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Key Points for Mikey Robins

  • Former host of Triple j's national breakfast show for seven years.
  • He previously starred on Good News Week.
  • Has worked for ABC Radio, Vega.
  • Former co-host of  Merrick .... and Australia on Triple M.
  • Regular TV appearances include co-host of Studio 10, You Have Been Watching, and regular guest spots on Sunrise, Spicks and Specks, The Fat and Today.
  • Co-author of three books, Three Beers and A Chinese Meal, Big Man's World and his most recent bestseller Seven Deadly Sins and One Naughty Fruit.

Topics for Mikey Robins

  • After Dinner Entertainer
    A self-confessed bowerbird when it comes to collecting tidbits of information, Mikey’s intelligent and insightful comedy has audiences rolling in the aisle.  Mikey’s ability to engage a wide variety of industries and audience types has secured his place as one of Australia’s most acclaimed and much-loved performers.
  • Workshop Facilitator
    An expert facilitator who has extensive experience in the corporate and the public sectors, Mikey is well known for his ability to coordinate workshops, strategic planning sessions and team-building exercises. With his academic background Mikey is able to understand and present to diverse teams.
  • Master of Ceremonies
    One of the most recognisable faces and voices in the Australian entertainment industry and a consummate host, Mikey brings a sense of fun, wit and energy to any event.  In 2013 Mikey was given the honour of being invited to be Master of Ceremonies at His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet's public talk at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

  • Food, The Great Disruptor!
    Mikey entertains and informs as he explores the world of change and disruption through society’s relationship with food. Food is not only the most essential staple of human life it has also been the greatest implementer of change in our history.  Using hilarious and thought provoking stories from his new bestselling book Seven Deadly Sins and One Very Naughty Fruit Mikey insightfully navigates your audience through the themes of disruption, innovation and determination as he discusses how society has grown and become more tolerant by the very thing that binds us all, food.
    • How we have dealt with our changing tastes and food technologies over the years? Who has seen opportunity and thrived?  What impacts have these changes had on our everyday lives?
      Includes stories of the accidental invention of the microwave & its bizarre role in the Cold War, the first multi-million dollar weight loss regime, how Canada invented the Hawaiian pizza, and the story of a chocolate bar with the bizarre name of “Chicken Dinner.
    • How has innovation and looking outside the box made some people rich and left other’s behind?
      The incredible story of the woman who, through sheer will, overcame sexism, complacency and snobbery to give us the dishwashing machine, the man, the son and the moist towelette who (along with KFC) changed the world of catering, how Arab traders convinced the Romans to splurge on expenisve cinnamon, and the unintentionally sexy ad campaign that brought avocados to a mass market.
    • What effect has ignoring the changes in people’s attitudes to food had on the foolish?
      How one man convinced the French that, not only were potatoes delicious, they didn’t give you leprosy, the controversial history of the fork (and why the British Navy banned it for being too effeminate),  the almost overnight collapse of the Victorian pineapple rental market, where Vegemite went wrong, and how one medieval Pope turned caviar from something considered to be only fit for starving Russian fishermen to the great delicacy it is today.
      A side-splitting, fascinating and down-right thought provoking romp through the social, political and economic changes that our desires for food has brought to our shared history, these are stories of people that instigated change and the ways in which societies adapted and embraced those changes.

Testimonials for Mikey Robins

History with a liberal serving of wit and humour...Take a fascinating meander around culinary and cultural oddities with one of Australia’s masters of funny banter.
Craig Kirchner

Mikey was absolutely fabulous and everyone had a great time. We cannot thank you and Mikey enough for helping us out on such short notice, Mikey definitely made the evening.
Gadens Lawyers

Mikey was absolutely hysterical and his presence was thoroughly enjoyed by all. He was a really great guy and I am very happy to have had him apart of our night.
Chemist Warehouse Group
Your wit, timing and professionalism was fantastic and you really made the night work well...our audience gave us fantastic feedback on the night but in particular about you....I think you got the mix of humour and business on the night just right!
Standard and Poor's
Excellent. We would like to employ Mikey again to MC the same event next year.
Sydney Morning Herald
The debate was very successful….everyone I have spoken to enjoyed the evening immensely.
Medico Legal Society of Queensland
Your handling of the task was superb….Your support, professionalism and sense of humour contributed to the overall success of the night.
Max Markson
You were a great hit with the whole audience and I've had numerous phones calls praising your effort on the night. It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to the possibility of working with you again in the future.
Epic Events
A great MC job - in a difficult (huge) auditorium - you made a success of the evening.
Bob Carr
Premier NSW
Mikey was great to deal with, his after dinner speech was a great success and pitched at just the right level, I'm happy to recommend him as a corporate speaker.
Our guests have given us such superb feedback! Many commenting on how fortunate we were to have secured you and what an inspired choice you were!
WA Museum Foundation