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Key Points for Mike Munro AM

  • Mike Munro is a highly accomplished investigative journalist.
  • He has reported for Willesee, and 60 Minutes, before becoming host of A Current Affair and Sunday Night.
  • He’s sought after for his uniquely personal This is your Life presentations.
  • At the beginning of his career, Munro worked in newspapers and was posted by Rupert Murdoch to Newscorp’s New York bureau as a foreign correspondent for 2 years.
  • Munro was made a Member of the Order of Australia for his services to journalism and charity work in 2014.
  • He has created a series of documentaries for Foxtel’s History Channel: Lawless – The Real Bushrangers and Mateship – Australia & USA: A Century Together.
  • He has written two books: his autobiography, A Pasty-faced Nothing, and The Last Bushrangers.

Topics for Mike Munro AM

  • This Is Your Life presentations
    After being given the basic research on a retiring chief executive, a corporation‘s milestone or an individual’s birthday there are two versions - One being a straight read which I help research, write and deliver or a larger production with surprise walk-on guests and Q and As which I also script and produce with a camera crew e.g. Roger Corbett retiring from Woolworths. I can also arrange personally custom-made beautifully bound red leather books to become momentos of the tribute.
  • Inspirational speech
    I grew up disadvantaged as the only child of a single mum in a monastery with 12 Marist brothers. For 10 years Mum, who was a well meaning but tragic and violent alcoholic, was the housekeeper at the monastery. I pull no punches and tell my story with warts and all. Trying to get her sober as teenager, early days as a newspaper reporter, starting in TV and all the way to anecdotes on the world stage with interviews with Barbara Streisand, Bette Miller, Madonna, Pope John Paul II, the I.R.A and many more. The moral is there’s no point in blaming your mother, drugs, the cops or society - all you can do is get on with it and do your best.
  • Family heritage
    Being related to cop killing Bushrangers was an 80 year shameful family secret. My name is not actually Munro! It was illegally changed overnight from Kenniff to Munro by my grandfather because of the grisly gruesome double murder of Const George Doyle and station manager, Albert Dahlke in 1902. Both of my great uncles were sentenced to hang in Boggo Road jail. The older brother was hanged in 1903 while his younger brother was given life and died in 1940. Hence my book on “The Last Bushrangers”. Over a century later I discovered buried artefacts left behind at the murder site which were last handled by my great uncles 110 years before!! It’s an incredible 30 year journey of discovery unfolded in a speech which is hard to believe.
  • Media training
    How to conduct, fend off and stay plausible in any pressurised TV interview. Looking back and examining interviews to help clients become more comfortable and make them look far more at home. What are some of the pitfalls to look for in any requests that journalists initially make? And how to cope if someone like me turns up at a company office with cameras rolling?

Testimonials for Mike Munro AM

We engaged Mike as host of the 2020 Premiers Gala Concerts presented to 30,000 senior citizens over 4 shows at the ICC in Sydney starring Vanessa Amorosi, Paulini, John Paul Young amongst others. Mike brought incredible warmth to his hosting role, sharing stories and experiences that connected with our audience beautifully. He is the consummate professional – he made himself very available for pre-event briefings, communicated and contributed to the script, and was beyond well-prepared when he came to rehearsals and show time. For a man who has done it all in the entertainment and media space, Mike was generous with his support to those around him, sought out suggestions for improvement (not that any was needed) and embraced the spirit of this wonderful event. It was a joy to work with him and I would love the opportunity to do so again.
Out There Productions

The conference was a huge success. Mike's presentation added greatly to the conference. His presentation was emotive and honest. You could have heard a pin drop as he shared his life's story with us. His sense of justice and strong ethical character was clear to everyone. Everyone was moved and there wasn’t an eye without a tear. He is one of the strongest examples of resilience that I could ever hope to meet. From where he started, to what he accomplished, no blame for his mother, just love and sadness at what she lost - he is an amazing man.

Mike was one of the most professional and delightful people that I have worked with. He is kind, understanding yet always maintains his professionalism. Mike was so obliging and we have had excellent feedback on his speech and his mannerisms, in particular the way he mixed with the guests and did not mind his photo being taken, constantly! Mike was fabulous!
Worklink Employment Support Group Inc

I think it's safe to say that everyone fell in love with Mike on the night! His story was extremely touching and I heard quite a few people in the audience remark on being able to relate to his story and finding him and inspiration and such a beautiful, genuine person. Our deepest thanks to Mike for sharing his time and story with us! We've had nothing but positive feedback of the evening.
Mission Australia

Mike Munro had the audience enthralled with details of a part of his life that was largely unknown to them. An engaging speaker who went out of his way to make sure everyone in attendance had a chance to meet and speak with him after his presentation.
Scone Neighbourhood Centre

Our choice of Mike Munro for our event was a huge success. This is mainly due to the efforts of Mike himself. He came very well prepared having discovered some research that is most relevant to our business and our event. He opened by presenting the research results as they applied to us and then led into his own story. He drew a very appropriate parallel between his own story and that of some of the people who we assist to find meaningful work. Mike was most generous with his time. Without any prompting he headed over to a table of journalists who were all just delighted to meet him and share experiences. Additionally Mike spent a great deal of time with many people with disabilities, posing for photos with them and answering all their questions. The way he engaged with everyone on the night was amazing. So too is Mikes own story of his journey and his triumph over early disadvantage - very inspiring. We are very grateful to Mike for his involvement in our Job Shadow night gala dinner, frankly he made for us. We thoroughly recommend Mike as a speaker, he is extremely versatile and very engaging.
Work Solutions Gippsland

Mike was a definite highlight of our conference. Our delegates were absolutely captivated as Mike took them on the journey of our company in the forever classic 'This is your life' style. His research and building of the presentation prior to the event was the major reason for its successful execution. His wiliness to mingle and integrate with our delegates and his professional manner means one would have no hesitation in recommending him. Our thanks and appreciation to him.
NARTA International

As expected, Mike was an outstanding presenter and kicked off our annual conference in the best possible way - emotive, engaging and creating a lasting feeling of connectedness amongst our delegates. The real surprise though was the very personal approach Mike took with our team in the creation of the content of his presentation. He was so down to earth and easy to work with - truly professional and yet very committed to helping us make the most of the opportunity. First class in every way!
infocus Money Management