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Key Points for Nicolette Rubinsztein

  • Nicolette Rubinsztein is a well respected, high integrity business leader: Non-Executive Director of 5 leading finance companies, President of the Actuaries Institute in 2019, former General Manager at Commonwealth Bank.
  • Widely quoted in the media – including superannuation, retirement, gender diversity, leadership, women in STEM, career mums, risk management, Royal Commission, regulatory change.
  • Author of Not Guilty, a guide for career mums, which draws on her experiences working flexibly in senior roles.
  • Thought leader – Nicolette has authored or co-authored papers on retirement and gender diversity.
  • Popular interviewee and presenter. She has been interviewed for a number of Podcasts, including Women with Clout (Jane Caro and Catherine Fox), The Chief Maker, Talking Business (Qantas – Alan Kohler), Leadership Matters (Boyden Executive). She has presented at CEDA, ASFA conferences and numerous actuaries conferences.


Topics for Nicolette Rubinsztein

  • Ageing and retirement
    • Happy ageing
    • Myths and realities of retirement
    • Ageing: reset what you expect

  • Gender diversity
    • Economic security for women
    • Women in STEM
    • Career mums

  • Work life balance
    • Flexible working

  • Leadership
    • Feminine leadership
    • What they don’t teach you in Business School

Testimonials for Nicolette Rubinsztein

Nicolette covered some important themes and issues that face our colleagues with carer responsibilities. We had a lot of interest in the event. Our employees were really engaged during the event and provided very positive feedback about the session.

Women sharing their stories about what works and what doesn’t is vital if we are to create a more gender equal world - a world where work and care are not at opposite ends of one hard choice. I just wish this book had been available when I embarked on motherhood. It’s full of practical tips for women who want to build both strong careers and strong families.
Former Sex Discrimination Commissioner

I loved reading Nicolette's book. It is a compelling read for aspiring career mums. So much of it resonated with me. It’s a marvellous combination of Nicolette’s experience, the experience of her friends and colleagues and formal research.
Director, BHP Billiton and Stockland
Named one of Australia's most powerful female directors by AFR

If you want a fulfilling career and time with your children as they grow up, this practical and strategic guide is a must-read.

Nicolette's book uses McKinsey’s classic organisation framework and applies it to one of the toughest and most important areas of modern family life. The big insight is that all 7 of the “S”es need to fit together and reinforce each other, and this book provides a very thoughtful and practical way to achieve that based on experiences that will resonate with any parent trying to juggle work and family.
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company

Male Champions of Change