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Key Points for Patrick Hollingworth

  • Patrick Hollingworth is from the flattest state in Australia who had a passion to climb the highest mountain in the world.
  • Patrick’s ‘day job’ is as a Senior Environmental Advisor and Project Manager to the infrastructure and oil and gas sectors for the past 15 years.
  • A ten-year apprenticeship served in the world's greatest mountain ranges in Canada, Alaska, France, Pakistan, Nepal and Tibet saw him gain an impressive resume of climbing experiences which enabled him to fulfil his dream in May 2010.
  • Summiting Mount Everest reinforced Patrick's belief that passion, self-belief and a dogged persistence can empower everday individuals to achieve great things.
  • Climbing Everest - TEDx Perth 2014.

Topics for Patrick Hollingworth

  • The highest view: an incredible journey to the roof of the world
    • In this presentation Patrick’s enthusiasm for his climbing shines through, as does his stunning still and video imagery from the world’s great mountains. During his 10 year journey, Patrick encountered numerous setbacks, including the loss of climbing friends and a close call with severe altitude illness, as such his presentations contain elements of rawness and honesty. Patrick aims to take his audiences on a remarkable journey so they too will have an understanding of what it’s like to climb the world’s highest mountain. In this presentation Patrick aims to inspire each audience member to tackle their own challenges in life, whatever they may be.

  • Risk management in the mountains: getting home safely at the end of each day
    • The goal of any occupational safety and health program is to foster a safe work environment in which the employee can undertake their work and make it home safely to their loved ones. The same concept applies to any competent high-altitude mountaineer who understands and respects the extreme dangers of the environment in which they operate.
    • In this unique presentation Patrick analyses the risk management framework he employs whilst climbing in the Himalayas and draws similarities with OSH and behavioural based programs employed in the mining, construction and transport industries in Australia. Using stunning still and video footage from the world’s great mountains, this presentation is designed to deliver a powerful and uplifting message to workers about the importance of taking safety in the workplace seriously, so every employee can get home safely at the end of each day.

  • Managing fear: learn to understand what drives your fears
    •  Fear stalks us all, both in our private and professional lives. In uncertain times, coping with fear can be especially challenging. This presentation examines how we can all learn to differentiate between irrational and rational fears and develop an effective mind-set to deal with confronting and fear-inducing situations. Drawing on a combination of the research of others and his own experiences as a high-altitude mountaineer, long distance swimmer and tow-in surfer, Patrick examines the ways in which we can confront, master and perhaps even embrace our fears.

  • Climbing a Himalayan giant: an interactive virtual adventure like no other
    • Patrick provides a unique opportunity for your team to create or enhance a culture of shared behaviours and leadership frameworks by setting them the challenge of climbing a significant Himalayan objective. In this workshop participants will be tasked with the goal of selecting a team of climbers, identifying the roles and responsibilities for each of the members, working to a budget, developing a risk management framework, gathering route and weather information, and undertaking the climb. As the team progresses towards the summit they will face a number of challenging scenarios that have been photographed and filmed during Patrick’s mountaineering career and reproduced for the workshop. This one or two day simulation is ideally suited to team bonding and strategy days with groups of up to 200, or as a component of an annual retreat.

  • Leadership expedition: learn and undertake a four-day expedition to the Stirling Ranges
    • In this 2-6 month long program designed for senior managers and executives, Patrick facilitates a re-creation of the planning process he uses to prepare for Himalayan mountaineering expeditions. This program enables your team to foster collaborative working relationships as it works towards achieving a significant goal in a unique and challenging environment. During the program each team member plays an important role in preparing for the expedition across four key areas (leadership and teamwork theory, risk management, logistics and physical training). The actual expedition component involves four days of hiking through the mountains of the Stirling Ranges and culminates with a 300m abseil descent of WA’s highest mountain face. This program is ideally suited for senior managers or executives who are looking to further the performance of their already highly functioning and effective team. Maximum group size is 15 members.

Testimonials for Patrick Hollingworth

Patrick, thank you for coming in to present to our Board and staff last week. Can I say that I enjoyed your presentation, and the past week has given me the opportunity to find out what others thought – all raved about your presentation and the sheer scale of what you have achieved. It does tell us much about endurance, dreams, that any good plan can stuff up due to factors outside your control, team work and then sharing what you have achieved with others. I do hope you have the opportunity to keep spreading this story and the messages attached to what you have done over a long period of time, because Everest is like the proof or the legitimacy of you being allowed to tell the story and the God’s have allowed you this honour – so you should use it. I am glad we helped make your dream come true! You have inspired ME!
Territory Resources

On behalf of the Fremantle Football Club, I would like to thank you for being our Special Guest Speaker at our round 20 fixture on Saturday 14 August 2010 at Subiaco Oval when the Dockers played the Sydney Swans. We had terrific feedback from all our sponsors, corporate clients and members who were all enthralled with your tales of your super human effort in climbing Mt Everest. Dealing with you from the first phone call to organising the game day rotation was extremely easy and very professional. I sincerely thank you for your time and efforts as it appreciated by all at the club. I would recommend you to all who is interested in hearing from a terrific motivational speaker.
Fremantle Football Club

