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Key Points for Paul Huschilt

  • An award-winning professional speaker and storyteller who motivates and inspires people to be the best that they can be.
  • Presents in English, French and Japanese.
  • As an MC, Paul is the glue that holds your conference together, drawing on people’s enthusiasm, commitment, and sense of humour while supporting your agenda, content and timelines.

Topics for Paul Huschilt

  • The ultimate ending/ Paul's world famous conference ending summary
    There’s no other conference closing like it. All of the key lessons, messages, and highlights of your conference are played back to your delegates in an amazing comic summary. Paul attends your sessions and uses his sharp wit, imagination, and talent as a performer to create an instant replay of your convention. They leave laughing, sometimes humming, and always remembering what you want them to remember most.

  • Seven humour habits for workplace wellness
    Paul’s most requested talk. Humour Habits is an hilarious keynote which teaches wellness, celebrates accomplishments, and provides seven simple tactics for your people to use back at the office and in their personal lives. Add energy to your next meeting and inspire your team to do and be their best.

  • Everybody stay calm - How to thrive in stressful times
    Participants laugh and learn techniques to use at work to stay calm when things get crazy. It’s a seriously funny way to learn winning strategies to thrive in the most stressful times. This session is perfect for relieving stress, building positive energy, and showing employees that you value them.

  • Humour, resilience and change
    Change at work is inevitable.  Laughing at it is not, but it’s a great way to manage through difficult times.  This talk teaches how to face the inevitable and turn your workplace back into one that’s productive and fun. Let your employees laugh while learning how to thrive in your always changing office.

  • Climb your mountain - The unEverest keynote
    Not your average mountain climbing keynote. This one anyone can do. Mt Fuji is the setting to learn about how to achieve your goals, face obstacles, stay focussed, and laugh at challenges. Presented with breath-taking photographs and compelling video, this keynote is an awesome and funny adventure that will inspire you to find opportunities, follow your dreams, and be your best.

  • Master of Ceremonies
    With years of speaking and acting experience, Paul is the hilarious and charming glue that holds your conference together. Paul draws on people’s enthusiasm, commitment, and sense of humour while supporting your agenda, content and timelines.

  • Corporate histories
    Your company is an amazing story waiting to be told. Through interviews and on-site visits, Paul learns about you then creates a celebration that captures the pride of your accomplishments and inspires an exciting future.

  • Breakout Sessions - half and full day workshops
    All sessions can also be adapted for a seminar format and are ideal as breakout sessions, half-day or full-day workshops.


Testimonials for Paul Huschilt

People were amazed at your ability to reinforce messages, in a comical way, including from content delivered only an hour before. The audience had tears in their eyes, they were laughing so hard. It was perfect.
Client Services CGI

The perfect plenary!
Transport Canada

It was an investment which I know will provide solid returns!
National Capital Commission

You received the highest ratings of any speaker at the conference.
Canadian Association of Exposition Management