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Key Points for Osher Günsberg

  • Osher has almost two decades hosting some of Australia’s top rating shows, bringing celebrity credibility to any event.
  • Currently hosts The Bachelor Australia, The Bachelorette Australia and Bachelor in Paradise, and narrator of Bondi Rescue.
  • Returned to live TV hosting for season 1 of the smash-hit show, The Masked Singer Australia.
  • His memoir, Back, After the Break became an instant best-seller and was nominated for a 2019 ABIA for Best Biography Book of the Year. The book was also made into a live show touring and selling out Australia wide. 
  • Osher has been open about his struggle with anxiety and depression and has a keynote about it in an effort to help others with similar challenges.


Topics for Osher Günsberg

  • Master of Ceremonies
  • Back after the break
    Osher creates conversations surrounding addiction, mental health and wellbeing in sharing his personal story against the backdrop of his extensive and successful media career.
    He shares:
    • How he navigated his own mental health which was detailed in the creation of his powerful memoir, Back after the Break.
    • How to have impactful discussions that aim to make each day better than the last by promoting healthy conversations.

Testimonials for Osher Günsberg

Osher was brilliant. Our staff were raving about this talk and loved every minute of it.  
amaysim Operations Pty. Ltd.

About 200 came to the event. Many in attendance thanked me for enabling this special event to happen, and that is immediate feedback from our community. I’ve worked in Community Development for over 19 years and I cannot remember ever receiving so many ‘Good on you’s’ after the event as I received last night. The most common comment from those who spoke to me last night was how relatable Osher’s story was as he gave his presentation in language that ordinary people can identify with. Social media and local media are all over this event I’ve seen today – even my boss, who is in Hobart for a Suicide Prevention Conference which coincided with this event, rang me this morning to congratulate me telling me he’d already seen so many positive comments on various forms of social media.  
Robinvale Network House