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Key Points for Steve Posselt

  • Steve Pozzelt has more than three decades experience as a civil engineer in the water industry.
  • During his career in the water industry, Steve founded his own equipment manufacturing company.
  • Within just five years of the company being founded, it became the eight largest in the worldwide industry.
  • Steve has completed a number of inspirational kayak journeys across Australia.
  • His book Cry Me a River relates to these journeys.

Topics for Steve Posselt

  • Climate change
  • Water preservation
  • Water industry
  • Unique adventure

Testimonials for Steve Posselt

Steve’s presentation was both entertaining and thought provoking, and one of the highlights of the conference… Water resources and climate change are not only topical issues at present, but vitally important to our future. Steve’s efforts to raise our awareness on these issues should be applauded.
Australian Water Association.

There are few people in life who inspire me. Many talk of great deeds and deliver little. Few can articulate a message and make you see doom and desperation in world affairs and at the same time enthuse you, with hope and action, because they believe "if we act we can change the world". Steve changed  the thinking of many - and changed me with his brand of inspiration!. From the perspective of a businessman and engineer he could see that human activity was causing change to this world and our climate - that could destroy us. Steve has never been one to mince his words, accept that things can't be better or that attitudes can't be altered. Steves recent story is his journey from Brisbane to  Adelaide with a wheeled kayak. Every day for four months Steve was fully engaged in getting up and pulling or paddling this kayak from Brisbane to Adelaide and spreading his story. If he was in pain he just said " pain is something I can get through."You can ask why he had to do this, you can marvel, or question his sanity! But the presentation that Steve gives of this remarkable journey will stimulate your thoughts, make you think about the planet, understand what we have done or are doing to this great country and this world and make you want for a better outcome for you, us and your children or family. It is thought provoking and inspirational - one mans commitment to bring about change - and it will inspire you to want do something!
Branson Brown Associates.

People are still talking about your presentation. Thanks again, it was one of the best we've ever had in that last 4 years and definitely the most inspirational.
Griffith University Ecocentre

Thanks Steve - you did a great job - and if anyone wants any guest speakers any time soon, you certainly will have my recommendation.
Griffith University, School of Information and Communication Technology