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Key Points for Scott Williams

  • Better known as The Doctor, Scott Williams presents deliciously funny, finely tuned comedy that's loaded with laughter. Scott is funny, quick, fresh, energetic, sure-fire, bright, fun, original, a natural blonde, hilarious unpredictable, crowdpleasable, unputdownable!
  • Passionately believing that "laughter is the best medicine", Scott dispenses a fast moving and hilariously entertaining performance with side splitting results.
  • Arguably Australia's very best conference MC, Scott Williams is in constant demand by the business sector, both nationally and internationally.
  • Many of the world's leading corporations have maximised their impact on an audience by harnessing Scott's comic brilliance as either a feature performer or Master of Ceremonies.

Topics for Scott Williams

  • The happy human - Rediscover, reaffirm and reignite the laughter side of your life!
    This unique presentation explores the proven link between humour and better health and discusses the practical steps we need to take in order to create our own daily laughter plan!

    The presentation also considers how we can convert some of the negative energy that impacts our daily lives into positive pressure that can propel us forward. It is a journey into laughter and the most fun you can have while learning! We are all only human after all, and we all need to laugh.

  • The show - Clean, fresh, hilariously funny!
    Scott has a natural ability when it comes to delivering comedy.

    His stand up can be best described as observational comedy covering a wide range of subjects that every audience can relate to. The show is all about having fun with no profanity.

  • Master of Ceremonies
    Scott is regarded as on of the best emcee/ facilitators available in the corporate world.

    His ability to make an event run smoothly and on time, coupled with his sharp and entertaining wit makes Scott one of the most in demand speakers in the world of facilitation.

Testimonials for Scott Williams

Love his outfits! Love his energy. (He's highly professional too, of course)

A true professional that we have had MC our annual conference for over 16 years.  Always willing and able to do anything to assist in making the event a success!

Scott Williams is one of the best and funniest entertainers and MC’s we have ever used in our awards night.  He not only carried the night beautifully as an MC, but as the entertainment he had the crowd in stiches. Scott is an ‘old school’ entertainer is absolutely perfect for audiences of all ages.  The amount of positive feedback I received was fabulous.  And on top of that he is a true gentleman.
Real Estate Institute of Northern Territory (REINT)

Absolutely a naturally bubbly character who is extremely likeable with a very professional approach.
Municipal Work Officers

Brilliant – Scott’s show was intelligent, topical and hugely entertaining. He was a huge hit and we will all be recommending him.
Oracle Systems
Excellent.  Was brilliant, read the audience extremely well and the client was extremely satisfied.
Business Incentives & Conferences
Scott, your performance was fantastic to put it conservatively. Your involvement in this year’s event was a highlight and here at head office we have received nothing but raving reports since returning from the conference.
You are the consummate entertainer and you handled my VIP agents, senior management and staff with unrivalled professionalism. Scott, once again thank you for a fabulous performance.
Zurich Australia 
Need I say anything? The only problem with Scott ‘The Doctor’ Williams is that he upstages all the other activities. He is exceptional, sensational and original. His ability to tailor his act to our audience is unequalled.
Gerard Industries
The response from delegates who attended has been extremely positive, with many commenting that the show was exceptional. I particularly enjoyed the use of humour well used to emphasise our theme ‘Attitude equals Altitude’, and your ability to digest our current business situation and incorporate it into your act.
BMW Financial Services
Excellent.  Very professional with a terrific ability to build a very strong rapport with the audience.
Westpac Financial Planning & Advice
Excellent.  We wish Scott good luck in the future.  We were pleased with the preparation Scott undertook prior.  It was evident in his presentation
Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations
Excellent.  Extremely versatile professional artist.  We all loved him.
Macksville BP Depot
Excellent.  Scott is a great asset for you to have at ICM.  I have already recommended him to one of our clients.
Department of State Development
Excellent.  A fantastic performance.  Scott was enthusiastic from the word go.  Many of our clients want to use him at their functions so they can see his act again.
Portable Corporate Systems  
Excellent.  He was a delight to work with.  11/10 from all the committee.
Queensland Cotton
Excellent.  Friendly, forthright easy to work with a consummate professional of his craft.
Design Troupe
Excellent.  Scott’s performance was great.  Early morning audiences are not very easy and he fared extremely well in that environment – 900 Guests.
Adelaide Crows
Excellent.  Scott is a fantastic entertainer.  It was the best stand-up performance I’ve ever seen.  I would recommend Scott for any function.
Mantech Software
Scott is a fantastic MC and entertainer.  The crowd warms to his natural appeal and his sense of humour kept everyone amused.  An excellent choice for a hard to please audience.
The Production Place
Excellent.  Scott is fantastic.  He is bright, funny but most of all extremely entertaining.  Even outside of the conference, he was a pleasure to deal with, all our clients loved him.
Very capable of capturing the attention of the delegates.  Very entertaining and amusing.  Lots of positive feedback.
ANZSNM Conference
Excellent. Fantastic and fun. Scott will be back with us again and again.
The University of Queensland
Excellent.  Scott’s research on our company and industry provided an excellent, targeted performance, lots of laughs in the best of taste.
Yokagawa Australia Pty Ltd
Excellent.  Keith was great in adapting to an evolving schedule on this event.  He hit our target market extremely well.
SkyCity Adelaide
Very enthusiastic, happy, energetic.  Very suited to the purpose to the evening.
Macquarie Bank
Excellent. Scott was fantastic and had everyone laughing and feeling great.  The content of his presentation was very relevant to our conference and also had a motivational and general feel good aspect as well...overall he was brilliant.
Excellent.  We found Scott had the whole audience captivated and in tears of laughter for 50 minutes.
Independent Fisheries
Excellent. Scott was the absolute life of the party.  Worth every penny.
NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetable Industries Inc.
Excellent.  Words do not really capture the absolute BRILLIANCE of Scott "The Doctor" Williams ... it needs to be seen to be believed. We will definitely be inviting him back for a third time next year!
Pirtek Fluid Systems Pty Ltd
Excellent, he is extremely professional, funny and a delight to work with.
Everyone I talk to was in stiches during and some are still laughing from your show - well done. A fantastic job! I still keep reciting some of your act to my lovely wife who had a baby only 10 weeks ago. You hit the spot with your act to a tee!!!!
Australian Steel Institute
Scott is an absolutely fantastic entertainer and is worth his weight in gold.
Mortgage Support Services
Scott was great, he was very involved with both the client and the delegates, gave a great sense of continuity to the event.
ETM Travel
Excellent. Scott Williams delivers an enjoyable presentation and easily makes you laugh, whatever age bracket you fall in.
Select Australasia
Scott certainly knows how to work the audience. His energy and obvious love for this business is what makes us choose him year after year. Thanks for your professionalism and for helping us make our conference the success it was!
Excellent. What a gem Scott is? Not only is he a real professional, but a totally lovely man as well. Having him at Conference again this year made my job so much easier because he knows the routine, he knows our delegates and me and he is totally unflappable. He had me laughing so hard at one function that I had tears running down my face! Scott is a pleasure to work with and to chat to on a "normal' level as well. I hope this isn't the last time we work together!
Mortgage Choice NZ
On a personal note, Scott was fantastic to deal with. No nonsense, no problems. This conference was a big ask. I placed him on a table with some of our Management team and by the time he was actually on stage you would have thought he had been in the Waste Management business all his life.
Excellent – top notch – 11 out of 10. Scott was far better than we could ever have imagined. Delegates keep asking whether we can have him again next time – that’s amazing – we’ve never had this happen before! They told me their sides hurt & their cheeks ached from laughing at his comedy, and yet his ability to “keep things on track” while MC’ing was exemplary also. Scott is a great balance of comedy and business that I would not have thought possible before meeting him. Everyone from delegates to trade partners, and our own personnel felt endeared to him. Remarkable man – thoroughly recommend him and would definitely use him again. For the first time ever as Organizer, I actually ‘relaxed’ and felt I could let the MC carry the event, without having to keep checking things. Scott is a true professional – he knows when to crack a joke, his timing is perfect, he reads an audience like he’s been involved with them for years, he’s able to interact with persons on all levels, he participated in activities I’ve never seen an MC participate in before, he covered ‘hiccups’ during the event with effective ease and basically - everyone just loved him.
Retail Food Group
Excellent. Scott has wowed us for the second year running and we'll certainly be trying to secure his services again as MC for our 7th National Conference next year. Quite simply, there is not a better MC anywhere in the world as good as Scott Williams. He works so hard to make the conference a success for us and does it with humour that only he can deliver. As a comedian we have never laughed so much! As an MC you get both! Thanks again Scott.
Choice Aggregation Services