Pat recently presented to the staff here at Azure Capital. His story is inspirational, and his presentation was both interesting and highly entertaining. The quality of the photography and video taken on Everest is outstanding, and Pat is approachable, knowledgeable and presents in a very down-to-earth manner. His story left our team with a lasting impression of what can be achieved with detailed planning, a healthy approach to risk management and a passion to achieve your dreams. We'd strongly encourage anyone looking to hear a great Australian story to engage Pat.
Azure Capital

Patrick's presentation was inspiring. His story of commitment, persistence and tenacity is relevant to all. We really appreciated the presentation and our staff here were very happy to have seen it. We would highly recommend engaging him to speak.
Lavan Legal

Patrick Hollingworth recently presented at the Energy in WA Conference Dinner. He had the 150 dinner guests in the palm of his hand as he talked about his amazing accomplishment of climbing Mt Everest. The multi media presentation to business leaders from around the state, which included The Minister for Energy and other government officials, was terrific. Watching the video footage and photos, you really felt you shared the experience with him as he achieved his goal. A fantastic conclusion to the Conference and totally inspirational for the delegates. Thank you Patrick!
Motive Conventions

An amazing journey that takes you through the highs and lows of setting out to achieve ambitious goals and what it takes to get there. The combination of images and footage from the expedition and Pat's easy, personable delivery style draws you into the experience. Pat's achievement is one that seems beyond the reach of most but his explanations and approach allow anyone to associate with their own challenges whether they be work or personnel. Everyone here who had the opportunity to hear of Pat's adventures thoroughly enjoyed his story and was inspired to tackle their own challenges with the same determination and vigour. A truly memorable experience from a rare individual.
East Perth Redevelopment Authority

Patrick provided a highly inspirational and motivating session for our Perth office. He had eighty people spellbound for an hour with the story of his adventure, and left us all with a better understanding of the challenges in our life, and the real meaning of achievement.
The Brand Agency

We invited Patrick to address our staff and clients at an evening celebrating ten years of our firm’s operation. As a rural consultancy business, we wanted an inspirational speaker who would take everyone’s minds off farming and the poor seasonal conditions. Patrick certainly delivered. His presentation was fascinating, the video footage and photography were breathtaking, and his modest style of delivery made his achievements even more mind-blowing. The audience was riveted by his story - it was a thought-provoking journey and evoked a lot of discussion after the event (and we all forgot about the drought for a while!).
Agvise Management Consultants

Pat, we just wanted to say thank you so much for this morning. You spoke brilliantly and your story is truly inspirational! Thank you for sharing it with us!
Scott Print

Patrick delivered two outstanding presentations to students, staff and parents at our school. While his achievement in climbing Mount Everest is significant in itself, it was the manner in which he presented this endeavour which was most notable. Patrick integrated various visual media (video, photos, Internet) into his presentation and compliments this with a well structured and absorbing narration. Numerous members of the audience later commented that it was the best speaking engagement that they had attended. It was also pleasing to see Patrick make himself available after the presentations had concluded to answer individual questions and meet audience members.
Melbourne Grammar School

Pat is one of those rare people in life who combine drive and vision with a down to earth approach that makes it meaningful for people of all years. His presentations are well structured, interactive and entertaining while also providing real lessons about some important life values: perseverance, preparation and passion. Pat’s dream to train and climb the highest mountain in the world is simply inspirational. To think this is a guy from suburban Perth who reached the highest summit of the world makes others’ dreams seem possible. Keep up the fabulous work.
Scotch College Senior School

Your talk to two very large groups of year 10’s and 11’s (in excess of 100 students per group) last Friday at our school was fantastic. You could hear a pin drop during both talks which went for approx. 1 hour each. Anyone who has had more than 100 fifteen/sixteen year olds in a room at once for any length of time will realise the relevance of this…The kids were totally engaged and when question time came they asked many relevant questions. A couple of students personally thanked Patrick at the end of the talk at his own discretion. The technology used in the presentation was very contemporary which kept the kids enthralled. Your use of video footage from your headcam, the photos and the Google Earth fly through at the beginning made everybody feel like they were actually climbing Everest themselves. It was fantastic and we have all had kids asking us questions over the next few days after your talk. Thank you very much and if it inspires any kids to pursue their dream, no matter what, then our job is done. Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to travel to Margaret River to give your talk.
Margaret River Senior High School

Excellent, Patrick connected very quickly with our group. His story and style of presentation hit the spot for us. The challenges and the real life presentation really inspired the group. Patrick, is easy to work with, there is no huge ego here.  A real person with an amazing achievement, outstanding.

The presentation was an inspirational roller coaster ride through life's highs and lows and highlights anything is possible if you have a dogged belief and tenacity.