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Key Points for Robbi Mack

  • Robbi Mack is pocket rocket professional entertainer, singer and comedian with a passion for inspiring and amplifying the potential found in human connection.
  • Worked for over a decade as the vivacious and compassionate 'Doctor Have-a-chat' at Sydney’s Children’s Hospitals.
  • Uses these same tools to empower individuals and corporate organisations to activate ‘HeartBeatz’.

Topics for Robbi Mack

  • Heartbeatz for resilience - Courage to Change the Things We Can
    • Heart centred stress management
    • The heart of resilience
    • Driving change from the heart
    • Leading resilient hearts
    • Heart centred performance
  • Heartbeatz for performance- Engaging our Hearts and Minds to Elevate Performance
    • Why is emotional intelligence at the heart of business
    • The art of heart centred leadership
    • The activation of empathy
    • How to communicate with heart
    • Build a culture of care, connection and community
  • Heartbeatz for influence - Developing Presence Under Pressure
    • Unlock humorous heartbeatz as a leader or in a position of influence
    • Understand the appropriate use of humour
    • Encourage using humorous storytelling as a tool for engagement and productivity
    • Develop a light-hearted mindset
    • Remember how to have fun and laugh in life
  • Heartbeatz Master of Ceremonies - Bringing your Event to Life
    • A vibrant, energised and inspired event
    • A customised conference experience
    • A true professional who understands all aspects of show biz
  • Heartbeatz  coach - for Speakers and Industry Partners
    • How to amplify your stage presence
    • How to manage nerves and use them to serve
    • How to use the stage for maximum space
    • How to prepare for different size presentations
    • Understand the importance of preparation

Testimonials for Robbi Mack

Robbi is most energetic, extremely passionate about what she does and most importantly delivers a powerful message.

Thanks Robbi we thoroughly enjoyed the day and the time working with you; we were just thrilled with the outcome.  Your creative presentation and messages were supported by flawless execution.
Johnson & Johnson Consumer Sales

You were a delight to work with, very professional, entertaining, and presented with enthusiasm and passion.

Robbi Mack was the perfect closing speaker and top ranking Keynote for our National Conference.  Robi’s keynote ended with what felt like a rock concert and guests left uplifted and energetic, needless to say our Conference finished on quite a high note! Robbi was the icing on the cake.
DeLorenzo Hair and Cosmetics

Robbi was our top ranking keynote speaker of the entire National Conference!
Vincent De Lorenzo

Robbi Mack was an outstanding speaker who performed with high energy and grace.  She had a unique offering touching the hearts of everyone in the room and then leaving everyone on a high. Robbi is a blue chip speaker and we would highly recommend her for any speaking engagement
Realmark WA

Robbi bought her high energy and exuberance to the stage along with her wealth of talent and humour raising the engagement level of our 500+delegates at our International Conference. Our core messages were delivered and retained as they reinforced the positive once in a lifetime experiences the delegates were having.From focused attention to spontaneous laughter, from elegantly spoken introductions to light-hearted housekeeping,  Robbi’s enthusiasm was infectious and uplifting.

Robbi Mack is a brilliant speaker and fabulous coach of speakers. Her mastery of the platform is great!
Thought Leaders Global

You made me laugh, cry, sing, blow a funny horn, but most importantly you motivated me to look at what is really important in my career; I’m sure the entire audience close to 500 at our Annual Real Estate Sales and Leadership Convention at the Sydney Convention Centre felt the same. Robbi, you are a very talented lady with a gift to motivate business people.
Pittard Real Estate Training Group

Wonderful! A great non-police spin on leadership and abilities, fantastic! Very relevant to leadership and women in the workplace. 
NSW Police Force Spokeswomen's Conference

Robbi Mack was a sensation! Apart from being extremely entertaining, she made our leadership team sit up, take notice, and rethink their attitudes. to others and life in general.  We now realise that local government is in desperate need of some 'clown leaders!
Tamworth Regional Council 

Robbi Mack was our MC for our 3 day International Foster Care Conference in Sydney for just on 1000 delegates.  Robbi was a delight to work with and was the consummate professional, and on top of that, Robbi can also sing!
Corporate Communiqué  

Thanks for your support at our MBE conference, we have had exceptional feedback from clients and in fact I just got off the phone to one of them who raved about you and your ability to keep them engaged and attentive for the two days. From my perspective you were a delight to work with, very professional, very entertaining, presented with enthusiasm and passion and ensured the conference stayed on track for the two days. You made my job very easy as you basically managed the two days and the agenda – thank you!

Robbi Mack is a consummate professional. Her ability to help you master the art of stagecraft is just as incredible as her talent and professionalism on stage. Robbi possesses the rare skill of being at the top of her field and still able to coach and guide others in the most caring and motivating way.

Robbi's insights, advice and the whole experience of working with her was joyous!  Her experience and knowledge of how to use the space, the stage, my voice and body movement was brilliant!  Her creative input was invaluable.
Lynne Cazaly - Speaker, Author