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Key Points for Peter Merrett

  • Peter Merrett is a professionally trained and qualified British Chef. He went on to graduate with a Higher National Diploma in Hotel Management from the leading UK Hotel School.
  • He spent 14 years as a Luxury Red Star Hotelier, working through all departments and ranks up to Hotel Manager for one of the leading country house hotels in the UK.
  • One of his fondest achievements is experiencing the refurbishment and opening of 2 historical luxury Country House Hotels in the UK. Both winning Hotel of the Year.  He has a treasured collection of 22 International customer service and hospitality awards.
  • Peter pioneered the first of its kind office-hotel concept at Tower 42, London and was awarded The Best Office Building in the World with BOMA International in 2008. He went on to lead the introduction of a hotel-based culture with JLL Australia and won the International Business Excellence Award for Customer Experience in 2015.
  • Peter is the proud Founder of The House of Wonderful in 2018 and enjoys a recent honour from one of his audiences, referencing him as the Willy Wonka of Customer Experience. He has spoken in 10 countries China, Malaysia, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Singapore, Australia, UK and multiple cities around the U.S.
  • Today, Peter proudly cherishes his role as Director and Board Member of Professional Speakers Australia. In 2018 Peter was honoured with the role of a BOMA Fellow (Building Owners and Managers Association) in the U.S and represents the leadership of the commercial real estate industry internationally.
  • Peter works and speaks with Doug Lipp, former Head of Training for Disney and Author of Disney U. He is currently writing his first book: Wonderlicious - Delicious Recipes for Grown-ups to bring Wonder Back to Business. Targeted to publish pre-Christmas 2019.

Topics for Peter Merrett

  • ‘Knock-your-socks off’ customer experience
    Release the Wonder
    Topics including: Business with heart; award-winning happy teamwork; ‘Knock-your-socks off’ customer experience and making work fun again. Massive refreshment featuring 3 Gems: Open your heart; Be all of you and Go higher.
    • Relish how to significantly transform your business with award-winning teamwork and give your customers goose bumps from the service you provide.
    • Uncover refreshing and nourishing ways of daring to be different, to create a fun and positive culture of gratitude that hits the bottom line. Style: Interactive, engaging, entertaining - an inspiring ‘production’ not a usual ‘keynote/presentation’. Closing keynote (or opening) a specialty.

  • Bringing Wonderful to Life
    A Million Bubbles
    A splendidly engaging, uplifting and emotionally charged extravaganza of excitement to provoke the senses. This isn’t a usual ‘business workshop’ but a carefully crafted ‘performance’ and tasting-plate of wonder, packed with ideas and practical examples of how to significantly transform customer and team experiences from ordinary to outstanding.
    • Discover how to create a Wonder-filled culture of knock-your-socks-off customer experience and change the way your customers experience you forever!
    • Relish new ways letting your creativity loose and daring to be different, to give your customers goose bumps from the service you provide.

  • The Power of Words
    • Enjoy learning new ways to creatively play with your words for incredible success.
    • Absorb the permission and encouragement to step away from all things normal and make all aspects of your organisation pop with difference, simply by changing your words!

  • The Craftsmanship of Positive Leadership
    • Learn how to positively uplift your business through the human touch of your leadership.
    • Enjoy refreshing techniques to joyfully transform your business with award-winning team spirit.

  • Luxury hotel and hospitality business excellence
    • Learn how the best hotels around the world open their heart to create a breathtaking culture of surprise, delight and appreciation, with their backstage/onstage methodology.
    • Discover a treasure-chest full of gems with all the behind-the-scenes secrets of managing a successful and highly-profitable luxury hotel operation.

Testimonials for Peter Merrett

I am incredibly glad you were born and that we got the opportunity to hear your wisdom about making the world more wonderful.
Director Client Engagement, Dallas

I am so glad that serendipity was in play to have the chance to find you. You were simply incredible in your presentation and your content will forever change the way that I work and think about work. Thank you for giving your session all the passion you did because it really made an impact.
Group Chief People Officer & Kingpin Chief Operations Officer, Australia

Peter was an absolute delight to work with! His message was a positively perfect fit for our business and his delivery was nothing but engaging every second he was on show. Our team responded immediately to his teaching, with over 85% of the attendees taking Peter’s message and implementing in the way they manage and communicate with their team. We have since seen an increase in team engagement within these venues and are constantly looking for new ways to inject Peter’s mottos for life and work in everything we do. A must experience for any business who want to increase employee and customer engagement!.
Head of Operations Manager
The Entertainment and Education Group, Australia

We call you ‘Memorable Mr Merrett!’. It’s 2 years since your keynote and we still talk about it today!
General Manager
JLL America

Peter’s ‘show’ was a real highlight of the South Africa convention!
Richard Quest
CNN International Anchor & Business Reporter

Your presentation at the Melbourne Customers for Life event was excellent. Great presentation, you made me cry (in a good way)! I was moved by the inspirational approach you have to delivering exceptional service and the examples were great. Your 'Breakfast in Bed' concept - awesome!
Senior Marketing Cloud Consultant
System Partners, Australia

This was the first standing ovation we have seen in my 10-year history of running the annual JLL America conference. A truly memorable show that touched everyone!!
JLL President
US Property Management