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Key Points for Russell Ord and Shanan Worrall

  • Russell Ord was the 2016 International Sports Photographer of The Year.
  • Is the subject of an ABC documentary called One Shot, an art series on creatives.
  • Has 19 years as a professional Fireman in the Western Australian Fire brigade (FESA).
  • Shanan Worrall has been an abalone diver in the some of the most remote and wild spots on earth.
  • He has developed a ground-breaking shark deterrent business, called Shark Eyes.

Topics for Russell Ord and Shanan Worrall

  • Resilience & Adversity
    Overcoming personal challenges and fears then turning them into peak performances and a positive mindset. 

  • Preparation
    The ability to make high-stress situations totally manageable and not high stress at all, the art of making good decisions acting instinctively and decisively under pressure.

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
    Coping with the stress and aftermath of real- life experiences, PTSD and the ability to stay connected and contribute to the community. Using negative experiences as a tool to grow in a positive direction.

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