Everyone enjoyed Scott immensely – he was warm and very funny.

Excellent. Very entertaining and suited the audience well.
Destination Event Management

Very well accepted by audience, content was appropriate and very well delivered
The Good Guys

Scott was a lifesaver! Could not have done without him
Carbine Club (PNG)
Scott Williams is simply awesome!  Each year we have Scott as our conference MC, and each year he delivers a great performance with pizzazz and professionalism!  Can’t wait to work with him again.
Foodtuffs (NZ)
Scott You’re a gem! You have put a smile on the faces of our local business people and shared some valuable lessons and tips to help them in their work and private lives.  The written and verbal feedback has been glowing.  Thank you again!
Sunshine Coast Business Breakfast
We have used Scott many times over the years and he always delivers. With educational and church leaders present, we know that anything Scott does is clean, appropiate and very funny. One of Bishops noted that Scott was the funniest man he had ever heard not swear! Now that's impressive...
Anglican Finance.
We found Scott to be very professional and he engaged the delegates from their arrival to the end of the evening.  His input was invaluable to the success of our event.  Delegates have been raving about him and have indicated that they will be putting his name forward for other industry events.
Capricornia General Practice
The Cadbury Schweppes 25 Year dinner is a hard gig.  The guest have been with the company for 25 plus years. 4 different sites and 8 senior mangers attend.  Scott became part of the evening from the very beginning, mixing with the guests as they arrived, and joining us for dinner.  The feedback from everyone was fantastic!  One of the best 25 Year dinners we’ve had, so thank you Scott.  
Cadbury Schweppes

Scott was hired to Emcee our annual Franchise Conferences over a number of years. The repeat engagements are a testimonial to Scott on thier own. After a number of consecutive years with Scott, we did decide to employ other high profile Emcees to change things up for our franchisees; however Scott was later re-engaged to Emcee further conferences due to popular demand from our franchisees. Our other Emcees were of high quality and well received, but simply put, they were not Scott.

Scott was viewed as one of the team rather than a hired gun and he resonated with our franchise network. Scott injects a high level of vitaility and entertainment into his work, which establishes a fantastic mood for the conference duration. Most importantly, Scott conveyed a working understanding of our business which gave him great credibility and legitimacy with our audience of 400-1000 people.

His ability to engage with a large crowd was equally matched with his ability to engage with individuals when he wasn't on stage. Not only does Scott bring enjoyment and relevance to a conference, but his engaging personality was critical in providing direction to such a large group.

I cannot speak highly enough of Scott and I am looking forward to the opportunity to engage his services once again or simply hope that I attend an event where Scott is working his brand of medicine.
Troy Bryant