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Key Points for Peter Baines OAM

  • Peter Baines OAM is one of Australia's leadership experts having road tested leadership the hard way - an expert at creating successful results, starting from nothing - no time, no money, no staff.
  • He is founder of one of Australia's fastest growing charities Hands Across the Water, Peter spent 22 years with the NSW Police leading teams in response to acts of terrorism and natural disasters on a scale not previously seen.
  • Peter's passion for leadership & corporate social responsibility is the result of his experience in leading international teams into Indonesia and Thailand following acts of terrorism and the worst that nature has to offer.
  • He focuses on Leadership, Management, Good Governance and Sustainability, Peter's offers a rare insight into what it takes to lead powerfully, with integrity and compassion, in the most extraordinary of circumstances.
  • Peter is a compelling speaker whose stories will make an audience laugh and cry - and realise that with an inspirational leader and purpose, anything can be achieved.
  • Peter is author of Hands Across the Water and Doing Good by Doing Good.
  • He has written for magazines such as DUO Magazine and CEO Magazine.
  • He was awarded the Order of Australia medal in the Australian Day honours 2014.
  • Peter received the Most Admirable Order of Direkgunabhorn awarded by the King of Thailand for his devotional services to the Kingdom of Thailand in 2016.

Topics for Peter Baines OAM

  • New normal
    Peter has created a virtual experience not just for his keynotes but also for his virtual disaster simulation. By conveying his message virtually you can be assured that his presentation does not lose anything in impact or delivery by coming in to your home office or workplace by your device. The functionality of the platform he uses creates engagement and interaction between the group and facilitator. The investment in production has been made at his end ensuring that you’re getting the quality that your conference and your business deserves. The best part is, this is being conducted in real time regardless where you are situated around the globe. You will walk away from the virtual experience not feeling shortchanged.
  • Leadership matters
    The stories of inspiration, resilience and overcoming adversity. How true leadership doesn’t come a position or title by from actions and reactions.
  • Leadership without authority clarity of purpose
  • Building strong teams
  • Growth through adversity
  • Results not excuses
  • Experience matters
    Real engagement comes from engineering shared experiences. Peter shares stories of how your business will benefit from the power of presence.
  • Building communities and families through shared experiences
  • Engagement strategies that stick
  • Increasing your retention rate
  • Removing self imposed limitations
  • Celebrating your victories
  • Doing good by doing good
    Hear how with an alignment of values and an appreciation that community and business can both profit when working together. Why the future of mutually rewarding relationships is the way to go.
  • Aligning your values
    Building collaborative programs
  • Developing stronger relationships
  • Measuring your impact
  • Realising a return
  • Where are our leaders coming from
    In this keynote presentation the audience will reflect on the changing landscape of leadership, from what Peter has witnessed during the days of crisis and disaster management which was very much about Command and Control to the emergence of influential Leadership styles based upon Ruthless Empathy and Purposeful Resilience.
  • The value of embracing ambiguity
  • Why we should posses purposeful resilience
  • How ruthless empathy can shape lasting culture
  • The value of fostering diversity within our circle of influence

Testimonials for Peter Baines OAM

Peter was an excellent speaker and tailored his talk to our people.
St John Ambulance

Overall, you had a rating of 80%. We had some big names on the program so you should be very pleased with your performance. Following is a selection of the comments from the delegates:
Excellent presentation it opened my eyes listening to Peter.
It was very inspiring. It was also good how humour was incorporated into his presentation considering the seriousness of the issues discussed.
Excellent presentation with good leadership points tissues should have been provided.
Amazing story, very insightful and emotional.
One of the most emotional presentations I have ever attended. The emotional empathy with the client or customer when doing business was well highlighted. Very well done inspiring.
You are doing a great job and will get plenty of work with your life experiences and skills as a presenter
Local Government Managers Australia

The value in this testimonial and report from The Manager is how I was rated by the delegates against the other presenters. Peter Baines is an inspiration. It was clear when recently attending a breakfast function where Peter was speaking that many of the audience were moved as much as I by the experiences he described. Peter’s down to earth, straight forward style hits just the right note to get his message across. Listening to Peter describe how he and his team make a difference in exceptional circumstance leaves people humbled, and thoughtful, but also conscious to consider how they might personally make a difference.
Lomas Executive Pty Ltd

