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Key Points for Stuart Donaldson

  • Skilled communicator and highly regarded educator on financial concepts
  • Facilitator of hundreds of seminars throughout Australia, New Zealand, The Pacific Island and Singapore
  • Established the Business Advisory division for Westpac Bank providing SME clients with the best available tool and education seminars
  • Significant clients include Westpac, CBA, Suncorp, Mortgage Finance Association of Australia

Topics for Stuart Donaldson

  • Managing by the Numbers
    • Discover the power of using financial information to improve decision-making – and actually enjoy it! Financial statements tell the story of your business
  • What’s on your dashboard
    • Assess business priorities, measure the things that are important, and implement plans to improve results
  • Driving Cash
    • Even a profitable business can run out of cash. Take a tour through the financials to identify where the cash went and identify actions to improve cash flow
  • Managing Growth
    • Managing growth by using a model for forecasting the amount of long term debt required over time to fund growth
  • Break-even Plus
    • What sales targets yield the profits you need to achieve your financial goals. We explore cost structures, measuring the impact of changing prices and margins and investing in fixed assets
  • Building Business Value
    • Start with the end in mind. Explore exit strategies and how your choice of strategy impacts the exit value of your business
  • The Essential 8
    • In this session we share a process for building a strong and viable business by focusing on the ‘8 Must Haves’ to drive success.

Testimonials for Stuart Donaldson

Really powerful workshop and facilitation. An excellent insight into what the important drivers are and a revelation given it is so simple and obvious yet few people take the time to understand. This will make a big  difference to my planning and future success.
ACD Financial Sydney, Australia

An outstanding presenter and facilitator, Stuart captivated his audience from start to finish. The benefit to our business is clear and the enthusiasm created for understanding our financial drivers has been a revelation.
McCarthy Group Sydney, Australia

We thought we knew our business, we thought we understood how to drive our success, and then we met Stuart. What a revelation, we are so grateful that we had the opportunity to listen, learn and act. We now know what it takes and we have taken strides forward since we incorporated the knowledge gained into our business-operating model.
Solid Racks Brookvale, Sydney, Australia 

Stuart’s ability to work an audience of 50 plus people and drive so much interest and engagement was a highlight for our customers and our business. The two-day program delivered value in spades and will have an enduring influence on the success of those that attended.
Hong Leong Finance Singapore