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Key Points for Dr Ric Charlesworth AO

  • Ric Charlesworth AO coached the Australian Womans Hockey Team, the Hockeyroos, for eight years and established himself as arguably Australia's most successful sporting coach.
  • Ric excels. He always has. Whether leading the world in hockey, captaining Western Australia in cricket, cramming in a medical degree or winning a seat in federal parliament, Ric has been excellent as a rule and frequently brilliant. His natural gifts and a fierce appetite for victory have guaranteed his success
  • Ric has worked as a high performance consultant to the Freo Dockers and as a mentor coach to 5 Australian Institute of Sport coaches. In 2008 he was appointed coach of the Australian's National Mens Hockey team, the Kookaburras.
  • Ric is not just a talking head, he walks the talk. He is warm, engaging, humorous, enthusiastic and optimistic. He is a chronic achiever.
  • With an entertaining and informative approach Ric draws from a wealth of sporting, political and medical experience to provide insight, advice and anecdotes to all facets of human endeavour.


Topics for Dr Ric Charlesworth AO

  • Leadership is for everyone
  • Long term planning - Redefine challenges and avoid recycling
  • Facing your foes to stay ahead of your foes
  • Change- preparation and facing challenges
  • Teamwork and team building - working together
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Challenge of continuous improvement
  • Chronic achievement

Testimonials for Dr Ric Charlesworth AO

Ric was well prepared!  Engaging and insightful. Our audience was captured.
South Australian Cricket Association

Your presentation on the work that needs to be done to develop supervisors into leaders was excellent.  The “team” message was well made and all the more practical and realistic as a result of your ability to draw on your own experience in the sporting world.
Minerals Council of Australia

There are few certainties in life and success in our chosen field is not one of them.  Richard Charlesworth knows how to turn the ‘art of the possible’ into the ‘art of the probable’ and dramatically increase the chances of getting to the top.
British Airways

The day was definitely one of the most memorable launches that we have had and your part was certainly instrumental to the success of the event.  The insight you provided into your playing and coaching career and the links that you made from these experiences to our competition were particularly valuable.
Australian Cricket Board

Excellent. Outstanding, many lessons for managers trying to improve their teams performance.

Your speech here a year ago offered us some insight into the dedication and discipline required to achieve goals. In Sydney, and in all that led up to it, that’s a talk you well and truly walked.
University of Melbourne

I recall your words to Westpac’s senior management team, and I quoted you often in impressing upon bank staff what was required in running a winning effort
Stanford Graduate School of Business – Stanford, California

You certainly are in inspiration. It was inspiring to have you with us and hear what you say. You could feel the difference the following week throughout the Company – the move to greater unity and getting on with the job.
Executive Chairman - Zip Industries

..such an interesting motivational speaker. Those present appreciated your anecdotes and understood the comparisons you drew between the business and sporting worlds. I am sure that we can all learn from your meanings behind the ‘Tragedy’ mnemonic.
WA President - BHP Iron Ore

Thank you for an outstanding presentation.  To address us for nearly 1 ½ hours and to be able to hear a pin drop during the entire presentation, not only illustrates a remarkable presentation style but content of enormous interest which translate well to retail manager settings and achieving their business goals…I appreciate the time and effort you put in to deliver another Gold Medal performance.
Chief Operating Officer - Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Ric’s presentation was relaxed, interesting and appealed to most of the people at our dinner function.
Dept of Consumer & Employment Protection

Ric hit the mark perfectly for a senior executive group. His presentation which focused on high performance teams was informative andinstructive with a the right balance of humor. His approach to achieving high performance on the sporting field translates so well to team environments in the corporate world. He is one of a relatively few in the sporting arena we believe effectively bridges this divide.

Ric was a very engaging speaker he worked with the program and developed much of his speech around the companies values. Very helpful when trying to Keep continuity throughout the conference.
MSF Event Management

Majority of recipients found him concise, relevant and inspiring sprinkled with a touch of humour.
Mark Hay Realty