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Key Points for Rex Pemberton

  • Facilitator, keynote speaker and adventurer Rex Pemberton made history by becoming the youngest Australian to climb the highest mountain on all seven continents.
  • Rex is an ‘Australian Adventurer of the Year’ award winner.
  • He has also been a Finalist for the ‘Young Australia of the Year’ award.
  • Rex currently holds three World Records
  • Rex’s client list features top Australian, US and global businesses including; Blackrock, Hewlett Packard, Panasonic, Seagate Technologies and Siemens. 

Topics for Rex Pemberton


  • Evolve
    This keynote focuses around 6 key areas:
    • The importance of clear and compelling vision.
    • How to build trust quickly.
    • Creating and maintaining a powerful culture.
    • Identifying complex layers of risk & re-defining it.
    • Transformation in competitive environments.
    • Innovation to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Leadership development
  • Team alignment
  • Attracting, on boarding and retaining key talent
  • Fear, courage & inspiration

Testimonials for Rex Pemberton

Your session has been described by many who attended as the best workshop we have ever attended. I was particularly impressed with the sincerity of your delivery. There is often a fine line between over or understating the comparisons between adventure and business. You engaged the team completely throughout the session no doubt attributable to your complete understanding of the topic and your experience at delivering corporate presentations.
MD Sales
Blue Star Print Group

…I feel like asking Pemberton if he needs an extra climber. He has an infectious enthusiasm. We have all been inspired to find our own mountain to climb.
Sunday Magazine

Rex? Simply Exceptional. The best keynote I have ever attended.

Listening to Rex Pemberton was inspirational. I clearly saw the synergy between the young Australian’s experience and the sheer determination of Heidelberg to deliver peak performance. Rex’s presentation opened my mind to my own business Everest.
Pacific Print Group

This visually impressive program is one of the best we′ve ever seen. Thousands of people could talk to us about values and teamwork, but you actually show us and let us experience it for ourselves. The response has been very positive, the participants immediately applying the learning on an individual and team level.
Seagate Technologies

Rex’s journeys and delivery were very uplifting to the organization as we chart our course to success this fiscal year. His adaptation of connecting his goals and struggles associated with climbing Everest and the other peaks and our business issues and challenges proved to be very effective.
Senior Vice President

Rex’s enthusiasm and sheer will really impressed us. He is inspirational and we are delighted to be associated with a young person who reflects our corporate philosophy to reach for new heights.
General Manager Product Management & Marketing

It’s great to see someone young who’s driven and who has achieved such a great feat. The level of enthusiasm he displayed is really infectious. It definitely inspires you to want to achieve and to push boundaries both for the company and in life.
Image Studio

The concept of peak performance was definitely reinforced in the speech by Rex Pemberton; what better way to demonstrate superior performance than someone who’s climbed Mt. Everest.

Rex, your key note session was very inspiring to all staff. I think they all had a good look at themselves afterwards and said ‘what am I passionate about and how can I achieve my goals’. Thank you for sharing your life and passions with our group.
Events and Conference Coordinator

The keynote is wonderful and exciting and I greatly appreciated Rex’s passion.
Berkeley Labs San Francisco

Thank you for presenting the most relevant and practical presentation I have ever attended, which was both inspirational and motivational. I remember all the messages from the session and have applied them immediately upon my return to work.
Flight Centre Produ