I just wanted to tell you personally that your talk was the high point of the three days for me. I have thought of it often and am still stunned at the work that you and your colleagues do, and the level of commitment that you bring to the job. I was also impressed with your skill in presenting a difficult and emotional topic in such an impactful way. I have been a professional communicator for over 20 years and really appreciate the skill in others when I see it. And so much of what you had to say has lessons that can be used in the leadership work I do with our senior executives here at the CBA. I would have liked to say something to you at the end of the session but couldn't really trust myself to speak.
Leadership Development Manager
Commonwealth Bank

Peter Baines' presentation was one of the most original I have heard in a long time. After all, it is not every day that you meet someone who has worked at ground zero of two of the most significant events in our recent history. Peter is the quintessential 'good Aussie bloke', and the warmth and humour he brings to his presentation is a perfect balance for the confronting and challenging nature of the stories he has to tell. At times we laughed and at others there wasn't a dry eye in the room, but through hearing Peter's examples of strong leadership in a true crisis, we all learned many valuable lessons that can readily be applied within the comfort of our own professional lives.
Success Strategies, author of Your Best Life

I want to particularly call out that the talk you gave touched my team beyond belief. We sat there stunned with your honesty and the level of compassion and humanism you displayed. The team are still talking about your session. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Commonwealth Bank

Peter Baines is an inspiration to us all. The experience, skills and knowledge that he has gained from managing high-pressure situations in disaster zones allows us to put our own “stressful” lives in perspective. We can all benefit from his simple yet engaging message, and we can be inspired by his stories of human courage and bravery!
Think Global Consulting

When hearing Peter Baines speak on Crisis Management I was alerted to a whole new world of issues - what we call crisis is often a small hitch! Peter's ability to communicate and entertain while discussing such a vital message was engaging. The message and photos from the Thailand Tsunami and Bali bombing were something most people should never have to deal with, - luckily people like Peter do deal with these issues and can bring back lessons learnt in times of extraordinary difficulty. The keynote was entertaining and inspiring and the message a vital to today's business leaders.
Peak Partners

Excellent truly inspirational, although story was incredible powerful and thought provoking Peter was able to link it to what we can do in our everyday lives to make a difference. Brilliant, when you think your own life is complicated and challenging listen to Peters story and put your own life in perspective.
Yum Restaurants

Excellent, Incredibly engaging, brilliant story teller. He took the audience through a whole range of emotions – grabbing you by the heartstrings to laughing out loud. All done with humility and he really practices what he preaches.
Proteus Leadership Centre

Peter was exceptionally brilliant, his presentation had the entire audience captivated, not one dry eye in the room. Quiet an emotional presentation and really touched the hearts of everyone. Fantastic.
National Australia Bank

I wanted to write and thank you most sincerely for the inspirational address you gave to our Management Team at our Annual Management Conference last week. We all felt that the authenticity of your leadership messaging and the poignancy of the story you had to tell, touched both our hearts and our minds and had a very significant impact on us all. It was definitely the highlight of our conference!
Toga Hotels

I really enjoyed the thought provoking message of your session at Deloitte this morning and especially how you delivered this with such sensitivity, passion and positivity for a subject that is very sensitive by nature. The story of Alex the 15 month old boy really hit home for me as my son is the same age and I can't even imagine the pain of losing him in a disaster. Definitely there is a lot of CHANGE that needs to be brought about and needs to be sustained in these communities and ours at home. Appreciate your time this morning and you have definitely inspired me to reflect and make some changes for me, my family and my professional footprint.

I must say that I was incredibly touched by the presentation from a truly 'great man', an inspirational & pure of heart human being... The presentation & the journey or should I say the life experience he took us on for that short time was really confronting & struck a deep spiritual chord with me. I remain thinking as I write this, on just how resilient, pure & selfless some people can be despite experiencing first hand the unimaginable... & what some can do in adversity to try to enable some balance, restitution in setting the world somewhat right. He has moved mountains & he was able to deliver a very clear message about life, leadership & what we overlook as being just so important!
MSS Security

The most important thing I took from this conference was from the keynote speaker Peter Baines and the issues he spoke about, ie, clarity of purpose, speed in which you act/react, have presence, drivers of passion/motivation.
Charles Sturt University

Peter Baines was beyond excellence. I have a dream and you have inspired me even more to live my dream. Thank you.
National Leadership and Learning Conference

After having just heard Peter Baines speak, what I have got to offer you is of no value at all and pails into insignificance having heard his story.
Stephen Lundin
Author of Fish and International speaker