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Key Points for Peter Thurin

  • Over the past 25 years, Peter Thurin has developed a high level of business expertise and through his many outstanding sporting accomplishments, has developed a keen insight into what focuses, motivates and inspires people to achieve their best.
  • While grounded in the fundamentals of business and life development, Peter's enthusiastic, humorous and engaging style brings to life the key messages of every blackbelt in excellence session.
  • Over more than 20 years as a successful businessman and Melbourne pharmacist, Peter has put into practice the very principles he now espouses, to grow and develop his own employees and businesses.
  • Peter is a dynamic, humorous, inspirational and professional speaker, program presenter and facilitator. Peter demonstrates a rare ability to combine his insight, skills and experience to help people achieve their own personal blackbelt in excellence, and maximise their effectiveness to your organisation.

Topics for Peter Thurin

  • Get in the game!
    Good intentions will not get the job done. You actually have to ‘DO SOMETHING’ Big-picture goals can be so daunting that people often don’t have the courage to get into the game. It’s ok to feel awkward and it’s ok to feel uncomfortable, but don’t allow those feelings to prevent you from having the courage to get in the game. Learn how taking action is easy to do. Choose to get in the game!
    • Taking action breeds confidence and confidence breeds action.
    • DO more. DO better. DO differently.
    • Figure out the one thing you can DO now to get started.
  • Rise to the challenge!
    The two things you ‘100% CONTROL’ are your effort and your attitude. Your attitude makes all the difference. A positive one can build you up, a negative one can take you down. Learn how taking control of your attitude and effort is easy to do. Choose to rise to the challenge!
    • Change your attitude.
    • Change your performance.
    • Change your impact.
  • Be remarkable!
    Small steps taken consistently over time lead to massive achievement. Being remarkable is the gradual result of always wanting to do better. It’s about being brilliant at the basics, making good choices and being committed to continual improvement. Adopt a mantra of purposeful, forward movement and learn how achieving success is easy to do. Choose to be remarkable!
    • Start with small, consistent steps.
    • Learn the disciplines that maintain momentum.
    • Discover why success is an ‘all the time’ thing.
  • Do something!
    Peter has the enthusiasm, determination and experience you need to help your organisation rise to the challenge and he’s so passionate about your success that he’s willing to work shoulder to shoulder to help you get there. If you are ready to DO something to change your business for the better but are not sure how then take the first small step and have a conversation with Peter.

    Peter can help make ‘easy to do’ a part of your business and coach your people on how to apply his simple philosophy to their everyday activities and goals. Every program is a mix of practical advice, personal motivation and ongoing accountability designed specifically to meet your needs and to work for your organisation.
    Do something to change your business for the better. Easy to do. Easy not to do. Your choice!®

Testimonials for Peter Thurin

Peter was great, even for those who had seen him before Peter provided a gift of positivity, fun and energy.
Linx Cargo Care Group

Peters enthusiasm for life is contagious! You cannot help to be drawn into his stories & want to make changes to your life. Many of my team that attended have started implementing his “Easy to do, Easy not to do” immediately and a couple of them have even attempted his 2 sit ups & 2 push ups morning routine. Everyone that attended thoroughly enjoyed the session with members of my Leadership Team commenting that “No one could have left that session un-motivated”.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Peter takes the care to partner with your organization to add value to whatever it is you engage him to deliver.  His enthusiasm is infectious and our leadership team were 100% there in the moment with Peter when he shared stories and key messages that really connect.

Peter was a key note speaker for a development program for our top operational leaders and he spent time with us at the end of the scheduled day, which was just before dinner.  Peter’s ability to set the tone for a friendly, energetic and positive dinner was critical and a credit to him.

The effect of Peter’s contribution to the program was immediate and sustainable.  He tailored his message to suit our objectives and we see many more opportunities to work with Peter again to really drive the message home, whilst grinning ear to ear from a ridiculously enjoyable time.

The highest impact of any speaker. I have now seen you twice and without doubt you have had the most impact on my life of any developer of human potential. Your simple messages are communicated with such passion and energy that implementation was easy. The routine has gone and l am on my way to remarkable.
Regional Sales Manager

A standing ovation that went on forever. Peter was absolutely perfect. It was such a great way to finish our conference everybody left feeling pumped, excited and ready to take on the world! Peter was an absolute pleasure to work with. He really went all out to include as much Epson information and details in his presentation as possible. We will definitely utilise Peter in the future.
National Sales Manager

Thank you for a fantastic program. I am writing to thank you for the fantastic program that you put together for our leadership forum. Feedback from the sessions that you ran was absolutely tremendous. Both the content of the sessions and the mode of delivery was first rate and l have no doubt that the messages you conveyed really resonated with our team. I also really appreciate the time you took to understand our business and integrate these learning's into your sessions. I look forward to working together in the future.
Chief Executive Officer

