
    • B – BODY LANGUAGE – how they walk, stand, move. How they make eye contact, their handshake.
    • C – CONTENT – what they say, so they’re interesting, charismatic, the influencer in the room.
    • D – DELIVERY – how they deliver their words, confidently, comfortably, perfectly in a way that cuts through and grabs attention.

THE FIRST MINUTE was developed using TV tricks and techniques to help leaders create instant and maximum impact at meetings, pitches and conferences. Use THE FIRST MINUTE to turn pitches into sales and strategy into action.

Maz has put about twelve thousand people on camera. She has worked with some of the biggest names in the world and people terrified of walking on stage. Her content has been watched by almost eight billion people worldwide.

Mark Bouris described this as ‘something every corporate desperately needs.’ We agree. He also says ‘Maz is a genius with people.’ We think so too.

Everyone can speak, but really, how many people are listened to or heard?

Make every second of THE FIRST MINUTE count.

Testimonials for Maz Farrelly

Entertaining and challenged our thoughts. Best speaker ever. I went straight back to the office and told everyone - we need to be more interesting. Best presentation of the day. I got so much out of this…very thought provoking.
CEO Summit Sydney 2020

Here is The Hoff with heartfelt feelings to MAZ who is not only the consumate professional but does her job with passion and a great attitude ("what are we having.?.. FUN!!") and knows how to get the best performances out of everyone and connect with her audience!! Here's to hoping we work together again, David Hoff .. no more Hassel
David Hassellhoff

In an oversaturated world full of shrinking attention spans, it becomes increasingly difficult to create content that is both capturing & engaging. In the many years I have been in the entertainment industry, I've seen no one do this better than Marion Farrelly. She is forward thinking, innovative & has a way of bringing out things in people that would otherwise lay dormant. On a personal level she is stylish, warm, genuine & honest. I can't speak more highly of Marion!  
Guy Sebastian

I've known Maz (when you come to Australia you're immediately presented a shortened nickname) for over 15 years now. In an industry where you meet A LOT of frosty characters, Marion was more a friend than a boss. She earned my respect very early with her creative input but more importantly, how she presented all her information in a very engaging way. An absolute pleasure to work with.
Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald
NOVA 96.9 Breakfast & National Drive Announcer
TV Host

Maz knows the importance of a good quality story, not only in terms of its context, but equally important the timing, the tone and the language of telling that story. Maz is acutely aware of the story telling pitch, engaging the audience and capturing the excitement. She often used it when producing The Celebrity Apprentice and had people fixated and eating out of her hands. Her business is something corporates and the Government desperately need.
Mark Bouris