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Key Points for Robyn Davidson

  • Famous for her best seller Tracks – the chronicle of her solo walk across the Australian desert with her camels.
  • An internationally celebrated and critically acclaimed travel writer. Her books and essays have been read by millions. She remains the only woman to have won the Thomas Cook Travel Book Award.
  • Besides Tracks, she has published prize-winning fiction, non fiction, and critical essays, written a successful television feature for the ABC, and was a Fellow at Cambridge University where she researched nomadic cultures.
  • She has immersed herself in diverse cultures, in fantastically remote places and travelled for a year on migration with nomads in India and then in Tibet. (National Geographic photos accompanying.)
  • Lectured at The Smithsonian Institute; New York Public Library; Royal Geographical Society; international conferences and has made many personal TV appearances including BBC’s Jeremy Paxman’s Newsnight; Q&A with Tony Jones and an ABC Talking Heads profile.
  • A brilliant communicator, she shares stories from her life in places that range from the literary high tables of London to the feudal castles of Rajasthan, to nomad tents on the Tibetan Plateau, to Aboriginal camps in the Australian desert. With warmth and humour, she describes how she coped with fear, intimidation and a thousand setbacks in order to reach her goals. The stories inspire and entertain while challenging audiences to test their boundaries and shed unnecessary burdens.

Topics for Robyn Davidson

  • Inside ‘Tracks’. The story behind the book and the film. (National Geographic photographs and clips from the film accompanying.)
  • Nomadism and its surprising relevance to modern life. These ways of thinking are being applied by some large corporations to facilitate innovation and success.
  • Insights gained into Aboriginal Australia.
  • Desert ecology and the changing Australian landscape.
  • The assets and liabilities of being a woman stepping outside of tradition.
  • The importance of being able to unplug from our hyperconnected world, and simplify our lives.

Testimonials for Robyn Davidson

Great presenter, well prepared, punctual, generous with her time and a pleasure to deal with.
Paul Hatcher
Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

A naturally gifted engaging and entertaining communicator, Robyn shares her life story of hard work, persistence, patience and determination to triumph over adversity.
Rick Smolan, National Geographic magazine photographer

A cult classic with an ever growing audience. Tracks is a brilliantly written and frequently hilarious account of a young woman’s odyssey through the deserts of Australia. Davidson emerges as a heroine who combines extraordinary courage with exquisite sensitivity.

This will rank among the best books on exploration and travel.
Doris Lessing

Vivid and vivacious…Davidson is as natural a writer as she is an adventurer.
The New Yorker

Every bit as witty as her camels and a first-rate writer besides.

What continues to resonate with readers is Robyn Davidson‘s honest introspection throughout the journey. It prompts the reader to ask herself, ‘Would I do this?’ and ‘Could I do this?’
A Traveler’s Library

The integrity of this articulate and impassioned account is evident in the fact that Robyn Davidson does not find glib solutions to inner or outer conflicts. Like her camel companions, she seems temperamental, insatiable, and slightly crazy, but also determined, direct, vulnerable, and splendid.
500 Great Books

… as brilliant and pig-headed as its author, she is a born writer, her book deeply moving.
Daily Telegraph

See the film. Read the book again. Something magical is played out in both versions of Tracks, something about the essential nature of Australian identity, something about how we can take on the world if we choose. On camels, on red carpets – it hardly matters where we put our feet only that we move forward, step after step.
The Monthly