Best speaker we've ever had. Thank you Peter for your incredible session today. We all left determined to make tomorrow better than today. Thank you!
Retail Conference Participant

Peter is a speaker of outstanding abilities ... We invited Peter back  to address our Area Manager team after overwhelmingly positive feedback from our Store Manager group the previous year. Peter again did not disappoint. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious, and his presentation is both highly entertaining and practical in its message. His approach has resulted in a number of long-lasting and significant behavioural changes within our people.
Operations Director

Without your direction and guidance, we would be still floundering. How fortunate we are to have had the opportunity to work with you over the last two years, and what a difference to our business and culture you have made! Personally, you have lead me to a higher level of personal development and achievement that l would never have dreamed possible - and l will never be able to thank you enough.
Chief Executive Officer
Crowe Horwath

Peter’s infectious personality lit up the room and had every delegate engaged.
Retail First

A true inspirational Spirit! Each session has had a profound effect on people. Peter has been able to connect to the audiences at one of the deepest levels I have seen. His messages, stories, success criteria all based around personal ownership and accountability has enabled many to take away great meaning to both their work and personal lives. He was also able to lift the energy in the room and move the group mind set into that very powerful space of "high creativity" and "a want to BE BETTER"- supplying a path to see a way through the trees to focus on the 20% that matters. His messages on life, His beautiful intent to truly help others and His incredible passion & energy makes it very easy for me to recommend him. 
VP Enterprise Sales, Optus Business
SingTel Group Enterprise, Australia

Peter, you didn’t just inspire my organization, you changed our way of thinking.Your approach of telling stories, sharing failures and successes, and coaching on simple things like being humble and not taking anything or anyone for granted has brought out the remarkable in my team! I see it every day as I walk the halls and hear how my team weave this new way of thinking in to their everyday professional and personal lives. The energy is high, the teaming is high, and we are beating all our business expectations! What a great way for us to start the year. Thank you so much Peter.
Senior VP of Sales and Marketing
ViaWest Inc., Denver USA

Peter, you continue to be an inspiration for me and one of those people who come into your life and effect change. Our short time together changed me in ways that I could not comprehend. For that I'm forever grateful.I am forever in your debt. Please don't stop spreading your message. It's powerful!!!! Your friend for life.
Account Executive
ViaWest, Las Vegas, USA

Peter added a huge amount of energy to our Global Management Team Meeting and gave us the spirit to take up any kind of challenge. It was a pleasure to work with him because of his highly professional working style, very positive attitude and great personality.
President, Performance Chemicals Division
BASF SE, Ludwigshafen, Germany

Wow... What can I say. Thank you for the workshop and team building in Shanghai with the senior leadership of the Langham Xintiandi. Wow! It’s difficult to write about how phenomenal and impactful this was on our team but I will try. Peter Thurin’s session was different. One of the many, many benefits of your program has been the enduring life span. The contributions we have made to each other and our personal goals are alive .As we continue our journey to be the "Best Luxury Hotel in Shanghai" I wanted you to know that our team, without exception, have made “life changing” commitments to be better, to be the best we can be. Thanks to you!
General Manager
The Langham Xintiandi, Shanghai, China

Roll over high octane pretenders! This guy is the real deal. He has more staying power than the Duracell Bunny even dreamed of. He is Australia's answer to Anthony Robbins. If you want your people to be pumped Peter Thurin is your man. Without a doubt he is one of the most exciting and dynamic speakers and MC's on the circuit. He has more than enough personality and pizazz to fill a stadium of thousands or enough sensitivity, empathy and understanding to connect with one person in an elevator. Yes, he is larger than life. Yes, he is overflowing with enthusiasm. But, there is so much more depth to Peter Thurin than meets the eye. I have used Peter successfully many times as a keynote and workshop speaker here and overseas. And, boy is he hard to please. His measure. If he doesn't get standing ovation - he hasn't hit the mark. More standing ovations (without the roses!) than Pavarotti. As a speaker or MC? Guilt edge guaranteed winner.
Communication Director 1988 – 2012
Australian Business Theatre, Australia and The Netherlands

We have used Peter in a dual MC & keynote presenter capacity at least 3 times (including overseas events). He has always done an exceptional job for us. In summary he is: thoroughly organised – yet flexible as the need dictates. He does his homework & knows the brief; personable – always manages to introduce people (on the program) in a manner that speaks as much to who they are as much as what they have done; totally professional, yet engaging, energetic, & entertaining; skilled at linking presenter content back to the events core messages or theme (without stretching things too far); tireless. He spends as much time as is needed (& far more than anyone we have worked with in the MC capacity before or since), throughout the course of the event, to support the organisers; a quick study. You would have thought he had worked in our industry for years. As you can see, our experience with Peter has been exceptional. I can highly recommend him.
Liquor Marketing Group